Career Counselling:

Various efforts are made to guide you in your careers. Students are generally made to write an essay on ‘My Dream Job’ to help faculty members assess interests and aptitude. This is followed by MBTI Session by Mr. Mirchandani.

Faculty members then take up the task of helping students to choose their career and therefore their electives in MBA Part II.

Special lectures are arranged to help students explore niche areas in various electives.

Lectures are also arranged to help students get a bird’s eye view of the industry they wish to choose.

Similarly, sessions are arranged to help students understand the skills required for particular jobs.

Some Assignments are designed to help students understand Job Profiles, Job Description, Specification to help them understand and decide which careers they would like to choose.

These and other lectures are arranged/organized by Training and Placement Co-Ordinator.

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Examples of some such sessions are:

Mr.Mahantesh Sabarat Equity Investment Let’s Talk Stocks-Beginner’s Guide
Mr. Amit Mehendale B2B Marketing handling the Marketing Team
Mr. Amit Kadam Marketing Strategies in BFSI sector
Mr. Shambhu Thakur Current Scenario of the Indian Pharmaceutical sector
Mr. Anwar Tamboli Winning strategies of ICICI Bank
CA Ms.Shalini Sinha Corporate Life and Finance Function
CA Mr. Rajesh Agarwal GST
Mr. Rajesh Chavan How to clear Bank Exams
Mr. Dhiraj Baadkar Personal Insurance & Financial Planning
Mr.Sarang Kadam Industry Expectations and You
Ms. Karuna Ballani Training & Development
CA Ms.Shalini Jain Accounting Procedures and ERP
Ms.Mona Shah Patel Awareness Program on careers in Financial Planning
 Ms. Hanisha Lalwani External Communication as a Part of PR
Mr. Nikhil Marathe How to invest in stock Market
Mr.Vikram Nayak Placement Training
Ms. Avantika Bharadwaj Self Branding
Lt.Col.Prem Anand (Retd.) Are You Job Ready
Ms. Uma Ganesh Women in the Corporate World
Ms.Samidha Kolhatkar Building a Brand
Mr. Ankit Narang Overview of Digital Marketing
1. CA Ganeshan Seminar on Key Practices in HR
2.Madhulika Verma Seminar on Key Practices in HR
3.Rajesh Prabhu Seminar on Key Practices in HR
Ms. Vaishali Apte Workshop on Financial Statement Analysis
Ms. Aradhana Prabhu Careers in Marketing