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Topic:   Managing Employee Relations

Date: 15 February 2018, Time: 09:30 -11:00 am

Resource Persons: Ms. Manasi Purandare, Mr. Pradeep Bodke and Mr. Trishul Gorde,

Topic: Management and Trade Union Perspectives on Managing Employee Relations








Ms. Manasi (HR Manager) from Thermax Limited, detailed out the evolution of Industrial Relations till date. She opined that today there is more of collaboration rather than combustion in employer – employee relations. Unions and Management broadly operate as a team rather than competitors. Ms. Purandare kept the students engrossed by conducting activities on breaking one’s comfort zone, listening skills and creativity – all of which are essential for maintaining healthy relations.

Mr. Pradeep Bodke and Mr. Trishul Gorde both members of the Trade Union of Thermax Limited, Pune, highlighted the changing scenario covering the role, growth and opportunities for unions in industries. Mr. Bodke highlighted the evolution of 3 “Rs” for trade unions which are React, Reflect and Respond and their application. He explained how these 3Rs have changed the approach of unions towards the management and workers and led to peaceful and productive employee relationships.


Topic:   Human Capital Assessment – A Managerial Perspective

Date: 7 October 2017, Time: 09:00 -10:15 am

Resource Person: Mr. Sudhir Mateti

Mr. Sudhir Mateti, Deputy General Manager-HR –Syntel Telecom, Pune was invited to speak on the topic Human Capital Assessment – A Managerial Perspective.





He explained that a well-defined job description forms a base for scientific selection and appraisal procedures. Very often assessors use Motivational Assessment to gauge whether the unfulfilled needs of appraisee are in alignment with goals of the organization. It is only when these two are aligned that high level of performance can be expected.

He also explained that performance is dependent not just on competence and knowledge of how to do a job but also on the Willingness and Ability to do the job. Therefore, nowadays HR managers conduct cognitive and other psychological tests to assess knowledge and predict performance. Besides, Mr. Mateti shared some interesting examples along with role-play to explain biases in performance appraisal.


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Guest Talk by:  CA Ashok Bhansali

Designation & Organization:   CFO, Barnet India Pvt.Ltd, Pune

Topic:  ‘Cost Optimization Techniques in Manufacturing Sector’

Date: 16th September  2017









In view of the complexity of businesses and increasing changes in industry, trade and commerce, costing is becoming very important. Managers who aren’t very involved with their company’s finances don’t usually do well. The ultimate goal is to make a profit by eliminating unnecessary costs.

With the growing significance of cost management, CA Ashok Bhansali was invited to speak on the topic of Cost optimization. He introduced the topic by understanding how value is created in an organization. He spoke about the paradigm shift in cost optimization techniques. He went on to explain creative cost control techniques in the domain of cost avoidance, cost reduction and target costing.

He shared his own experience of optimising manufacturing cost at Force Motors by using Just in time technique. He stressed on doing a cost – benefit analysis before adopting cost optimization techniques.

He gave insights on innovative ways of cost optimization for the Next Gen Managers and concluded with the mantra, ‘Do it right the first time and think out of the box.’


Guest Talk by: Mr Ayush Agarwal

Topic:  ‘Performance Management in Retail sector’

Date: 16th October 2017








Mr Ayush Agarwal, CEO and co-founder of Senority, an RPG group company delivered a talk on ‘Performance Management in Retail sector’ on 16th October 2017. He explained the challenges faced by companies in the traditional retail sector especially in context of the necessity of using online platforms. He highlighted the fact that both online and offline sales platforms are needed by retail companiesand substantiated his stand by citing examples of Lifestyle, Urban Ladder and Myntra.

Towards the end of his lecture he explained the ‘Sales Funnel’ model and how an organisation must make use of it to evaluate their marketing strategies because at the end, what matters most is sales figures.