Webinar 2020

Emerging Business World – Challenges and Opportunities during COVID-19


On 10th June 2020, SVIMS Global Connect organized a webinar on Emerging Business World – Challenges and Opportunities during COVID19. The key speaker was Mr. Robin Banerjee, Managing Director, Caprihans PVT LTD and a celebrated columnist.

Mr. Robin Banerjee started off by painting an optimistic picture of India post Covid.  While the rest of the world by and large is predicting doomsday, Mr. Banerjee, pointed out how India was doing pretty well in tackling the COVID situation and how the sluice gates of economic activity would actually pick up if we focus on shifts in demand and take up business to meet these changes. For example, the demand has now shifted from luxuries to necessities. Even 5 Star hotels are fine tuning their products and their packages to meet this change /shift in demand. He also gave examples of businesses that would shift out of China and move to India. India has made certain changes in Insolvency and Bankruptcy Acts as also Labour laws and this augurs well for businesses and the economy.

The session was followed by an interesting and insightful Q&A session.



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