Seminar – Key HR Practices 2012

Key HR Practices

11th Aug.  2012


Prof. Ganesan, Director, Allana Institute of Management Studies, Pune spoke on Change Management. There is only one thing in our lives that is constant and that is change. We all have areas for improvement and change. Either we can be proactive towards it or we can be reactive towards it. A perception change is the first step towards change. The session on Change Management concluded with the thought: “Ordinary changes will create victory but major changes will create history”.

Mr. Prabhu, Director, Ace Consultants, gave us his inputs on “Envisage: An Eye-opener for Young Professionals”. The focus of this session was to bring one’s goals in alignment with organizational goals. As a first step, one had to create a vision statement for oneself. The next step in the process was to know and understand the strategic intent of the organization through its vision, mission, objectives and goals before one plans on joining that organization. It is the vision that inspires the employees and leads and directs them, while the mission takes them further up on the road towards goal fulfillment. Key HR concepts like Management by objective (MBO), Performance Appraisal (PA) and Performance Management System(PMS), as well as newer concepts like Key Performance Indicators (KPI), Key Performance Areas (KPA) and Key Result Areas (KRA) were defined and discussed.

Ms. Madhulika Varma, HR and General Affairs Manager, NIPRO,  offered valuable inputs on “Performance Management System & Development Planning”. This session provided the students with the basic components of Performance Management System & Development Planning, and linked PMS with an effective HR system. She also focused on the relationship between the employee’s performance goals, competencies and development planning, setting SMART development goals followed by Case Study discussion.