Remedial Coaching: 

SVIMS offers the facility of Remedial Coaching in subjects where you are struggling with your course. You are requested to approach your faculty for special coaching.

Remedial English:

Dr. Prabha Sampath has her Masters and Ph.D. in English. Special Remedial English lectures are held by the Dean to help you improve your language skills. The Dean will guide you personally on books you need to read and other exercises to improve your English.

Currently Mrs. Rita Chablani will help you in your efforts to improve your English.

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To improve students’ verbal and written language skills by teaching them basic English Grammar


A  Module

1 Parts of Speech

2 Nouns & Pronouns – 1 hour

3 Adjectives – ½ hour

4 Verbs & Adverbs – 1 hour

5 Conjunctions, Prepositions and Interjections – 1 hour

B Module

1 Tenses 3 hours

2 Singular and Plural ½ hour

3 Direct and Indirect Speech 1 hour

4 Usage of Punctuation Marks ½ hour

5 Active and Passive voice 1 hour

Homophones ½ hour

Total 10 Hours

* No of hours for Exercises : 5 Hours

* No. of hours for Self-study : 5 Hour