Bridge Courses

This short course in Basics of Accounting is especially useful for Non Commerce students who need to learn about Accounting in their first semester. Your Subject teacher conducts these courses and puts you through simple self learn techniques and basic concepts to enable you understand the course better.

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BRIDGE COURSE [Basics of Accounting] SYLLABUS


To help students comprehend the main concepts and principles of Accounting.

Module 1: (2Hrs)

1. Definition

2. Importance and objectives of accounting

3. Basic Accounting Terms with examples

4.Meaning and fundamentals of Double entry Book Keeping

5. Source of Documents required for Accounting

Module 2: (1 HR.)

1. Accounting Concepts and Conventions

2. Types/Classification of Accounts

Module 3: (3 Hrs)

1. Journal

2. Subsidiary Books

3. Ledger

4. Trial Balance

5. Bank Reconciliation

No.of Hrs. for Exercises: (5Hrs.)

No.of Hrs for Self Study: (5Hrs.)