Innovation and Incubation: Fostering Entrepreneurship in Higher Education 2020

Innovation and Incubation: Fostering Entrepreneurship in Higher Education 2020

State Level Workshop under Quality Improvement Program of Savitribai Phule Pune University.

17 & 18 February, 2020


Entrepreneurial ventures and startups cannot operate in a vacuum; an ecosystem is required to be nurtured for these startups to grow. Incubation is at the core of this ecosystem which furthers the culture of incremental Innovation.


With drastic changes in Environment and introduction of new technology, there is a need for different yet effective solutions to the requirements of an ever-changing market. A Research suggests that while, 40% of Entrepreneurs are born, 60% are made which means the entrepreneurial skills can be trained. Professional Innovation Management is a set of processes and good practices which can be taught.



Incubation: Incubation facility within the education system enables the next generation of entrepreneurs to experiment and try their hands at Entrepreneurship



Entrepreneurship: Innovation and Incubation are at the heart of the Entrepreneurial activity. To develop a mindset of taking up Entrepreneurship as a career option, it is important to understand the rules of Innovation and facilitate it through Incubation. The advent of MOOCs and a growing traction of courses and mentorship programmes on entrepreneurs indicates an emerging belief that entrepreneurship can be taught. Here are a few startling figures forecasted by the experts in Entrepreneurship: Startup ventures in India are set to grow by 2.2 times to reach 10,500 by 2020, Indian startups will create jobs and provide employment to 1 billion millennials in the next 3 years. All these figures further the activity of entrepreneurship in India.

About Sadhu Vaswani Institute of Management Studies for Girls

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  1. To understand the requirements for building up of an ecosystem to nurture innovation and entrepreneurship
  2. How the 2 Is of Innovation and Incubation contribute to further entrepreneurship
  3. To understand the steps involved in setting-up of an Incubation center

Scope and area to be covered

While, this workshop would deal with all the matters concerning entrepreneurship and how it can be spread across, it would cover but, not necessarily be limited to:

  1. Becoming of a successful entrepreneur
  2. Entrepreneurship as a career
  3. Nurturing of entrepreneurs
  4. Innovation and Incubation: the 2 pillars of entrepreneurship
  5. Entrepreneurship amongst Millennials
  6. Sustainable entrepreneurship
  7. Ecosystem and Startup collaboration
  8. The race of Innovation
  9. Building of an ecosystem for innovation
  10. Innovators vs. Inventors
  11. Research and Development for Innovation
  12. Specific solutions for challenges faced by entrepreneurs
  13. Startup: a cultural wave
  14. Changes in working of entrepreneurs
  15. Innovators vs. Entrepreneurs


Faculty Members, Research Scholars, Corporate Professionals, Women Activists, Policy Makers, Administrators, Bankers.

Registration fee: INR 300/- (Rupees three hundred only) payable along with the Registration Form. The fee covers the cost of stationery, seminar kit, working lunch and tea during the sessions.

Article Submission Guidelines:

  1. An article can be in the form of a success/transformation story, entrepreneurial article, innovative ideas, incubation ideas, research
  2. The manuscript would be required to be prepared in the following format:
  • Use double column style with single line spacing
  • Title: font size-24, font style: Times New Roman
  • Author’s Name: font size:11, font style: Times New Roman
  • Affiliations: Italics, font size: 11, font style: Times New Roman
  • Email ID: font size:9, font style: Courier
  • Keyword and Abstract: Bold and Italics, font style: 9, font style: Times New Roman
  • Level 1 heading: Capital, font size: 10, font style: Times New Roman
  • Level 2 heading: Sentence case, font size: 10, font style: Times New Roman
  • Body: font size: 10, font style: Times New Roman
  • Table Name: Capital, top and center alignment, font size: 10, font style: Times New Roman
  • Figures: Sentence case, Bottom and Center alignment, font size: 10, font style: Times New Roman
  1. Please note that the Institute has a strict anti-plagiarism policy so originality of the work should be ensured by the authors.

Publication Opportunity

Accepted articles and startup ideas will be presented in the workshop while, articles will also be published in an ISBN journal.

How to submit

Authors are invited to submit softcopy of their manuscript plus the file by e-mail in doc/docx format to

Important dates

Article submission 10 February  2020
Acceptance of article 15 February  2020
Registration 17 February 2020


Chairperson (Director):      Dr. B H Nanwani

Workshop Coordinators:     Dr. Abhijeet Kaiwade

Innovation and Incubation: Fostering Entrepreneurship in Higher Education 2020

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