Entrepreneurship & Skill Development

22nd October 2019

HR Module_C3





Mr. Nitin Daangal, Associate Director, HR gave a corporate view on topics such as:

  1. Leave Policy (with special emphasis on Maternity leave)
  2. Leave Encashment
  3. LTA Rules
  4. Calculation of Gratuity and Provident Fund
  5. Format of Salary slip and its break-up
  6. Compensation issues

The above topics were effectively explained through real examples of actual salary slips, Provident Fund/Gratuity formats of Leadec India Pvt Ltd. Besides, his colleague, Ms Kadambari also explained the Maternity Leave Act 1961, Gratuity Act 1972, Provident Fund Act 1952 and the amendments therein. The session ended with answering the queries that students had.

The session was conducted as part of the HR Module under our Certificate Course of Campus-Corporate-Connect.

24th July 2019

Why not start Small? 

Ms Gurdayal Kaur Panjwani, an alumna of our institution with 6 years of experience in various roles of HR gave a small talk to all our students making them understand the importance of starting from a small organization or starting a small role as perceived by students of MBA. She, in a very structured manner conveyed this idea to the students starting with how she started her career as a ‘Recruiter’ in WNS, moving to Credit Suisse and then, to Northern Operating Services, she then moved on to a comparative analysis between working with a small organization and a big organization and ended her talk with a ‘Question-Answer’ session with the students.


11th February 2019

Digital Marketing Certificate Course: an introduction







According to a research, the digital economy is growing 10 times faster than a traditional economy. Keeping in mind, the astonishing figures and facts relating to the field of Digital Marketing, we invited Ms. Supriya Shaligram and Mr. Chittaranjan Deo from Naralkar Institute to educate our students as to what is digital marketing, its scope as a career option and the details of the certificate course offered by them. This session enthused our students to take up this course and subsequently, make a career in Digital Marketing.


8th to 10th February 2019

3 Days Workshop on “GST”-Girls Students Empowerment through Skill Building organized by Career Counselling Group (CCG), ICAI jointly with Pune Branch of WIRC of ICAI and Pune Branch of WICASA of ICAI from  08-02-2019 to 10-02-2019

Day 1 :  8th Feb.2019

CA Nilesh Saboo







CA Nilesh Saboo, partner of BS & Co.LLP, Pune discussed fundamentals of GST, its history, concepts such as SGST, CGST and IGST, Supply, Levy & Collection of GST, Place of Supply, Time and Value of Supply, Input Service Distributor etc. His talk had suitable examples to help students grasp the meaning and essence of the Act.

Day 2 : 9th Feb.2019

CA Aishwarya Gundecha







CA Aishwarya explained the entire Registration process for GST and the sections pertaining to it, cancellation of the Registration process, Tax Invoice, how the records of the various transactions are to be maintained, GST Returns with the details of the various GSTR forms that are available and how they are to be filed electronically on the government portal, Payment of tax under GST, screenshots of the online portal that has been designed for use and ease, frauds and precautions to be taken during the process and fines and penalties charged in case of defaults made by clients.

Her explanation was interspersed with suitable examples, case studies flow charts, diagrams and small games to help better understanding of concepts.

3 Day : 10th Feb.2019

CA Nagesh Jadhav






CA Nagesh Jadhav is associated with Laxmi Kumaran & Sridharan Attorneys, discussed points related to Input Tax Credit, ITC Process, Penalties, Transitional Provisions, Logistics and other provisions etc.

All the speakers enlightened the students on impact of GST on various sectors of the economy. Each session was followed by Q-A by students and faculties which helped to demystify issues about this progressive tax.


23rd January 2019

Introduction to Digital Marketing







Digital Marketing has picked up pace and how! To introduce our students to what is Digital Marketing, what are the employment opportunities available in this field and at what rate is it growing, we arranged a session which was conducted by Ms. Anchal Iyer, a trainer as well as a Freelancer in the field of Digital Marketing and a professional with 14 years of Corporate experience. She shared several eye-opening facts and figures enumerating the growth of Digital Marketing, presented the myths related to this field and shared numerous Digital Marketing examples of the same. She concluded this session by explaining the scope of the industry and how it presents various employment opportunities.

India’s first Leadership Talk series 08th January 2019







Institution Innovation Council of Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham coordinated the first Leadership talk of India from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm by Mr. Anand Mahindra, Chairman, Mahindra Group. This talk was made accessible to everyone through a Facebook live session. This interview session was very captivating and below are the lessons that were communicated by Mr. Mahindra:

a. Failure: He emphasized that, failure is important and when it occurs, allow yourself to cry your heart out then, bounce back so that you can conquer the world with your full potential

b. Role Model: He suggested to have multiple role models and pick up the best of each one of them

c. Innovation and Leadership: He spoke about disruptive thinking and transformational leadership under this segment of the interview

d. Career choice: According to him, to make a wise career choice, one needs to calibrate himself/herself with what he/she wants.

e. Work-life balance: To find joy in one’s work is a major step towards work-life balance is his view.

This is how he briefed the audience on a myriad of focus areas that revolve around all of us.


Campus-Corporate-Connect: a step closer










On 11th and 12th September 2018, we had organized a 2 days workshop conducted by Ms. Ujjwala Phalke, an NSDC Master Trainer with over 10 years of corporate experience.

With our objective of making the students ready for the corporate world, Ms. Ujjawala Phalke took them through a series of games like that of ‘Human Tic-Tac-Toe’, sessions on meditation, team building activities and appreciation hour. It was through these activities that students discovered their own personal qualities through their own analysis and as voiced by others in the form of appreciations. They were opened to new ways of calming oneself and tricks of networking. Our efforts have always been to connect Campus to the Corporate in a way that students are left with deeper truths of the corporate world but in a fun way.

World Entrepreneurship Day on 21st of August 2018

Joy of being an Entrepreneur

Ahead of the World Entrepreneurship Day on 21st of August 2018, we organized a session and a felicitation programme to celebrate our young and budding entrepreneurs and their success. These entrepreneurs are our alumni who have successfully turned their passion into a business venture. The programme spanning over three hours saw the entrepreneurs sharing their entrepreneurial journeys and sharing pearls of wisdom with the students. They left the staff and students inspired and truly charged. They were all felicitated with a trophy and a certificate at the hands of our Director, Dr. B. H. Nanwani.

Here is a profile of the Entrepreneurs who shared their experiences:

  1. Yashika Chowdhary, Yashika’s Make-up Artistry:

A MAC certified professional Hair Stylist and Make-up artist, Yashika specializes in b bridal make-up and has her hand in Photo shoots, Magazine shoots and Fashion shows. She is also a beauty blogger and teaches make-up. She has been awarded amongst the top 5 make-up artists in Pune and has been interviewed for an article in ‘Magazine De Mode.’ She has also taught make-up to a few participants in Sydney. A symbol of courage, Yashika left her highly paying managerial job in an MNC to achieve her entrepreneurial dream.

  1. Rashida Abbas, Alira Enterprise:

A home-maker, a mother, a key relationship manger and yet a successful entrepreneur, Rashida Abbas manages her online business along with her husband. They deal in Electronics and Accessories.  for the same. Starting with only mobile covers, and now now offering a variety of electronic goods and their accessories in less than a year’s time has been her biggest achievement. Rashida very smartly utilized her corporate contacts she had made during her tenure at ICICI to promote and further her business.

  1. Radhika Pandit, Virgo Webs:

A very young and an enthusiast in the field of Marketing Communications, Radhika Pandit started with a designing agency named Virgo Webs, operational since last 3 years. This agency is a partnership between 3 women, Radhika being the Director. They provide designing solutions to businesses in the form of content writing for their promotional initiatives, making videos in accordance with the clients’ requirements and do photography. Her agency has to its credit, an experience of serving clients like Cummins, SKF and Piaggio.

  1. Bhargavi Chhabra, BruCo’s:

Owner and Managing Director at BruCo’s a venture in to catering, Bhargavi is at the threshold of touching 1 crore turnover this year. Managing 12 employees and amalgamating all her love for cooking, she caters to the food needs at various events, tiffin requirements of students and bachelors. She says, her biggest achievement, is that of her venture being featured on the top when ‘BruCo’ is searched for, on Google. Approaching people on the streets of Viman Nagar, Pune, to try the food cooked by her, she started with tiffin service, charging only Rs. 3000 per month. This lady, however, does not stop here and is now planning to start a food blog of her own, she also takes interest in other budding entrepreneurs and assists them wherever she can.


Entrepreneurship Development Program  [3rd and 4th February 2017]

Resource Person: Mr. Nitinkumar Kale

‘The best way to predict the future is to create it’. Young creators of the future came together to learn Entrepreneurship from a well – known trainer, Mr. Nitinkumar Kale – National Young Entrepreneurs Development Centre. In the two days workshop, students gained insights into finding business opportunities, business planning, regulatory requirements, fund raising, banking process et al. Equipped with the knowledge some of them are our to create a different future for themselves…to become job creators rather than job seekers!


Hits and Misses – Journey of a women entrepreneur [19th October 2015]

Resource Person: Ms. Parul Bhatt 

Ms. Parul Bhatt, a young entrepreneur [Llynkr] in her address to the students spoke about the ‘hits and misses’ in her entrepreneurial journey in her address to the students she spoke about how entrepreneurship is a continuous journey and what is it that she came across while pursuing her dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Ms. Bhatt explained the general mindset of people when they hear of women aspiring entrepreneurship and accomplishing it. That led her to speak of the road blocks, challenges faced by her during the set-up of her venture. In further discussion with the students, she told them about  Mahila E- Haat which is in line with “Startup India’’ and “Digital India” social campaigns to boost Indian economy by empowering women entrepreneurs ,NGOS, self-help groups and small producers.

The key takeaways from her talk:

  1. Before taking up any venture, develop expertise in the related subject
  2. Always know your commercial break – even
  3. Before developing any product take into account the customer’s perspective.

The Lecture ended with a question – answer session


Online Business Boot Camp [16th to 18th October 2015]

Resource Person: Mr Gaurav 

Gurbaxani, Director, Pragmites Consulting

Indian startups are at an all- time high. As per the reports of Nasscom, India is the world’s youngest start up nation, as 72 % of its founders are younger than 35 years. In tune with this startup ecosystem, SVIMS organised a three day Online Business Boot Camp for their students. Mr. Gaurav Gurbaxani along with his team helped the young minds to convert their business ideas in to realty.

At the end of the workshop, Ms. Tasneem Hakamjiwala was good to go with her startup business for mobile covers. We proudly congratulate her for this new venture and hope to be a seedbed for such entrepreneurial activity.


Careers in Digital Marketing [12th October 2015] 

Resource Person: Mr. Anand Kumar

Mr. Anand Kumar, Founder of LIPS Digital Marketing Institute, Pune enlightened and enthused students to take up ‘newer’ careers and entrepreneurship opportunities in the digital space

 12th October 2015

Resource Person: Ms. Nanda Ramswami

Challenges and Joys of Entrepreneurship: An experience of a woman entrepreneur.

Students had the privilege of hearing Ms. Nanda Ramswami, Founder of letspractise.com, on the Challenges and Joys of Entrepreneurship. She spoke to students about her metamorphosis from an employed IT Engineer to an Entrepreneur and the joys, thrills and tribulations this transition brought about. During her talk, she further added that cultural bias, lack of access to financial services and poor social acceptance were the road blocks during her journey.

05th October 2015

Resource Person: Mr. Sanjeev Swamy

Mr. Sanjeev Swamy, CEO, Livingard Technologies, spoke about the wherewithal required to sustain and succeed in the corporate world. He emphasized that one should be loyal towards the organization rather than the boss, have a strong conviction in values, clarity of thought and meticulous planning.

He passed on practical guidelines of converting an idea into a startup, the importance of taking calculated risks and backing it up with proper insurance. Above all he urged students from taking shortcuts or engineering a ‘jugaad’. Success in entrepreneurship, he said may be attributed to ‘Kairos’ meaning luck and avoiding ‘hubris’- a combination of arrogance, over confidence and stupidity.

Students were enthralled by his entrepreneurial endeavor – a saga of grit, commitment and pure genius.

24th September 2015

Resource Person: Mr Raja Kharadkar

Raja Kharadkar, technocrat, entrepreneur, Director of Unisource Papers Pvt. Ltd. and member of Indian Pulp and Paper Technical Association and Indian Institute of Packing in his motivating talk spoke to the students about the basic characteristics of a successful entrepreneur viz: . 1)Strong Will and Belief in your idea 2)Innovative and Risk taking ability 3)Streak of a gambler 4)Optimistic 5)Passion 6)Self  7)Motivator 8)Out of the box thinker

Apart from sharing his own journey as an entrepreneur, he interspersed his talk with real life examples of the ‘generation of entrepreneurial ideas’, trials and tribulations of other entrepreneurs et al. He also enumerated the ‘D theory’ with the students. Ds which an entrepreneur must have and Ds that must be avoided.

Must Have: Dream, Desire, Devotion, Dedication, Dynamism and Discipline

Avoid: Disheartenment, Disappointment and Depression.

19th September 2015

Resource Person: Mr. Swapnil Chaturvedi [Founder, Samagra Foundation]

Entrepreneurship opportunities for women in Social Sector

Social issues/problems can cause frustration but to those with a strong will and a sharp social conscience, these very problems offer an opportunity to bring about positive change and also a business opportunity. Mr Swapnil Chaturvedi, an Ashoka fellow, social entrepreneur and founder of Samagra Foundation is one such Indian with a huge social conscience index. A well settled software engineer in US, Swapnil was moved by the lack of hygiene and sanitation facilities especially in the slum areas of India. Determined to act as a change agent, he conceived the idea of community toilets under the name – Samagra Sanitation [2011].Mr. Swapnil explained how he utilized three inputs viz. psychology, technology and operational model to make Samagraha a successful sanitation model. Using ‘out of box’ techniques, he started incentivizing the use of toilets among the poor by offering loyalty schemes, discounts on products and even bringing banking facilities during their ‘relieving’ visit.In his talk, he also discussed  why there are fewer women entrepreneurs than men, the different reasons women have for starting a business and the different skills they bring to the job. He addressed questions like why self-employed women work less and earn less than self-employed men, what difficulty women face when trying to establish their own business. He further discussed the policies that support female entrepreneurs in micro and small scale businesses.

Swapnil’s project, purpose and profits left the students in awe!

5th August 2015

Resource Person: Mr. Sekhar Seshan 

Essentials of Entreprenership 

On 5th August, 2015 Mr. Sekhar Seshan, Consulting Editor, Business India, spoke on his recent book No Holy Cows in Business which highlights the nine principles of entrepreneurship.  Live case histories and an interactive Q & A session kept his audience involved throughout the talk.


World’s youngest CEO visits SVIMS [30th July 2014]

Resource Person: Mr. Suhas Gopinath [Founder of Globals Inc.]

Right from the moment of his arrival he was a source of inspiration for everyone in the institute. He spoke of his entrepreneurial journey when he set up his own company at the age of 14.

He started his business at the age of 14 at an internet café and at the age 17 he became the youngest CEO. His sheer determination enabled him to become the CEO at the age of 17, when he was in 12th class and so he became the world’s youngest CEO . The business flourished due to his creative ways to lure more customers. He partnered with software professionals from non-English speaking countries to expand his business, first one being the Spain.

According to Mr. Gopinath academic qualification is not a benchmark for achievement in any field . He admitted that he was just an average student in college. It is one’s inner feeling that tells us that we can achieve anything. One must pursue what he/she is passionate about and he/she will never feel demotivated or tired. He expressed his concern for women, who have to sacrifice their career for their husbands & families. He said that women have amazing potential and should strive to fulfill their dreams. The Past is a thief, he remarked, and if you allow it, it will steal your present and future.

The First Meet the CEO event of the new academic year was indeed a lesson in entrepreneurship for the students!