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Consultancy and Management Development Programmes

SVIMS offers consultancy and cutomised executive training and development services to help improve managerial effectiveness in organizations. The programmes are rich in content and have the right blend of games, activities, cases and tests to make them educative and engaging.  The programmes cover soft skills, general management issues /practices in human resources, marketing, finance etc.

MDPs conducted :

1.Better Communication – Better Workplaces

Dr. B. Nanwani has conducted this programme for

Teachers – St. Mira’s Secondary School & Other Pune City Schools [13th and 14th June 2017]

Staff of Gardenia Cosmocare, Hyderabad, Ramoji Film City [22nd Jan 2017]

Staff of Gardenia Cosmocare, Mumbai [17th December 2016]

Staff, Gem Plaza, Dubai

The programme has Case Studies, Management Games and Activities interspersed with formal discussion on how communication can make or mar organisations and individual careers. Personality types and communication behaviours are also analysed to help improve communication and therefore workplaces. The programme empowers participants to communicate effectively in their personal lives and workplaces.

MDP for Teachers, Pune

MDP, Mumbai







The programme designed by Dr. B. Nanwani was also conducted for Staff of Techniline Electronics, Hotel Flora Creek, Dubai [24th March 2017]


Trainer: Mr. Soumyakant Dash








2. ‘Awaken the Brilliance in You’

24th March 2017

Participants: Staff, Gem Plaza, Dubai

Resource Person: Dr. B. H. Nanwani [Director, SVIMS] 

Awaken the Brilliance in You

Dr. B. Nanwani conducted a Management Development Programme titled ‘Awaken the Brilliance in You’ covering topics like Goal Setting and Achieving, Prioritization and Assertive Behaviour. Various training techniques like case studies, stories, role plays, tests on self – motivation and behaviour styles were employed to help participants understand scientific ways of setting goals and doing first things first and consciously adopting assertiveness over passive and aggressive behaviours.

3. Effective Communication & Improving Interpersonal Skills

17th December 2016

Participants: Staff of Chettinad Cement Corporation Ltd., Pune

Hotel Central Park Bundgarden, Pune

Resource Person: Dr. Joe. Lopez, Associate Professor, SVIMS







Dr. Joe. Lopez of ‘Sadhu Vaswani Institute of Management Studies For Girls conducted an MDP on ‘Effective Communication & Improving Interpersonal Skills ” for ‘Chettinad Cement Corporation Ltd’ Pune on 17/12/2016 at Hotel Central Park Bundgarden, Pune

4. Corporate Karma

17 July 2016

Participants: Staff of Gardenia Cosmocare Pvt. Ltd.

Resource Person: Dr. B. H. Nanwani [Director, SVIMS] 








SVIMS was commissioned by Gardenia Cosmocare Pvt. Ltd. a leading Trade and Distribution company, to conduct an MDP on ‘Corporate Karma’. Dr. Nanwani, held her audience spellbound with her sound insights, her intuitive understanding of the nuances of corporate success, her amazing fluency and her knack of choosing the right blend of fascinating corporate anecdotes and recent business trends. The programme was deeply appreciated by the participants who were given the chance to understand the essential techniques and attributes to create good karma at the work place.