Industrial Visit to Sterlite Tech, Walunj-Aurangabad

Industrial visit – Sterlite Technologies, Walunj –Aurangabad

Sterlite Technologies is the only most integrated optical fiber producer in the world and one of the largest suppliers of optical fibers to overseas markets. Considering its impressive profile, an Industrial visit was organized to this company on 17th and 18th February 2017.

At Sterlite, Mr. Arvind Kumar Mishra (Head Research and Development) briefed students about optical fiber, its current consumption, global market share of the company, current data transfer capacity and development status of 5 G data transfer.

Mr. Shivender Singh, HR Head gave important insights into CSR and HR practices and policies at Sterlite and also touched upon issues such as competitors, channels of distribution, their geographical footprint and future challenges in marketing. Finance students learnt about the working of the Finance department, accounting software used, capital budgeting techniques employed, dividend policy, working capital management etc.

Students witnessed manufacturing processes in Labs and studied prototypes and observed quality control measures in place.

The importance of ‘seeing’ manufacturing in actual factory setups was truly so different from ‘hearing’ about the same in a typical classroom.