Workshops and Seminars

Topic:   Managing Employee Relations

Date: 15 February 2018, Time: 09:30 -11:00 am

Resource Persons: Ms. Manasi Purandare, Mr. Pradeep Bodke and Mr. Trishul Gorde,

Topic: Management and Trade Union Perspectives on Managing Employee Relations


Ms. Manasi (HR Manager) from Thermax Limited, detailed out the evolution of Industrial Relations till date. She opined that today there is more of collaboration rather than combustion in employer – employee relations. Unions and Management broadly operate as a team rather than competitors. Ms. Purandare kept the students engrossed by conducting activities on breaking one’s comfort zone, listening skills and creativity – all of which are essential for maintaining healthy relations.

Mr. Pradeep Bodke and Mr. Trishul Gorde both members of the Trade Union of Thermax Limited, Pune, highlighted the changing scenario covering the role, growth and opportunities for unions in industries. Mr. Bodke highlighted the evolution of 3 “Rs” for trade unions which are React, Reflect and Respond and their application. He explained how these 3Rs have changed the approach of unions towards the management and workers and led to peaceful and productive employee relationships.


Guest Talk by: Mr Ayush Agarwal

Topic:  ‘Performance Management in Retail sector’

Date: 16th October 2017








Mr Ayush Agarwal, CEO and co-founder of Senority, an RPG group company delivered a talk on ‘Performance Management in Retail sector’ on 16th October 2017. He explained the challenges faced by companies in the traditional retail sector especially in context of the necessity of using online platforms. He highlighted the fact that both online and offline sales platforms are needed by retail companiesand substantiated his stand by citing examples of Lifestyle, Urban Ladder and Myntra.

Towards the end of his lecture he explained the ‘Sales Funnel’ model and how an organisation must make use of it to evaluate their marketing strategies because at the end, what matters most is sales figures.

Topic:   Human Capital Assessment – A Managerial Perspective

Date: 7 October 2017, Time: 09:00 -10:15 am

Resource Person: Mr. Sudhir Mateti

Mr. Sudhir Mateti, Deputy General Manager-HR –Syntel Telecom, Pune was invited to speak on the topic Human Capital Assessment – A Managerial Perspective.

He explained that a well-defined job description forms a base for scientific selection and appraisal procedures. Very often assessors use Motivational Assessment to gauge whether the unfulfilled needs of appraisee are in alignment with goals of the organization. It is only when these two are aligned that high level of performance can be expected.

He also explained that performance is dependent not just on competence and knowledge of how to do a job but also on the Willingness and Ability to do the job. Therefore, nowadays HR managers conduct cognitive and other psychological tests to assess knowledge and predict performance. Besides, Mr. Mateti shared some interesting examples along with role-play to explain biases in performance appraisal.


MDPs,  FDPs, Workshops, Seminars and Guest Talks

Guest Talk by:  CA Ashok Bhansali

Designation & Organization:   CFO, Barnet India Pvt.Ltd, Pune

Topic:  ‘Cost Optimization Techniques in Manufacturing Sector’

Date: 16th September  2017

In view of the complexity of businesses and increasing changes in industry, trade and commerce, costing is becoming very important. Managers who aren’t very involved with their company’s finances don’t usually do well. The ultimate goal is to make a profit by eliminating unnecessary costs.

With the growing significance of cost management, CA Ashok Bhansali was invited to speak on the topic of Cost optimization. He introduced the topic by understanding how value is created in an organization. He spoke about the paradigm shift in cost optimization techniques. He went on to explain creative cost control techniques in the domain of cost avoidance, cost reduction and target costing.

He shared his own experience of optimising manufacturing cost at Force Motors by using Just in time technique. He stressed on doing a cost – benefit analysis before adopting cost optimization techniques.

He gave insights on innovative ways of cost optimization for the Next Gen Managers and concluded with the mantra, ‘Do it right the first time and think out of the box.’

MDPs,  FDPs, Workshops, Seminars and Guest Talks

Guest Talk by: Mr. Akshay Deo

Topic:  Role of Human Resource Manager In Industry

Date: 9 September 2017, Time: 10:00 -11:00 am

Mr. Akshay Deo, Sr. HR Manager-Carraro group, Pune was invited to speak on Role of Human Resource Managers in Industry.

Mr. Deo informed students that entry level jobs in HR start with the designation of HR executive followed by Generalist and Specialist and that HR has to deal with people at all levels starting from their Entry to Exit.

Typically, besides the usual functions of recruitments and training, an HR manager needs to creatively and innovatively design and undertake team building exercises, employee engagement programs, employee learning activities to help align employees to their jobs and prepare them for higher levels in the corporate world.

To discharge functions effectively, he stressed that HR managers must necessarily have presence of mind while handling people and difficult situations.

The session ended with Mr. Deo brilliantly fielding some interesting questions.

Guest Talk by: Mr. Shivaji Daundkar

Topic:  Application of Labour Laws in Industry

Date: 16 September 2017, Time: 10:00 -11:20 am

Mr. Shivaji Daundkar, Chief Labour Officer from Pune Municipal Corporation, was invited to speak on the topic – Application of Labour Laws in Industry.

He discussed important sections of The Payment of Wages Act 1936, The Minimum Wages Act 1948, and The Factories Act 1948 in context of wage payment, time of payment, working hours, weekly off, overtime rates and legal requirements of keeping records.

He also detailed out legal problems and challenges faced by employers, employees and trade unions in context of application of the above laws. He advised students to set goals based on their potential and acquire and sharpen relevant skills, if, they wished to take up an HR Role.

Guest Talk by  Mr. Minocher Patel

Topic: Ordinary to Extraordinary

Renowned motivational speaker, Mr Minocher Patel of Ecole Solitaire made a stirring address to our students on 2nd September, 2017 urging them to build their confidence and engage in self-development. He was speaking on the topic “Ordinary to Extraordinary” and in his talk encouraged the students by focusing on personal health, impression management and developing passion and pride for one’s work. He shared tips with students aimed at reducing their stress, developing self-esteem and facing challenges of life.

He enthused the audience with real life examples of Sachin Tendulkar and others. He also created awareness among the students about cleanliness and hygiene connecting it with the larger national mission of Swachh Bharat. The program was supported by Adar Poonawalla group under their Clean Pune Initiative and our students invigorated by the talk, took a pledge to work towards keeping their surroundings clean.


Topic: Empathy in Management

Date: 19 August 2017, Time: 9:15 -11:30 am

Resource Person: Mr. S. Balasubramaniam

SVIMS, hosted Mr. Balasubramaniam, former VP and CFO, of ZENSAR Technologies for a session organized under “Induction” – a series of guest lectures aimed at providing students the opportunity to interact with stalwarts from the corporate world.

Mr. Balasubramaniam, shared his personal insights on Empathy in Management. He spoke on employee engagement, multi-skilling the workforce, investing in employee retention strategies, blue collar management and supported these with real corporate examples of how managers and leaders guide employees towards goals without ignoring their feelings and perspectives.

After a round of interesting questions from students, the session drew to a close with much applause for Mr. Balasubramaniam.

Guest talk on Connecting Dots

Resource Person: Mr. MANOJ GURSAHANI

Mr. Manoj Gursahani is ‎Director – Network & Strategy at KAM Analytics.  He is a Professional Trainer & Speaker and has spoken at various National and International Forums and regularly conducts programs/workshops for Corporates &Leading Institutions.
He is known as a Networking Guru & his passionate subject is “Art of Effective Networking and Communication.”  He is currently authoring a book “Connecting the Dots” and Co-authoring another one on Artificial Intelligence.

We live in a digital era and students cannot be out of sync with contemporary trends and skills such as Social Media and Digital Marketing. Mr. Gursahani emphasized the need for students to try and add more employable skills, learning to connect dots in the real world by becoming savvy on platforms as Twitter, LinkedIn et al. This is a networked world where students must learn how to increase their worth by expanding their own networks in the digital space. Mr. Gursahani supported his talk with real life illustrations of how the adage ‘shape up or ship out’ holds true.

Topic: Power of First Impression

Date: 19 August 2017, Time: 12.00 noon -1.30 pm

Resource Person: Mr. Surajit Das

Mr. Surajit Das – Columnist, Image Consultant, Corporate Trainer, Motivational Speaker and Theater Actor, was invited to speak on “Power of first impression”.  Sharing his secrets of creating a powerful impression, Mr. Das elaborated on the importance of effective communication skills, self- confidence, Optimism / Positivity, Happiness, and Attitude.  Through role plays, he showed how communication can be used to win the hearts and minds of people.

He advised that one should keep in mind etiquettes, approaches, eye contact, and voice modulation to create a lasting and positive first impression. The session was interactive and truly engaging.

FDP on Better Communication- Better Workplaces St. Mira’s Secondary School & Other Pune City Schools

Date: 13th and 14th, June 2017

Resource Person: Dr. B. H. Nanwani Director, Sadhu Vaswani Institute of Management Studies, Pune 

An MDP/FDP on Better Communication- Better Workplaces was conducted for teachers of higher secondary school on 13th and 14th June. Dr. B. H. Nanwani, Director used case studies, games, activities and tests to help teachers become effective communicators and educational leaders.

Workshop on Maharashtra Digidhan Awareness Program

Date : 17/04/2017 

Faculty member, Ms. Vaishali Patil under the aegis of the Maharashtra Digidhan Awareness Programme explained to students and staff the importance of Cashless Payments and detailed out the procedure and benefits of using various options like   Banking Cards, USSD, AEPS, UPI, Mobile wallets, Bank Prepaid Cards, Point of sale, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking and  Micro ATMs. The talk enthused the attendees to experiment with some of the methods for future payments

Guest Lecture on How to clear bank exams

Date: 10th April 2017

In the era of Globalization and Privatization, governments are trying to reduce labour costs by outsourcing work. This has reduced job opportunities in government sectors – this however is not true in the case of the Banking Industry.

Given the fact that the Banking Industry, is one of the top job providing sectors in India, Mr. Rajendra Chavan (Probationary Officer – Union Bank of India) was invited to enlighten students about various job opportunities in this sector and how to successfully clear entrance exams. Mr. Chavan spoke about the structure of various competitive banking exams for Probationary Officers, Specialist Officers, Regional Rural Bank officers, Reserve Bank of India officers etc and strategies for answering maximum number of questions in the given time. He concluded by saying that “Banking exams are not about how many questions you can solve, it’s about which questions you solve”.

Guest talk on Industrial Legislation & its Practical Applications

Date : 31st  March 2017

Mr. Viraj Khabiya, HR Manager-Bajaj Allianz was invited to speak on Industrial Legislation & its Practical Applications. He gave a bird’s eye view about  the Factory’s Act, 1948, Minimum Wages Act, Industrial Disputes Act et al. Citing cases and examples from his work life, he brought out the need and importance of IR, its changing role and the importance of having a Trade Union in the industrial unit. An absence of the same can lead to serious IR issues. Simultaneously he brought out the ills of having multiple Trade Unions in the same organisation. This he said is counter productive and poses challenges during wage settlements and other labour disputes.

Guest Talk on B2B Marketing – Handling the marketing team at Armacell India Pvt Ltd.

Date: 30th March 2017

A guest talk on B2B Marketing – Handling the Marketing Team by  Mr. Amit Mehendale, Head Marketing, Armacell India Pvt. Ltd was conducted in SVIMS. The students learnt  nuances of team handling such as managing team members with different competencies and performance levels and motivation. Drawing from his rich experience, the teacher exemplified the use of performance appraisal and monetary and non-monetary incentives in effective team management.  He also brought forth the importance of  developing cross-functional capabilities for advancement up the corporate ladder.

Labour Laws in India: Reforms and Challenges  

Date: 30th March 2017

Advocate Shrikant Malegaonkar, practising Advocate at Pune Labour / Industrial Courts and also at the Bombay High Court and consultant explained the evolution of Labour Laws which is intertwined with the history of our nation. He also touched upon recent reforms proposed by Modi government especially in context of the Maternity Benefit Act. He also spoke about important sections of Acts like Industrial Dispute Act, Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) etc., which he stressed a student of MBA (HR) should be aware about. He also informed them that average membership in Trade Unions in India is way below membership in countries like UK. Whereas the membership in UK is 40000, in India the number is a mere 9.

Adv. Malegaonkar’s talk was replete with cases he had handled in his rich career spanning 22 years. He answered legal queries of students in context of employment bonds, notice period, probation period and working hours etc.

CSR Philosophy at Forbes Marshall

Date: 29th March 2017

CSR initiatives at Forbes Marshall are guided by the philosophy, “Do as much you can and do it consistently with passion”. Ms. Priti Kibe, Section Manager – CSR, Forbes Marshall Pvt. Ltd. amply demonstrated her passion as she articulated the various CSR initiatives of the organization, challenges and  exemplary achievements in areas such as creating awareness of detriments of early marriages, dry and wet waste segregation, sexual awareness and financial literacy and skill development in rural schools. She also enthused students to consider CSR as a career option.


Date: 29th March 2017

Mr. Rajesh Agrawal, CA partner in SRA & CO. gave a comprehensive talk on GST explaining the concept, impact on the tax structure, tax incidence, tax computation, tax payment, compliance, credit utilization, reporting and returns to be filed et al. GST he averred will lead to a complete overhaul of the current indirect tax system. He also explained about reverse charge mechanism and threshold limits applicable to GST.

MDP on Better Communication- Better Workplaces for staff of Techniline Electronics, Dubai

Date: 24 March 2017 Time: 9:00am To 4:30pm at Hotel Flora Creek, Dubai

‘Better Communication- Better Workplaces’ an MDP designed by Dr. B. Nanwani, Director, SVIMS is now ready to be taken up by several corporates. Soumyakant Dash, conducted this MDP for staff of Techniline Electronics, Dubai. Games, Tests and Case studies on how communication can make or break a deal, a career and an organisation were discussed. The programme was highly appreciated by the participants as they felt empowered to communicate effectively in their personal lives and workplaces.

Management Development Programme on ‘Awaken the Brilliance in You’  for Gem Plaza, Dubai

Resource Person: Dr. B. H. Nanwani Director, Sadhu Vaswani Institute of Management Studies, Pune 

Dr. B. Nanwani was invited to conduct a Management Development Programme for Gem Plaza, Dubai. (24th March 2017).
The programme was titled ‘Awaken the Brilliance in You’ and covered topics like Goal Setting and Achieving, Prioritisation and Assertive Behaviour. Various training techniques like case studies, stories, role plays, tests on self motivation and behaviour styles were employed to help participants understand scientific ways of setting goals and doing first things first and consciously adopting assertiveness over passive and aggressive behaviours.

The programme was attended by 30 participants including Board members and executives in different functional areas.

Corporate Life and Finance Functions [24th March 2017]

CA Ms. Shalini Sinha,  CFO, Express Clinics Private Limited sensitized students about the growing importance and role of ERP in modern Finance Departments. Students are usually all at sea regarding the real functions of a Finance Department, but CA Shalini’s talk helped students gain practical insights into the working of Finance Departments in context of Accounts Receivables, Accounts Payable, use of MIS for collections and consolidating accounting transactions of other departments.

Retail Banking – Winning Strategies of ICICI Bank 

Date: 21/03/2017

Mr. Anwar Tamboli, Branch Head, Nagras Rd, ICICI Bank Pune was invited to speak on ‘Retail Banking – Winning Strategies of ICICI Bank’.  Apart from sharing  winning strategies like using cutting edge technology to generate leads, customer segmentation, building long term relationships the speaker also shared  various career options within banking like managing asset and liability side of Balance Sheet, treasury, operations and credit rating for loans etc . The talk was very well received by students.


 Guest Talk by Mr. Shambhu  Thakur

On 20’th March 2017 a guest lecture was conducted by Mr. Shambhu Thakur( Director) of Vito Therapeutics Pvt Ltd” on the  current scenario of the Indian Pharmaceutical Sector.

The Indian Pharmaceutical market (IPM) accounts for approx.1.4% of the global pharmaceutical industry in value terms and 20% in the volume terms. The IPM is valued at Rs 860 bn for the year ending March 2016. The growth in 2016 stood at 12.6%. Owing to robust historical growth, many MNC companies have active presence in the Indian pharma space.

The IPM is highly fragmented with about 24,000 players (330 in the organised sector). The top ten companies including domestic and MNC companies make up for more than a third of the market. The market is dominated majorly by branded generics, which constitutes nearly 70% of the overall market. Over the counter (OTC) medicines and patented drugs constitute 21% and 9% respectively.  Mr. Shambhu Thakur emphasised on the use of Four P’s of Marketing to attain success in any business.

The future plans of the company were discussed:

  • By the end of this financial year 2016-17, Vito Therapeutics Pvt Ltd intends to go global.
  • By the year 2025 Vito Therapeutics Pvt Ltd aspires to be amongst the top global Pharmaceutical Companies.


Are You SMART with your Goals?

Goal Setting workshop was conducted for students by Corporate Trainer and Faculty Member,  Ms. Smita Mehendale and Mr. Abhijit Vatkar. The students were introduced to the process of setting SMART goals for both personal and professional success. This was followed up by an exercise which helped students set well defined written goals to encourage them to choose what they would like to strive for. The programme set the foundation for Mentoring sessions.


Guest Talk on “Marketing statesies in BFSI sector”

Mr Amit Kadam, Regional Manager(Marketing) ICICI Direct visited the institute  on Saturday , 18th March 2017 and threw light on the marketing aspects of the banking industry. He began by giving a brief on ICICI and it’s various services. He said that banking is one of the fastest growing industry. During this interactive session, He explained the students as to how ICICI carries its branding activities and how it’s branding strategy is different from FMCG products by giving an example of P&G.

Mr Amit also spoke of Stockmind being one of their smart marketing move along with a CSR activity. He concluded by enlightening the class on the growing importance of digital marketing and it’s scope. “In this disruptive world of rapid digitalisation one can’t afford to be conservative with ones approach.  Digital marketing is the future.” He encouraged the students to follow their passion and not trends.

The resource person closed the session by his words of wisdom “It’s not about doing what gets you more money but about making money by being the best at what you like.”

He left with a promise of seeing us again soon and discuss porters theory and BCG matrix.

Guest Talk on Clean Rivers – A lifeline for Punekars’ by Jeevitnadi

The CSR club of SVIMS invited members of , an organization committed to reducing pollution in Mula-Mutha river in Pune for a talk on ‘ Clean Rivers – A lifeline for Punekars’ followed by a workshop on making biodegradable toiletries. The session was a eye opener for students as the harmful effects of chemicals used in cosmetics and toiletries on health and environment were revealed by Mrs Shailaja Deshpande, Director of Jeevitnadi.


Workshop on biodegradable toiletries by Jeevitnadi

The workshop on biodegradable toiletries conducted by Dr. Sheetal Chopade and Mrs. Veena Bagade was attended by students and faculty of SVIMS as well as residents from nearby housing societies. Formulations of biodegradable floor cleaner, body wash, tooth cleaner and dish washing powders were demonstrated. All participants were given samples to ensure trial of these environment friendly products.


Workshop on ‘Prevention of Sexual harassment at Workplace’

A workshop on ‘Prevention of Sexual harassment at Workplace’ was conducted by Dr. Tejaswini Malegaonkar, Assistant  Professor, ILS Law College, Pune on 27 th February, 2017.

Dr. Malegaonkar weaved in Hindi songs, ancient stories and real life cases to explain important concepts and terms given under The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013. She emphasized that such training and awareness programmes are the need of the hour given that sexual harassment violates fundamental rights of women- Right to Equality under Articles 14 and 15 of the Constitution of India and Right to life, and to live with dignity under Article 21 of the Constitution of India.

Dr. Malegaonkar further stressed that it is the prime responsibility of the employer to provide safe working environment and constitute an internal committee to look into creating awareness about sexual harassment and also to look into complaints of aggrieved women in this regard.

The talk ended with an interesting quiz, in which the students participated enthusiastically.

 Innovations at American Spraytech

American Spraytech functions as contractor, innovator, formulator, and filler of aerosol spray products. It focuses on high end cosmetics and tropical pharma spray categories like hair-care, hair-styling as well as personal care. The company innovates and formulates products in-house in their R&D Labs.  In the cosmetics category they are suppliers to L’Oreal and Revlon. They also supply several drug products to chain retail stores in the U.S like Wal-Mart, Target, CVS etc.

Mr. Lalwani – Vice President, American Spraytech is passionate about innovation and sees it as a mechanism for survival and success and as a panacea for improving lives of consumers. Innovation requires a learning mindset and environment. At American Spraytech their innovation processes are based on a simple premise captured in a quote: “ In a world of change the learner shall inherit the earth, while the learned shall find themselves perfectly suited for a world which no longer exists”.  Such learning comes primarily from customers and also from employees. American Spraytech uses both these sources to engineer innovative solutions. Citing interesting examples, Mr. Lalwani explained hacks of innovation such as

  • Spitball- ( Lunch and Learn- brainstorming of ideas )
  • Roll-up –( Latest and greatest of new material )
  • Complete the box- ( ‘ A Shampoo with a Conditioner’  )
  • Map to Market ( Read the  reviews of consumers and fill and cater to unfulfilled needs).


On 16th Feb 2017, Padmashree Ms. Suchet Dalal conducted a workshop on financial literacy under the Financial Literacy initiative of the RBI. Ms. Dalal expounded the need to treat financial products differently from other consumer products.  She presented some important ‘Mantras’ to handle our hard earned money.  They are, don’t lose money, buy insurance, focus on few safe financial products, avoid emotional credit and investment traps. Ms Dalal advised against mortgaging gold for financial crisis and indiscriminate use of credit cards.

Mr. Yogesh Sapkale, Deputy Editor of Money life, lucidly explained several frauds related to Net banking and use of Credit and Debit Cards. He gave numerous strategies for safe online transactions.

All in all, the workshop helped in turning the participants to become financially savvy!








Entrepreneurship Development Program

 ‘The Best way to predict the future is to create it’. On 3rd & 4th February, young creators of the future came together to learn Entrepreneurship from a well – known trainer, Mr. Nitinkumar Kale – National Young Entrepreneurs Development Centre. In the two days workshop, students gained insights into finding business opportunities, business planning, regulatory requirements, fund raising, banking process et al. Equipped with the knowledge some of them are our to create a different future for themselves…to become job creators rather than job seekers!




On 1st and 2nd of February, 2017, MBTI program was conducted by Mr. Nari Mirchandani, former Director (HRD), Crompton Greaves, distinguished Corporate Trainer and one of the first MBTI certified trainers in India.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) gave deep insights to the students on their personality types. Moreover,the students were also given individual counselling to bring out the strengths and weaknesses with strategies to improve on them. This self-awareness assists them to make better decisions regarding their choice of specialisation, career and other major life decisions


Team Building and Leadership [30th and 31st January 2017]

Working in teams is sine qua non in today’s corporate world and the critical role played by leaders in such teams cannot be over emphasised. A two day workshop on Team Building and Leadership was organised to help students align to such corporate realities and in a way ready them for such challenges.  Students were put through capsules of experiential learning and were challenged to perform team tasks  in a fun filled manner. Ajith Shidhaye, owner – trainer, Aryans, kept students engaged and left them spell bound by extensively using stories, role plays,  group activities, songs, discussions et al to impart lessons on:


  • Leadership, role and challenges
  • Team dynamics
  • What pulls or pushes teams
  • Creating a sense of belongingness among team members
  • Synergising teams to work on One goal and
  • Collaborative Problem Solving

7 days FDP workshop on ‘ Effective Educational Leaders –II ” was conducted from 30th Jan to 5th Feb, 2017

Date : 30th Jan to 5th Feb, 2017

A seven day workshop on ‘ Effective Educational Leaders –II ” was conducted from 30th Jan to 5th Feb, 2017 at SVIMS with an aim to enhance pedagogical skills of faculty members by using technology in the teaching – learning processes. Technology is going to play an increasingly important role in education sector. A large number of academic institutes all across the globe have adopted Learning Management Systems like Moodle.

Day1 In his opening session, Mr. Gaurav stressed upon the need to adopt and adapt to technology. An overview of many softwares and their numerous features was presented by him. He stressed on the need to use open source programmes and are user friendly. The day concluded with a demo on installation process of Moodle.

Day2 The topics of discussion on day two of FDP were user management, course management, registration and enrolment of students. Each process was demonstrated by the resource person in ‘a hands on manner’. Site administration and control process were also explained. The rights of each registered user of Moodle are defined according to the role, and this is an inbuilt feature in the system.

Day3 The third day of FDP commenced with discussion of customization features which can be integrated in Moodle. Moodle plugins, as they are commonly referred to as, can be installed to make Moodle meet specific requirements of the organisation. These plugins are available freely on Net and are user friendly with graphic interface. One distinguishing feature of Moodle is the integration of tests and assignments. Using Notepad 2 version, online tests can be created and installed in Moodle which can be accessed by students and attempted in the allocated time.

Day4 The fourth day session on integration of payment gateways into Moodle. He also cautioned the participants of security breaches and vulnerability of such system and preventive measures. Video conference is one of the tools which can be used to enhance the teaching learning effectiveness. The participants were familiarised with use of and integration of this feature with Moodle. Virtual classroom can be created using this platform where two way live chat can be generated. The session ended with a demo on certificate creation and customisation for programs held in the institute.

Day5 The fifth day of FDP began with introduction to Content Management System (CMS). Mr. Gaurav explained the difference between CMS and LMS. Many free and open source CMS are available, like Joomla, which are user friendly and can be adopted without any software knowledge. Research plays an important part in efficacy of any academic program. Use of softwares like Mendeley, not only makes the process quicker but also comprehensive. Mr Gaurav Kumar also gave a demonstration on open conference system (OCS) and open journal system (OJS)

Day6 Mr. Anil Gupte, Founder Layer3 Media, presented the concept of Blended learning to the participants and showed how it can be implemented in the classrooms. He explained that adopting technology is no longer an option. . IT enabled teachers are a basic survival mechanism for any academic institute. He also gave strategies which can be adopted by faculties to be prepared for the inevitable future. According to Mr. Gupte, preparing and maintaining database in a systematic way is the first step towards adopting technology.

Day7 Following the tradition of SVIMS where values and spirituality are embedded in day to day activities, the seventh day of FDP was set aside for a session on inculcating values in pedagogy. Swami Siddheshananda from Chinmayanand Mission, Pune, was the apt choice for the resource person on this topic. He gave insights into the working and thinking patterns peoples’ minds. Throughout his discussion he laid emphasis on the need to have a stable mind if any learning or growth has to happen. The session ended with realisation that the best education a teacher can give to a student is value-based education.


Water Conservation initiative of Green Thumb

Date: 25th January 2017

The CSR club of SVIMS invited Col. Suresh Patil & Col. Sathe to talk about ‘Water Conservation initiative of Green Thumb’, an NGO, engaged in ecological restoration in and around Pune.  They shared the excellent work being done to conserve water around Khadakwasala Dam and enthused  students to contribute their mite towards sustainable living and conservation of resources.


International Conference on –“From a Brave Gene Pool: Startups,E Commerce and Tech Cos ”

Date: 20-21 January, 2017

Entrepreneurs, Startup Founders, CEOs and Techies, as well as Faculty and students from B Schools in the region were present in large numbers at the Inauguration of the 3rd International Conference at SVIMS, Pune. The two-day conference had academics, professionals and entrepreneurs coming together for Panel Discussions, paper presentations and interactions on the emerging ecosystem for new age companies which are both global and Indian.

The Conference opened with a message from Rev. Dada J.P. Vaswani who emphasised the unchanging nature of core values even in a fast changing ecosystem like the present. The Director, Dr. B.H. Nanwani gave a bird’s eye view of the scenario for start-ups and tech corps with its ups and downs, pros and cons, pointing out that technology will be both the differentiator and the destroyer for emerging companies.

In a riveting Inaugural address, Ms. Nabomita Mazumdar, felicitated by the President and the WCD Ministry of the GOI as one of the top 100 women Influencers in India, described the current scenario of changing work environment, attitudes to work and the way emerging technology and social media were contributing to the work culture of the present. Her prognosis for India was very positive, based on research conducted by Adobe and her own startup, SHeroes.

Mr. Daanish Suhail- ( Co-founder and VP Marketing –PLAYO  Bengaluru ) held the audience spell bound as he took them through the ‘highs and lows’ in the journey of his start up – Playo.  He compared the journey to the thrills and scares of a motorcycle ride.

Ms. Jincy Samuel- ( COO & Center Head-Coinsecure  Bengaluru ) – simplified the otherwise complex terminology around crypto currency and also gave insights about the ecosystem  for Bitcoins.

Panel Discussion-1 (Young Startups ):Ms. Priyanka Agarwal ( Connect2teach) Ms. Siya Nitin Rajore (Green Carrot ), Ms. Rashika Chanchlani ( Jugni ), Mr. Chirag Sabunani (Only Great Foods) mesmerized the audience with their zest and commitment to their businesses. Their stories, their attitudes and approach to business clearly brought out the fact….they are from a brave gene pool.

Panel Discussion-2 (Well established Businessmen): Mr. Rajan Navani- (MD Jetline Group of Companies, India Jetline), Mr.Aniruddha Gupte (CEO Layer 3 ), Mr.Prakash Dhoka (Chairman, Deccan Chamber of Commerce,  Industry and Agriculture),  Mr.Rahul Pandey ( CEO & Co-Founder Bonzai, Pune) addressed a wide spectrum of issues on startups, e-commerce and tech corps with élan. They impressed with their repartee and wisdom.

The second day of the conference started with paper reading session followed by a talk by Mr. Chetan  Krishnaswamy –( Director Public Policy at ‘Google’ Gurgaon Haryana ). He spoke about the incredible journey of Google and the platforms Google offers to startups,  e-commerce and tech corps to materialize their dreams.

Mr. Hitesh Sahijwaala- (Director Sales- Red Hat India Pvt. Ltd.) made the audience aware of the fast changing landscape of business today, the newly emerging business models and the race for providing unique customer experiences.

Mr. Karthik Anand- (Founder & President at XDBS Corporation, San Francisco Bay Area) presented an enlightening overview of Indian Startup ecosystem.

Mr. Praveen Sinha- (Former Co-Founder and Managing Director of Jabong, Gurgaon Haryana) shared his experiences and journey of Jabong over a video conference.

The Conference organised by SVIMS had MCCIA and Rotary Club of Poona Airport as its Knowledge Partners, and Yourstory as Media Partner.


Guest Talk On “An  Overview on  Cement Industry and CSR Practices”


Mr.Nitin Paliwal ( DGM(Marketing)- Chettinad Cement  [2/1/2017]covered a wide expanse of topics ranging from Market outlook of the Cement Industry the world over with specific emphasis on India, Investments, Mergers & Acquisitions, Post Demonetization Scenario,  

CSR initiatives

Chettinad Group is an established name in the industrial, infrastructural, educational and health care sectors. The Chettinad Group has had a long tradition of contribution towards social and community issues.Some of their prominent CSR activities are

Skill development programmes for the rural youth, Free medical camps, Setting up old age homes, Day care centers and such other facilities for senior citizens, Promoting preventive health care etc.


 Better Communication- Better Workplaces for staff of Gardenia Cosmocare, Mumbai.


Date: 17th December 2016 Time : 9:00am To 5:00pm

Resource Person: Dr. B. H. Nanwani Director, Sadhu Vaswani Institute of Management Studies, Pune 

Dr. B. Nanwani conducted a training programme titled Better Communication- Better Workplaces for staff of Gardenia Cosmocare, Mumbai. Case Studies, Management Games and Activities interspersed with formal discussion on how communication can make or mar organisations and individual careers was discussed. The programme was conducted as part of a year long contract to train Gardenia employees pan India and Dubai.


MDP on Effective Communication & Improving Interpersonal Skills, Chettinad Cement Corporation Ltd, Pune

Date: 17 December 2016 Time : 9:00am To 5:00pm at Hotel Central Park Bundgarden Pune.

Resource Person: Dr. Joe. Lopez, Sadhu Vaswani Institute of Management Studies, Pune

Dr. Joe. Lopez of ‘Sadhu Vaswani Institute of Management Studies For Girls conducted an MDP on “Effective Communication & Improving Interpersonal Skills ” for ‘Chettinad Cement Corporation Ltd’ Pune on 17/12/2016 at Hotel Central Park Bundgarden Pune.

A Talk on Equity-investment

Mr Mahantesh Sabarat, Dy Head- Equity Research at SBICap Securities delivered a talk on ‘Let’s talk stocks – Beginner’s guide’ to the students on 4th October’2016 in the campus. In his comprehensive session he addressed myths about stockk investment and provided valuable guidance on stocks for a novice.



A four day workshop on Rediscovering Happiness

Date: 29 August 2016 to 01 September 2016

Resource Person: Dr. Aashiesh Tavkarr, Psychotherapist & Integrated Behavioural Coach

A four day workshop on ‘ Rediscovering Happiness’ was conducted by Dr. Aashiesh Tavkarr (Renowned Psychotherapist and Integrated Behavioural Coach) from August 29th to 1st September, 2016. The faculty members & students enjoyed the programme and came out as more confident individuals.







The 4th installation of Rotaract club of SVIMS

The 4th installation of Rotaract club of SVIMS took place on  23rd August 2016. Ms Seema Khan was handed over the charge as President of SVIMS Rotaract club and Ms. Abhilasha Pande as Vice President along with other board members. The new board members assumed duties with immediate effect. The membership of the club for the year is the highest so far with 43 members from both MBA  Ist and IIyr. Through the year the club conducted activities to contribute to the well being of society as well as environment. Some notable activities undertaken were River Walk with an NGO Jeevitnadi to understand the damage done to Mula-Muth river and ways of restoring the same,  A fund raising cultural activity – Dandiya, Baal Mela for Autistic children of little Angels, NIBM , Kondwa and participating in International Rotary Youth Leadership Awards at Panvel, a guest talk on -Clean River – A lifeline for Punekars followed by a workshop on bio-degradable toiletries by Jeevitnadi was also organised.


Special Lecture on ‘What MBA is not’

Mr Balasubramanium, VP and CFO, Zensar Technologies gave a Special Address to the freshers on ‘What MBA is not’ on 19th August’2016. In his interactive session Mr Balasubramanium highlighted extensive reading, writing, active listening, patience and humility as being five essential habits of a successful corporate citizen.



Talk on Anatomy of Success by Dr Rakesh Sinha

Renowned laparoscopic surgeon, Guinness world record holder, powerful motivational speaker and founder-Director of Womens Hospital, Dr Rakesh Sinha delivered a talk on ‘Anatomy of success’ on 18th August’16 at SVIMS. Dr Sinha mesmerized the audience with his impressive talk on mantra of success which is the culmination of his challenges and experiences in his long & illustrious career spanning 25 years.


Date: 17 August 2016 Time : 9:00am To 5:00pm

Resource Person: Col. Pawah(Retd)

A full day workshop on Campus to Corporate was held on 17th August as part of ongoing induction program for new batch of MBA students. The speaker was Col Pawah ( Retd), who has had a long and illustrious career in Army before he became a motivational speaker. Col. Pawah gave the mantra of Eight Ps such as Purpose, Passion, Personality, Perception, Potential, Patience, Persistence and People which accelerate the transformation process. He also spoke of the F syndrome (Fear, Forgetting, Failure) which can adversely affect growth. The workshop left all students feeling inspired and ready to take on world with all its challenges!




MDP on ‘Corporate Karma’ for Gardenia Cosmocare Pvt. Ltd.

 Date: 17 July 2016 Time : 9:00am To 2:00pm

Resource Person: Dr. B. H. Nanwani Director, Sadhu Vaswani Institute of Management Studies, Pune 

SVIMS was commissioned by Gardenia Cosmocare Pvt. Ltd. a leading Trade and Distribution company, to conduct an MDP on ‘Corporate Karma’. Dr. Nanwani, the Director, was the Resource person for the training session, and held her audience spellbound with her sound insights, her intuitive understanding of the nuances of corporate success, her amazing fluency and her knack of choosing the right blend of fascinating corporate anecdotes and recent business trends. The programme was deeply appreciated by the participants who were given the chance to understand the essential techniques and attributes to create good karma at the work place.








Workshop on First Aid and CSR

Rtn Dr. Saroj Bande from the Rotary Club of Pune Central and her team conducted a First Aid Workshop on Friday, 4th March 2016,  at SVIMS. The students and faculty of SVIMS learnt how to recognize life threatening situations and offer vital assistance before medical help arrives.










A talk on Personal Investment Planning

A talk on Personal Investment Planning was delivered by Mrs Mona Shah-PAtel, who is a trainer with NSE. It was aimed at spreading awareness about investments, mutual funds, tax planning, ELSS amongst the students. The talk encouraged the students to cultivate the habit of saving and making investment.



Date: 13th February 2016


Resource Person: Mr. Aroon Khattar, CEO, Virrea Technologies Pvt. Ltd 


SVIMS organized a guest talk by Mr. Aroon Khattar, CEO, Virrea Technologies Pvt. Ltd on Product Development. Mr. Khattar shared his experience of developing a cashless sanitary towels dispensing machine.


A Four Workshop on “Critical Skills for Career and Personal Success”

Date: 25, 27, 28 & 29 January 2016

Resource Person: Mr. Dharmendra Rai, Trainer, Mind Map, Mumbai 

The Workshop That Helps You Discover The Power Of Your Brain!

Four day Workshop on Critical Skills for career and personal success was conducted by Dharmendra Rai, Mumbai’s First Mind Map Trainer. He has to his credit over 200 Mind Map seminars conducted for top brass and executives of numerous Fortune 500 Cos, IITs, IIMs, Harvard Business School, Johns Hopkins & London School of Economics ( LSE ).

DAY 1: Mind Maps

The first day of workshop started with Dharmendra’s   mainstay, Mind Maps. Mind map is an easy to use tool to enhance creativity, remember more, and solve problems more effectively.  Mind map is a visual representation of person’s thinking. The mind map encourages creativity and flexibility and it helps a person to think outside the box.


Day 2: Memory management

Mr Dharmendra Rai covered the topic of Memory Management on the second day of the workshop. He focussed on challenges faced by all in their daily lives and shared the tips to remember names, people, numbers and concepts in the long term.

The trainer suggested tools of memory enhancement such as learning numbers, list of items, face and names of the people. The training was impactful due to the aid of the  video clips of world famous psychologist Mr Peter Vishton.


Day3: Invisible Selling

Having empowered the participants with Mind Map and techniques of Memory management, Mr.Dharmendra Rai turned to ‘Invisible selling’, a powerful idea for personal success and effectiveness. The central theme behind this concept is the need for influencing and persuading people around us for greater individual achievements.


Day 4: The science of willpower

On fourth and the final day of the workshop  Mr Dharmendra introduced another interesting topic,  the science of will power. He enlightened everyone with unfamiliar aspects related to will power.

According to psychologist Roy Boumister  will power is the persistence in the face of failure. An individual’s willpower is a limited resource and  it depletes every time one uses it.  One should conserve it for the crucial moments in his life. He shared practical tips on optimizing the will power, such as minimizing decision making in our daily routine.

The four day workshop was self-transforming experience for all the participants.


International Conference on Recontouring Business 22 & 23 January, 2016


The International Conference organized by SVIMS saw over 150 participants including eminent academicians, senior corporate executives entrepreneurs, journalists, and students. In his opening message to the delegates, Rev. Dada J.P. Vaswani emphasized the idea that recontouring, evolving with context to the times, was not just a matter of survival and overcoming competition; but for individuals and institutions, it is a matter of staying relevant and coping constructively with change. The real challenge of recontouring, he said, is that we change what needs to be changed and preserve what must not be changed. Honesty, Probity in dealings, Integrity  and Public Welfare are non negotiable ideals.








Dr. B.H. Nanwani, Director, SVIMS, outlined the growth of SVIMS over the last five years and emphasized the team spirit that had made this possible. Touching on the themes of the Conference, she pointed out that tectonic shifts have occurred within the business landscape reflecting changing emphasis from manufacturing to service industry to IT. Recontouring is also happening in terms of a dramatic shift in the balance of global corporate power. There is a change in the very DNA of business impacting its shape, size and way of operation.  A new science and craft of engineering, managing  and sustaining business is evolving and more emphatically now than ever before. Welcoming the speakers and participants, she invited them to make their interactions and presentations productive and insightful.


In a well researched and well presented Keynote Address, Mr.Suhas Kelkar, -Chief Technology Officer, BMC Software,  Pune, emphasized the idea that the Future is in the Past.  Focussing on technological disruptions, he gave examples of how technical, organizational and behavioural disruptions have recontoured our lives in the last two decades.


In the Pre-lunch session II, Dr. Subhash Bhatnagar, Faculty IIM Ahmedabad, spoke on ‘Digital India; Opportunities and Challenges in Improving Governance’. He outlined the challenges facing e-governance in India and also the tremendous advantages that the common man and businesses could reap, in terms of saving time and effort and weeding out corruption,  if the digital initiatives could be implemented successfully.


Addressing the conference participants on ‘Reinventing Sales Force: Winning Digital Fights’ , Mr. Krishna Gopal,  Global Talent Head, Tech Mahindra, said that traditional sales methods faced a tremendous challenge from the digital marketplace. Big businesses had to move from their old theatres to emerging new platforms to stay relevant and effective.


The post Lunch session featured two distinguished speakers: Dr. Manoj Motiani, Assistant Professor at Indian Institute of Management, Indore and Dr. Rajesh Chandwani, Assistant Professor at Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.

Speaking on ‘Recontouring Marketing: neuromarketing and big data analysis in focus’, Dr. Motiani observed that digital footprints and neuro analysis of customer behaviour are changing the dynamics of Marketing today. He pointed out the changing focus of advertising and market research which tries to understand and exploit unconscious behaviour patterns in the consumers’ minds.


‘The Missing ‘H’ in HRM’ was the theme of Dr. Chandwani’s talk. Tracing the evolution of the Human Resource Management Functions in organisations over the years, he pointed out that the ‘H” has traditionally been ignored, with employees being treated as machines, unions or knowledge/skills resources. It is only with the rise of the Service Economy that hand and head functions have been superseded by the “h” or the heart. When this is finally appreciated, HRM will become truly humanistic.



Digital communication and Web Videoconferencing set the focus for the second day’s session. In a sense, SVIMS recontoured the academic conference format, bridging the gap between continents with technology and making live audience participation exciting.

Taking the virtual podium for the Conference on ‘recontouring Business’, at the start of the second day’s session, Professor Aneel Karnani,  faculty member of the Strategy group at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, US, spoke on ‘Strategic Management and the role of   top management’. He shattered several myths about strategic decision making and emphasized that trite truths (such as pious statements about high quality products and low prices) that pass in the name of strategy are no longer valid or relevant today. Strategy is about tough decisions; and it involves asking and answering difficult questions.


The next virtual session featured a Webinar/Panel Discussion with a galaxy of speakers including Dr.Hemant Purohit – (George Mason University) Mr. Prasad Muthuswamy – (Webex Division, CISCO, California).  Moderating the discussions from the Pune end were  Mr. Kishore Sidhwani, Former VP, Chicago Pneumatic Construction Equipment and Mr. Anil Gupte,  Innovator, Entrepreneur, Visiting Faculty & Mentor, SVIMS.


Dr. Purohit spoke of recontouring decision making with the help of technology, while Mr. Prasad pointed out that technology is not just disruptive but also transformational.


The intercontinental interaction was ably moderated by Mr. Kishor Sidhwani. The session came to a close with Dr. Nanwani’s closing remarks thanking the participants for their participation.


Audience questions to the speakers included everything from Facebook’s Free Basics to KLOUT scores that are now being monitored by recruiters.

The second day’s pre-lunch session was dedicated to a paper reading and presentation session by participants of the conference. The Session was ably chaired by Dr. G.H. Gidwani and Mr. Anil Gupte. Each research scholar made a brief presentation of his/her research and this was followed by a Q & A Session with the audience.






The Post Lunch Session featured a talk by Dr. Radha Ladkani, Assistant Professor at Indian Institute of Management, Indore. Speaking on “Changing Contours of Finance: M&A in focus’, Dr. Ladkani pointed out that crowdfunding, investor activism and fraudulent practices were reshaping the contours of investments today. She focused on her core area of research, M & A to draw out the special features of Mergers and Acquisitions in the Indian context.








The Valedictory Address was delivered by Mr. Suhas Gopinath,  named the world’s  youngest ever CEO when he started his own company and presently, founder, CEO and Chairman of Global INC., an IT multinational company. Focussing on the positive impact of Disruptions in Business and Technology, Mr. Gopinath encouraged the students to dream big, start early and focus with passion on their life’s goals.








Participants from various city colleges shared their experiences of the conference and expressed their appreciation for the high benchmarks set by the speakers and the excellent arrangements of the same.












Seven Day workshop on Effective Educational Leaders

A seven day workshop was conducted from 1st Dec to 7th Dec, 2015 for faculty across schools and colleges with an aim to enhance their pedagogical efforts, psychological influence on students and making them effective mentors and social integrators.  The FDP on Effective Educational Leaders brought together participants from Institutions in Pune, other Universities of Maharashtra as well as from Hyderabad and Ahmedabad.


Day1-3: NLP and Emotional Fitness Gym

The First Session on NLP was ably conducted by Mr. Anil Dagia, one of the foremost NLP and Emotional Fitness trainers in India. In a highly interactive 3 day session, Mr. Dagia took the participants through Changing Negative Thought Patterns, Understanding Student Types and also an Emotional Fitness Training.







Day 4-5: Multiple intelligence

Mr. Jitendra Sandhu, COO TalentMat, conducted a two day session on multipleintelligence and its role in enhancing the “learning teaching experience”.  He spoke about the eight different intelligence types present in all humans in varying proportions .Mr. Sandhu  also stressed the need to develop skills sets amongst  students that are linked to the type of intelligences  which they majorly possess In order to enhance the effectiveness of pedagogy.







Day 6- Mind Maps

Mr. Dharmendra Rai , Mind Map Trainer and coach ,began the day with a small exercise on memory and creativity  to bring out  the concept of mind maps . A mind map is a powerful graphical technique which provides a universal key to unlock the potential of the brain and can be applied to every aspect of life. The various activities conducted during the session helped the participants to understand how persons differ significantly in their thought processes. Mr. Rai showed how this tool has been an effective medium for enhancing the performances in the corporate world and simulation of the same in the classroom can improve the memory and develop logical thinking amongst students.








Day 7- TQM and Value Education

Mr. Anil Gupte,Founder Layer3 Media, introduced Total Quality Management to the participants and showed how it can be extended in the classrooms.  TQM is not just an individual or departmental function but is an organisational function. TQM can be achieved in an educational organization by focusing on customers, better leadership, strong internal systems and better processes.


Swami Siddeshananda from Chinmaya Mission conducted a session on Value Education. Acknowledging  that he could reach thousands of students through the faculty members attending the programme, he  explained the importance of values in life and how teachers should translate values into actions which would be the best way to impart value based education to students.


Some Pearls of Wisdom from Ms. Reshma Chordia talk

Date:20th October 2015

Resource Person: Ms. Resham Chordia, Graduate from the University of Virginia and VP (Finance), Panchshil Realities

Ms. Resham Chordia, a young graduate from the University of Virginia and VP (Finance), Panchshil Realities, interacted with the students  and shared with them her strong belief system that helped her scale enviable heights in business. Some pearls of wisdom from her talk… ‘Never hesitate to ask questions, overcome fear instantly, always listen and always try, build a support system for sustenance and success’.


 A talk on ‘Hits and Misses’ in her Entrepreneurial Journey

Date:19th October 2015

Resource Person: Ms. Parul Bhatt young entrepreneur [Llynkr] 

Ms. Parul Bhatt, a young entrepreneur [Llynkr] in her address to the students spoke about the ‘hits and misses’ in her entrepreneurial journey. The key takeaways from her talk:

1.       Before taking up any venture, develop expertise in the related subject

2.       Always know your commercial break – even

3.       Before developing any product take into account the customer’s perspective.

The Lecture ended with a question – answer session


A three day workshop on Online Business Boot Camp

Date:16, 17 & 18 October 2015

Resource Person: Mr Gaurav Gurbaxani, Director, Pragmites Consulting

Indian startups are at an all time high. As per the reports of Nasscom, India is the world’s youngest start up nation, as 72 % of its founders are younger than 35 years. In tune with this startup ecosystem, SVIMS organised a three day Online Business Boot Camp for their students. Mr. Gaurav Gurbaxani along with his team helped the young minds to convert their business ideas in to realty.


At the end of the workshop, Ms. Tasneem Hakamjiwala was good to go with her startup business for mobile covers. We proudly congratulate her for this new venture and hope to be a seedbed for such entrepreneurial activity.


Workshop on ‘Stock Mind’ by ICICI

Date: 15th October 2015 

Resource Person:  Mr. Nihal Khan, Regional Manager, ICICI Direct

A workshop on ‘Stock Mind’ was conducted on October 15, 2015 by Mr. Nihal Khan, Regional Manager, ICICI Direct Centre for Financial Learning. The objective of the workshop was to impart skill sets for helping students become wise investors. The workshop Career options in included BFSI Sector, Basics of Stock Market and a Stock Mind Game


Guest Lectures on Accounting Procedures

Date: 13th October 2015 

Resource Person:  CA Shalini Jain, CFO, Express Clinics

CA Shalini Jain, CFO, Express Clinics, was invited to speak on Accounting Procedures and ERP. Real time information and big data analysis is sine qua non for accuracy in decision making and therefore success in business and Ms. Jain explained how ERP aids in meeting this  important business need.



‘Nuts and Bolts’ of Training

Date: 13th October 2015 

Resource Person:  Ms. Karuna BallaniCo-Founder and Trainer at Peepal Tree Training  and Consultancy

Ms. Karuna Ballani,  in her inimitable style enlightened the HR students on the ‘nuts and bolts’ of training by extensively quoting experiences from her career as Co-Founder and Trainer at Peepal Tree Training  and Consultancy


‘Careers in Digital Marketing’

Date: 12th October 2015 

Resource Person: Mr. Anand Kumar, founder of LIPS Digital Marketing Institute, Pune

Mr. Anand Kumar, founder of LIPS Digital Marketing Institute, Pune conducted a session on 12th Oct 2015 on ‘ Careers in Digital Marketing’. He enlightened and enthused students to take up ‘newer’ careers and entrepreneurship opportunities in the digital space.

 The Challenges and Joys of Entrepreneurship

Date: 12th October 2015

Resource Person: Ms. Nanda Ramswami, Founder of

On 12th Oct, 2015, students had the privilege of hearing Ms. Nanda Ramswami, Founder of, on the Challenges and Joys of Entrepreneurship. She spoke to students about her metamorphosis from an employed IT Engineer to an Entrepreneur and the joys, thrills and tribulations this transition brought about. On any day, she said “I would vote to be an entrepreneur”.


Graphology Workshop

Date: 10th October 2015

Resource Person: Ms. Namita Joshi, Founder of Aatman

Ms. Namita Joshi, founder of Atman, conducted a Graphology Workshop for the Rotaract Club of SVIMS on 10th Oct 2015 from 2.00-5.00pm. The participants were delighted to learn how Graphology can be used to enhance one’s personal and professional life.


A talk on ‘Industry Expectations and You’

Date: 09th October 2015

Resource Person: Mr. Sangram Kadam, Head – Business (India and Asia ) KPIT

In our pursuit to enhance industry -academia interface, a talk on ‘Industry Expectations and You’ was organised on 9th October, 2015. The resource person, Mr. Sangram Kadam, Head – Business (India and Asia ), KPIT  lucidly explained how students can get industry ready.


Guest Lecture on Entrepreneurship

Date: 05th October 2015

Resource Person: Mr. Sanjeev Swamy ,CEO, Livingard Technologies

Mr. Sanjeev Swamy ,CEO, Livingard Technologies, spoke about the wherewithal required to sustain and succeed in the corporate world. He emphasized that one should be loyal towards the organization rather than the boss, have a strong conviction in values, clarity of thought and meticulous planning.

He passed on practical guidelines of converting an idea into a startup, the importance of taking calculated risks and backing it up with proper insurance. Above all he urged students from taking shortcuts or engineering a ‘jugaad’. Success in entrepreneurship, he said may be attributed to ‘Kairos’ meaning luck and avoiding ‘hubris’- a combination of arrogance, over confidence and stupidity.

Students were enthralled by his entrepreneurial endeavor – a saga of grit, commitment and pure genius.

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