I wish to express my gratitude for cosideration and time in supporting my endeavors. SVIMS faculty has always been supportive and has always encouraged me in every activitiy. Special thanks to Nanwani ma’am because of whom I could achieve my dreams.

Thank you for imparting skills that have shaped my career and professional life.

Your mentoring  has meant so much to me i can never thank you enough…I had my best time in college.

Steffi James Dorairaj [SVIMS BATCH :2013-2015 ]  

HR [Sr.Officer] Eros Group, Dubai, UAE

I got selected through campus recruitment into a reputed organization like Zensar Technologies  and today am handling a team of 150 people. Thanks to SVIMS , for what  I am today.

Meghna Shivale  (Zensar Technologies)  



I strengthened my communication skills at the Institute. During my MBA the faculty helped to convert my weaknesses into strengths and today I am able to handle my customers confidently and effectively.

Sarika Jadhav (Honda Riverside, Kolhapur)



What is taught in the theory classes may be tough to absorb but believe me it comes in handy when you are at work. Today in my work at ICICI Securities I have to recall every aspect of direct and indirect taxation.

Rashida Dungarpur (ICICI)



What I feel is, management is not all about  just the corporate world. Because of this institute I have confidence and potential to have my own NGO and I am very thankful  to all of them.

Khushbu Bajaj



SVIMS provided us with multiple opportunities to enhance our skills. It built my risk-taking appetite which enabled me venture into my own business.  I have been able to apply theory concepts well-taught at the institute while running my own business.

Komal Kambli (Entrepreneur)




Because of SVIMS I am on the path of achieving my dreams today.

Monica Jedhe


Studying here has helped me survive in today’s competitive corporate world.

Sameeksha Makhijani