Sports, Management and Cultural Events 2019-2020

04/10/2022Dusshera CelebrationDr Divya Lakhani09
10th – 11th March 2023International Women’s Week 2023

Ms Sonali Joshi72
02/01/2023New Year Celebration -2023Dr Kalpana Salunkhe52
10/01/2023Youth day celebrationMs Sonali Joshi70
05/03/2023Summer Internship Project 2023MBA STAFF60
6th MAY 2023AKAM – CULTURAL PRIDEProf Harshali Bhalerao17
29 April 2023Alumni Interaction 2023Prof Harshali Bhalerao35
25th March 2023ALUMNI MEET 2023Prof Harshali Bhalerao15
25 to 29th March 2023WORKSHOP ON SPSS
Prof Harshali Bhalerao40
3rd April 2023Lecture On Linkedin Growth MarketingProf Harshali Bhalerao27
28th April 2023CARROM COMPETITIONProf Harshali Bhalerao19
29/03/2023WORKSHOP ON SPSS Prof harshali Bhalerao
Online Workshop on Applying for Research Grants
Case Writing march 2023
Workshop on CV building and LinkedIn profile developmen cum Virtual campus drive.

A.Y. 2022-23

Workshop on CV building and LinkedIn profile developmen cum Virtual campus drive.

This virtual campus drive and a training programme was arranged for our students in partnership with Wocially. Mr Prashant, the trainer for the session and Strategic Business Partner at Wocially conducted this drive in the following manner:

  1.  Explained students, the process of registering on Wocially for they can then be put in touch with 100+ prospective employers for internship and job opportunities 
  2. Shared his insights and learnings on building and maintaining a LinkedIn profile for building a fruitful network on the platform
  3. Discussed and trained the students on commonly asked personal interview questions 

Through this partnership with Wocially, we thus conducted a virtual campus drive to put our students in touch with 100+ employers.

Workshop on Case Writing

Mr. Ketan Gandhi an alumnus of IIMA, Founder of KgGuruji and a Consultant to businesses facilitated the workshop on case writing. The workshop was conducted on two days: 15th April and 20th May 2023. The gap of almost a month was given to the faculty members to develop their own cases and teaching notes.

In the first session Mr Ketan Gandhi explained what cases are and their importance as a teaching aid. He also explained that case study methodology is an interactive method of teaching which involves teamwork and exchange of ideas and thoughts amongst the participants. This helps the participants to look at a particular topic or problem from various perspectives. He also guided the faculty members on how to write a case. He explained that writing a case study involves deciding a topic for the case, researching on the topic, collecting material for case writing, and then developing the case. He said that cases should have a very attractive title and writing style which would attract the attention of the readers/ students and motivate them to read and solve the case. He explained various important points like, case writing types, use of story telling in case writing, having a protagonist in the cases, etc o make the cases interesting to read and solve.

After the first session there was a gap of about a month for the faculty members so that they could write a case and teaching note. During tis time they could interact with Ketan sir. Ketan sir gave his feedback on the cases written by faculty members and helped them shape their cases.

The second session conducted on 20t May 2023 focused on the reflection of the faculty members on their case writing journey. Faculty members shared their experiences like satisfaction level increasing, difficulty in getting material, challenges of choosing a topic and many more. Further Ketan Sir explained in detail about finalizing the cases and developing a teaching note. He also explained the various requirements of publishing the cases. He mentioned many sites like Case Center, IIMs, Journals etc. where faculty members could publish their cases. After a brief Q & A  and Thank you note the workshop was concluded.

Online Workshop on Applying for Research Grants

Prof. D. Vishnumurty, Deam Aditya Institute of Technology and Management and Chief Coordinator of ED cell and Business Incubation Center was the resource person for the workshop.

First, he shared his views on the current management research. He said that contemporary management research played an important role in businesses and business growth. In the second part of his lecture, he elaborated on the various governmental funding agencies like AICTE, UGC, EDII, DST and non-governmental bodies like Skill Development Corporation of India and State Departments. He described various available schemes of the governmental and non-governmental bodies, where Management Faculty can apply for funding. He explained about grants for faculty Training, Quality Improvement program, Research Promotion, Idea Lab, Conferences, Major and Minor Research Projects.

The next part of his session dealt with writing research proposals. He emphasized that focus should be on a clear objective, relevance of the outcome, a well-defined timeline and detailed budget with justification wherever required. He further explained the importance of a research eco-system in an Institute with internet and library resources like journals and e-resources available for research purpose, affiliation or membership to bodies like AIMA and mentors for research study guidance. He mentioned that Institute applying for Grants need to be listed under UGC 2 (f) 12(B).

He explained the process of application for the funds. He mentioned that the processes and funding availability are mentioned on the websites of various funding agencies. He concluded by reiterating ethics in research.


Dr. Amod Markale was the resources person for the entire 5 Day Hands on SPSS Workshop. On the first day he explained to the participants the basics statistics concepts like Frequency, Correlation, Regression, to name a few. On the second day he explained to them the SPSS Software. He started by explaining the variable or the data sheet. With the help of a questionnaire, he explained the various variables and how these are coded in SPSS sheet. The first assignment that he gave to the candidates was based on this learning. The third day began with an explanation of statistical analysis which can be performed using the software. The forth and the fifth day, the participants could get a hands on the statical analysis using SPSS. In the second assignment, the participants were given large data and they were supposed to analyze the same using SPSS tools. The session concluded with a Q and A session where all the doubts of the participants were solved.


Executive summary:

The 108 Sun Salutation Challenge is a yoga practice that involves performing 108 rounds of the Sun Salutation sequence of yoga poses in succession. This challenge is often undertaken to build strength, endurance, and focus, and to deepen one’s yoga practice.

The number 108 is considered a sacred number in many spiritual traditions, including yoga, Buddhism, and Hinduism. It is said to represent the number of beads on a mala, a traditional prayer necklace used for meditation and chanting.

Today, we challenged our students to perform 108 sun salutations on occasion of Buddha Purnima/Vesak and we are not amazed that they managed to do it.  Event was organized and executed by Student Committee Cultural Head Miss Sakshi Gandhi (MBA I Student). Students participation was so energetic  and with full enthusiasm three students Muskan, Batul, Amisha, Sakshi and Sheetal completed the challenge in about 20 minutes.

Lecture On Linkedin Growth Marketing


Mr. Harshit Gupta, Founder of GrowthAcad and an expert in social media marketing addressed the First Year MBA students. He first explained to them the various social media platforms like Facebook. Twitter, Instagram and their advantages to the business world. He then focused on the LinkedIn platform and use of LinkedIn platform. He explained how its important for everyone to create their profile on LinkedIn. He explained to them how it has to be created. He also explained to them the importance of recommendations and following on the LinkedIn platform. Further he showed them how LinkedIn is used by Business and startups or marketing purpose. He detailed on LinkedIn Landscape, LinkedIn Algorithms, Use of LinkedIn for Career Development & Entrepreneurship, LinkedIn Profile Optimization and LinkedIn Content Marketing.



Dr. Amod Markale was the resources person for the entire 5 Day Hands on SPSS Workshop. On the first day he explained to the participants the basics statistics concepts like Frequency, Correlation, Regression, to name a few. On the second day he explained to them the SPSS Software. He started by explaining the variable or the data sheet. With the help of a questionnaire, he explained the various variables and how these are coded in SPSS sheet. The first assignment that he gave to the candidates was based on this learning. The third day began with an explanation of statistical analysis which can be performed using the software. The forth and the fifth day, the participants could get a hands on the statical analysis using SPSS. In the second assignment, the participants were given large data and they were supposed to analyze the same using SPSS tools. The session concluded with a Q and A session where all the doubts of the participants were solved.



The Alumni Meet was arranged on 25th March 2023. The event started with welcoming them home. The welcome talk was given by Ms. Maria, student of MBA Sem I. It was followed by a song by the MBA Sem 1 volunteers and a dance performance by Ms. Bhagyeshri. The alumni, since they were all from different batches, then introduced themselves and talked about their current engagements with regards to family and job. One of them, Ms. Soniya had left her high paying job and had taken up entrepreneurship; she is a dog trainer. After a brief introduction and interaction with each other, the alumni were all set to play a few 1-minute games. They then went on to treasure hunt. They ran through the entire campus to find their treasures. They enjoyed playing treasure hunt. Dinner and cold drinks were served after the games. The alumni, the students and the faculty shared a lot of memories over the dinner. The meet came to an end around 6pm.

Alumni Interaction 2023


Ms. Akansha Dharmani, Journalist with TOI and alumni interacted with MBA First year students on 29th April 2023. She explained to the students that the job market is becoming tougher after the COVID 19 pandemic. Hence, the students need to upgrade their CVs. Other than MBA course, the students should be doing various skill development courses to upgrade themselves with the latest trends, and technology used in their fields. She relayed her story of how her hard work and perseverance helped her get a good job and maintain it too. She explained that communication and multi-tasking are two important skills which are sought by the corporates from the MBA candidates. To summarize, she told the students that there is no substitute to hard work and added that along with developing oneself, one must also not forget to enjoy life and the two years of togetherness with friends in the college.



AKAM – Cultural Pride – Flaunt you Cultural Attire was conducted on 6th May 2023. Students participated in the event with much zeal and enthusiasm. The first event was a fashion show where the students displayed their attire. Ms. Varsha, from MBA Sem 2 then explained about Indian Culture and mentioned about India being rich in diverse culture thus exhibiting “Unity in Diversity.” Each girl then talked about her attire and the respective culture. The event concluded with a lot of applause and praise.

Youth Day celebration


The Institute celebrated National Youth Day on 12 January 2023 to mark the birth anniversary of the country’s most distinguished youth leader Swami Vivekananda. Swami Vivekananda, believed in the power of the youth and asserted that they could play an instrumental role in contributing to the development of the country.

The program commenced with the welcome address by Ms. Samanata Chavan, student of MBA I who enlightened the audience about Swami Vivekananda and the significance of Youth Day. This was followed by a speech Ms. Bhagyashree Jagwani, where she spoke about his life and philosophy.

Ms. Khatija Khan and Ms. Gayatri Sandbhor conducted a quiz on the theme of Youth Day.

All the students then played the game of Lagori – which was enjoyed by one and all.

The program concluded with the following quotes of Swami Vivekananda:

A slogan by Swami Vivekananda is ‘arise, awake, and stop not till the goal is reached’

“Take risks in your life. If you win, you can lead. If you lose, you can guide.”

New Year 2023 celebration


On 2nd January 2023 we all staff members with Hon’ble Director Dr. B.H.Nanwani, students of MBA I,MBA II,MCA I gathered together in seminar hall -4th floor to celebrate one more ‘New Year’. Everybody was willing to make a new beginning in life with happiness, new hopes, new ideas, by forgetting the struggles, unsuccessful moments that happened in the previous year. All enjoyed the celebration. The program started at 10.15 am and concluded at 112.00pm.

The program commenced with the lightening of the lamp & Sarasvati Pooja-the power of knowledge & empowerment. All students and staff sang Sarasvati Vandana.

Dr Kalpana Salunkhe welcomed Dr. B.H.Nanwani -Director -SVIMS,all the staff & students.

Ms Sakshi-MBA I student made the session arrangement and comparing.

Ms.Jaya, Ms.Vijaya, Students of MCA -I, sang a welcome song.

Ms. Reeshita, Ms. Shreya Sneha Students of MCA -I performed Group dance. 

Muskan & Bhagyashree – MBA I, A duet dance performance.

All staff, students of MBA, MCA played a game “Housie”.

Manjusha, MBA I gave speech.

Prize distribution to the Housie Winners at the auspicious hands of Dr B.H.Nanwani.

Address speech by Dr. B.H.Nanwani,Director-SVIMS

Vote of thanks By Dr. Kalpana Salunkhe, Asst Professor-MCA

International Women’s Week 2023

Executive Summary In accordance with the directives of AICTE, a week-long program was organized at SVIMS as International Women’s Week to mark a call to action for gender equality. International Women’s Day also draws attention to issues faced by women and advocates for women emancipation

1st March 2023

A quiz about the women in our history who have stood for their rights, for the betterment of the society, for freedom struggles or who have even made their mark in today’s world of media was conducted. 72 participants from SVIMS, Sadhu Vaswani College of Nursing, Trinity Institutes and MIT attempted the quiz. SVIMS students also took International Women’s Day Pledge on the Government’s website on Cyber safety for Women.

2nd March 2023 – Mother in a Family: Generations Together

Two mothers and a Child, Two children and a Mother’. Mother is our first Guru we meet and know in our lives. They teach us all aspects of Management that have stood true through tests of times. SVIMS recognized and paid their respects to these management gurus during this International Women’s Week. The stundets clicked pictures with the Mothers in their family- Ma, Dadi, Nani, Ma-in-love, the generations together. The fathers too were recognized and saluted who have played the role of mothers when she hasn’t been around.

3RD March 2023 – ‘Sporting Around’ – Faculty and Students

The faculty and students wore their sportswoman spirit and gear and had a day of sporting around with each other. They played games of badminton and chess. Badminton Match doubles was won by Ms. Harshali Bhalerao(faculty) and Ms. Deepali Asnani(student).

4th March 2023 – Token of Empathy and Love: Donations for Girl Child at MAHER

SVIMS Faculty and students contributed and collected an amount of Rs 4362/-. This amount was donated for a girl child at MAHER NGO as a token of our empathy and our small contribution to make some difference for good in her life.

6th March 2023 – Women in Media: Trace Songs from 1950 to Present Day Reflecting Gender Bias or Woman Objectification

The students of MBA 1st and 2nd year were explained the requisites of the activity and were divided into groups. Ms. Sonali Joshi shared the outline that they must adhere to while discussing amongst the groups. Once the groups had their discussions, each group member was then asked to sit in a new panel and discuss about the objectification of women in media. The activity brought about many realizations as well as unconscious acceptance of our role as women in promoting our own objectification.

8th March 2023 – Follow Every Rainbow

Being the week of festival of colours ‘Holi’ the students were asked to choose a colour and write a short note of 150 words dedicating that colour to the woman who inspires them the most, describing why did they choose that colour for that specific woman. Students dedicated different colours to their friends, siblings, mothers, grandmothers – spilling their hearts in their notes for them. It was truly a special Holi.

9th March – Celebrating Us! Health Check Up with Inlaks and Budhrani Hospital Dr. Walke from the Dermatology Department of Inlaks and Budhrani Hospital graciously gave us her time and discussed with the women faculty members various ways in which we must take care of our skins and skin infections. She shared about some common skin diseases such as acne, alopecia areata and eczema which is much common in middle aged women. She stressed upon using the correct products as per our skin types and not divulge into fake beauty treatments, products or services as the damage caused might be irreversible. She addressed the harmful effects of UV rays due to continuous screen time and also encouraged exercising for atleast 45 minutes in a day for a healthy lifestyle.

Dusshera Celebration

Highlighting the significance of celebrating festivals, a special  Pooja was conducted on 4th October 2022 to celebrate Dussehra, the festival that resonates with the victory of good over evil.

Mr. Rajesh Shelar, Asst. Librarian, accompanied by staff and students conducted the Pooja in the Library to mark the occasion.

Dr. Divya Lakhani said that whether we observe this day as Dusshera – to mark the victory of Lord Rama over Ravana, or Vijaydashmi – to mark the victory of Goddess Durga over the demon Mahisasura – it conveys the important message to be persistent in our efforts to perform the tasks in an honest and ethical manner.

Teacher Day Celebration – 5 September 2020

September 5, Teacher’s Day is celebrated all over India as an occasion to appreciate and acknowledge the efforts and hard work of teachers worthy and responsible individuals. 

At SVIMS, the event started at 3:00 pm on Microsoft teams platform due to the COVID-19 lockdown. The Opening address was given by Ms Pooja Zawar and Dr B. Nanwani, Director, SVIMS. A short program was organized for teaching, Non-teaching staff by MBA Part I and II students and various activities were organised like Acrostics Game (Enlisting qualities of teachers based on alphabets in their names) Story building (Fictitious story telling in a marathon style), Never will I ever forget (students recounting their interactions with teachers), How was your First Day? (Teachers recalling their first day at SVIMS), Treasure hunt with a twist.  All the teachers participated in these activities/games and the Winner was Dr. B. Nanwani and runner-ups were Ms Bindiya Rangwani, Ms. Vaishalil Patil, Dr Smita Iyer and Dr Abhijeet Kaiwade. 

This program was coordinated by Ms. Harshali Chandgadkar, Ms. Pooja Zawar and Ms. Sayali Choudhari (Cultural Coordinators).

The Program concluded with a vote of thanks proposed by Ms Sayali Choudhari. 

Celebrating our True Patriots

Independence day celebration 15 August 2020

We started our Independence Day celebration with a Poem, Vande Mataram eulogising to the Freedom Fighters for their courage and narration of an awe inspiring story of a soldier killed in action- Second Lieutenant Arun Khetrapal who was posthumously honoured with Param Vir Chakra. This story was narrated and recorded by our student Ms Apoorva Ohol. Ms Cassandra sang a song ‘Ae Watan’ as her melodious dedication to the true patriots of our country and we ended our celebration with a powerful talk by our Guest of Honour for the day Major Deepa Chandrasekaran. She is the First lady NCC Officer to represent our Country in Singapore and has been awarded with Directorate General NCC’s Commendation card for supreme dedication, sincerity and efficiency in discharging her duties.