Ahead of the NAAC [First Cycle], the Institute has set up its IQAC in Aug 2017. SVIMS is committed to a relentless putsuit of excellence and quality in key processes. This led us to seek quality accreditation under ISO. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified Institute[First certification in 2014 ISO 900:2008]. The Certification mandates the setting up of a Quality Steering Committee which guides and ensures compliances of quality norms in processes.  The Committee has contributed to developing and applying quality benchmarks in administrative and academic activities and documented processes for quality maintenance and improvemnet. SVIMS has initiated various quality assuring measures under the purview of this Committee.

IQAC – Constitution

Chairperson Dr. B.H. Nanwani
Sr. Admin Staff Mr. Vinayak Phule
Teachers Ms. Vaishali R. Patil

Ms. Supriya Bhagat

Ms. Vaishali D. Patil

Management Dr. Gulshan H. Gidwani
Local Society Mr. Anil Gupte
Students Ms. Shirin Medora
Alumni Ms. Sonia Karamchandani
Employers Mr. Rajan Navani
Stakeholders Ms. Meher Medora
Co-coordinator – IQAC Dr. Abhijeet Kaiwade


Some Quality Initiatives:

VRIDDHI [ERP] for administrative functions [Admissions, Fees and attendance of the students]

Institutionalizing Session Plans

Syllabus Tracker- Immediate evaluation of the faculty course coverage, presentation and students feedback can be ascertained with the help of Syllabus tracker.

Lecture Capture System & MOODLE [LMS]

SMART Classroom

Resource Mobilization through Management Development Programs

Faculty Development Programs

KOHA for Library services

EBSCO & J-Gate database, NPTEL for improving pedagogy

Refurbishing and upgrading the Gymnasium

Certificate and value added courses conducted to enhance employability of students

MOUs with corporates for internships and placements

Student enrichment programmes introduced

Registering of Alumni Association. SETU- newsletter for alumni of our institute

Green Practices: Solar panels, Rain-water harvesting in the premises The entire building has LED Lights

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