Corporate Readiness

‘Lead the Ship’  [10th and 11thOctober, 2019]

Student Development Program

Campus – Corporate- Connect

(Stress Management and Emotional Competence)

A two day student development program was organized on the 10th and 11th of October, 2019 under the Course: Campus-Corporate-Connect (C3) titled – ‘Lead the Ship’ (Stress Management and Emotional Competence for MBA Batch 2018-2020.

Day 1 covered aspects of Leadership by Dr. Smita Iyer on Great Leaders of the World, Women in Leadership roles and the challenges faced by women with discussion on articles from HBR, followed by concepts of networking and negotiation skills.

Mr. Anand Mohagaonkar, Ex MD Cummins India Ltd, gave his inputs on Leader- Team dynamics, stress management and internal networking dynamics. He stressed on developing an understanding of organizational dynamics and actively building clarity on one’s role in the organization.

The day ended with an enthusiastic Mr. Mohan Nair, Director, Ensigns Software & Communications Pvt. Ltd, giving touching anecdotes of Palkhi to drive home the point that leadership is taking ownership of work, irrespective of your designation and position. He reiterated the need to revisit and practice the basic morals and values imbibed by one’s family to build heart-based leadership and the need to build trust in one’s team to raise the performance bar.

Day 2 had four major sessions focusing on building an understanding of Stress Management and Emotional Competence.

First speaker of the day, Mr. R Shankara Narayanan, Vertical Head-Digital, gave insights on stress in an organization, differences between positive and negative stress and articulation and importance of saying ‘No’ to reset time goals. He stressed on working out a work-life balance and exploring the world to live without stress.

He was followed by Ms Gayatri Vartak, Director Samiksha Sports Pvt Ltd and sports counselor accompanied by Ms Damini and Ms Sneha. She conducted management games to explain what stress is; when to seek help and from whom. Her dialogue on what is right for an individual was engaging for students. She made groups exchange their current stress factor with other groups, and proved that most of the ‘so called stress’ is irrelevant and is discarded as stress by others. The example of stress outburst- Serina Williams during US Open match led to an anecdotal memory impression for all.

The third speaker, Ms. Aparna Prabhudesai, Senior Management Trainer and first and oldest Indian woman to conquer Mount Everest and CEO – Bodhvriksh emphasized the need to engage in a hobby to de-stress, build on motivation. Her talk was interspersed with real life experiences, humour interactive conversations and role plays to explain what stress does to one’s body and mind. Her final activity focused on the need to develop a habit of appreciating one and other to build a stress free atmosphere and good will.  She ended the session by making students complement each other.

Post lunch session taken by Mr. Kiran Gandhi, Ms Stephania Menezes and Mr. Anup Pawar on Emotional Competence through management games was an experience in itself for the students. The activity conducted by them on- being with oneself and being in another person’s shoe helped students understand how they could remain emotionally sensitive and connected.. The program closed with a valedictory address by Ms. Bindiya Rangwani.

Successfully completed the C3 certification

Roll No. Name of the Student
18103 Tanvi Tirthani
18104 Harsha Muthaiya
18108 Nishita Peshwani
18110 Shivani Deokar
18114 Mariya Pithawala
18119 Snigdha Das
18120 Kajal Baravkar
18123 Shweta Bhosale
18124 Kanchan Jhangiani
18127 Umamaheshwari Bondla
18129 Sayali Devkar
18131 Archana Chhatpar
18139 Aditi Haswani
18141 Anam iqbal
18143 Siddhika Pawar
18147 Anuradha Tiwari
18153 Drishti Budhani
18156 Aditi Kamle

Effectiveness of Emotional quotient in the corporate world  [16th January 2019]







When awareness is brought to an emotion, power is brought to your life and to create this awareness, we had invited Ms. Mihika Bhanot, an Image Consultant certified from the USA and a soft skills trainer with vast experience. She, very tactfully, demonstrated self-worth by crumpling a 100 rupee note, throwing it on the floor and then asking students if, merely, crumpling or throwing the note decreased the value of that currency. Through a variation of Dumb Charades, she brought their emotions to life and gave them lessons on team work, leadership and strategy making too. Throughout the session, it was through her personal experiences that she shared the techniques to control specific emotions at workplace and gave a very mature suggestion of either talking directly to the person with whom you have had problems or if you cannot take it anymore, just walk out of it with dignity.


Give Wings to your Heart [04th October 2018 ]







Ms. Sonia Agarwal Konjeti, the founder of PULA along with her team was invited to speak to our students on the theme of ‘Give wings to your Heart’. PULA is the largest Facebook platform for the ladies of Pune. It was a mesmerising rendezvous that inspired the young aspiring minds of our students. From the birth of PULA to various concerns that this platform tackles to the respect given to the male fraternity of our society, we interviewed team PULA on every aspect. This interview motivated our students and answered their doubts as to initiating something of their own.


♦ Your career objective is as much ours too [ 17th September 2018]                                                                               

To emphasise and to open new avenues of career for our students, we arranged a session on Government exams and Banking exams, by Mr. Abhay Landge, on 17th September 2018. Mr. Abhay Landge is currently the Director of Winners Institute, coaching classes for guiding prospective students on Government and Banking exams and he has 7 years of experience of working in Andhra Bank.

This session proved to be an eye opener in breaking students’ myths, students’ perceptions about working in a Government sector. After Mr. Landge was done with delivering his session, there was one-on-one counselling arranged for students who were interested in working in Banks/Government organisations.

Corporate Grooming [10th September 2018]







The importance of proper grooming and professional appearance cannot be over emphasized; more so for MBA students raring to enter the corporate world. Given this, Ms. Yashika Chowdhary was invited to break certain myths about personal make-up and dressing for a work place. Having worked in an MNC for 5 years and an experience of 2.5 years in the make-up industry, Ms. Yashika stood out perfectly to guide our students on how a lady should present herself in the corporate set-up to boost her confidence and to be perceived as a decent and effective employee.

Being recognised as 1 of the top 5 make-up artists in Pune and amongst the top 10 wedding make-up artists in India, Yashika gave a demonstration of her make-up skills and provided solutions to the personal doubts of our students.

It made us proud to have our own alumni carry out this session in a creative and interactive way.

♦ Ordinary to Extraordinary [ 2nd September 2017]

Resource person: Mr. Minocher Patel

Renowned motivational speaker, Mr. Minocher Patel of Ecole Solitaire made a stirring address to our students on 2nd September, 2017 urging them to build their confidence and engage in self-development. He was speaking on the topic “Ordinary to Extraordinary” and in his talk encouraged the students by focusing on personal health, impression management and developing passion and pride for one’s work. He shared tips with students aimed at reducing their stress, developing self-esteem and facing challenges of life.

He enthused the audience with real life examples of Sachin Tendulkar and others. He also created awareness among the students about cleanliness and hygiene connecting it with the larger national mission of Swachh Bharat. The program was supported by Adar Poonawalla group under their Clean Pune Initiative and our students invigorated by the talk, took a pledge to work towards keeping their surroundings clean.

♦ Power of First Impression [19th August 2017]

Resource Person: Mr. Surajit Das

Mr. Surajit Das – Columnist, Image Consultant, Corporate Trainer, Motivational Speaker and Theater Actor, was invited to speak on “Power of first impression”.  Sharing his secrets of creating a powerful impression, Mr. Das elaborated on the importance of effective communication skills, self- confidence, Optimism / Positivity, Happiness, and Attitude.  Through role plays, he showed how communication can be used to win the hearts and minds of people.

He advised that one should keep in mind etiquettes, approaches, eye contact, and voice modulation to create a lasting and positive first impression. The session was interactive and truly engaging.

♦ How to Clear Bank Exams [10th April 2017]

Resource Person: Mr. Rajendra Chavan

In the era of Globalization and Privatization, governments are trying to reduce labour costs by outsourcing work. This has reduced job opportunities in government sectors – this however is not true in the case of the Banking Industry.

Given the fact that the Banking Industry is one of the top job providing sectors in India, Mr. Rajendra Chavan (Probationary Officer – Union Bank of India) was invited to enlighten students about various job opportunities in this sector and how to successfully clear entrance exams. Mr. Chavan spoke about the structure of various competitive banking exams for Probationary Officers, Specialist Officers, Regional Rural Bank officers, Reserve Bank of India officers etc and strategies for answering maximum number of questions in the given time. He concluded by saying that “Banking exams are not about how many questions you can solve, it’s about which questions you solve”.


 ♦ Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace [27th February 2017]

Resource person: Dr. Tejaswini Malegaonkar, Assistant Professor, ILS Law College

Keeping in mind, safety of women, Dr. Tejaswini Malegaonkar, Assistant Professor, ILS Law College, Pune on 27th February 2017, explained root causes of sexism.

The workshop focused on identification of the socially constructed concepts of what it means to “Be a Man” and “Act like a Lady”. Dr. Malegaonkar weaved in Hindi songs, ancient stories and real life cases to explain important concepts and terms given under The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013. She emphasized that such training and awareness programmes are the need of the hour given that sexual harassment violates fundamental rights of women- Right to Equality under Articles 14 and 15 of the Constitution of India and Right to life, and to live with dignity under Article 21 of the Constitution of India.

Dr. Malegaonkar further stressed that it is the prime responsibility of the employer to provide safe working environment and constitute an internal committee to look into creating awareness about sexual harassment and also to look into complaints of aggrieved women in this regard.

The talk ended with an interesting quiz, in which the students participated enthusiastically.

♦ Financial Literacy [16th February 2017]

Resource Persons: Padmashree Ms. Sucheta Dalal & Yogesh Sapkale  

Under the Financial Literacy Initiative undertaken by RBI, on 16th February 2017, Padmashree Ms. Sucheta Dalal was invited to help the participants understand how money is to be invested wisely and the implications of decisions relating to investment of money by women. Ms. Dalal expounded the need to treat all the financial products differently from the consumer products.

She presented some important self-learned principles to handle money like, do not lose money, buy insurance, focus on few safe financial products and avoid investment traps. She also advised to avoid mortgaging gold when in financial crisis and indiscriminate use of credit cards. The last part of the workshop was kept open to the participants for their queries.

Mr. Yogesh Sapkale, Deputy Editor of Money life, lucidly explained several frauds related to Net banking and use of Credit and Debit Cards. He gave numerous strategies for safe online transactions.All in all, the workshop helped in turning the participants to become financially savvy!

♦ MBTI Programme (31st December 2017)

Resource Person: Mr. Nari Mirchandani [Former Director (HRD), Crompton Greaves and one of the first MBTI certified trainers in India]

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) gave deep insights to the students on their personality types. Moreover,the students were also given individual counselling to bring out the strengths and weaknesses with strategies to improve on them. This self-awareness assists them to make better decisions regarding their choice of specialisation, career and other major life decisions




♦ Team Building and Leadership [30th and 31st January 2017]

Resource Person: Ajith Shidhaye

Working in teams is sine qua non in today’s corporate world and the critical role played by leaders in such teams cannot be over emphasised. A two day workshop on Team Building and Leadership was organised to help students align to such corporate realities and in a way ready them for such challenges.  Students were put through capsules of experiential learning and were challenged to perform team tasks in a fun filled manner. Ajith Shidhaye, owner – trainer, Aryans, kept students engaged and left them spell bound by extensively using stories, role plays,  group activities, songs, discussions et al to impart lessons on:

-Leadership, role and challenges

-Team dynamics

-What pulls or pushes teams

-Creating a sense of belongingness among team members

-Synergising teams to work on One goal and

-Collaborative Problem Solving

Resource Persons: Ms. Smita Mehendale and Mr. Abhijit Vatkar(5th January 2017)

Are You SMART with your Goals?

Goal setting workshop was conducted for students by Corporate Trainer and Faculty Member, Ms. Smita Mehendale and Mr. Abhijit Vatkar. The students were introduced to the process of setting SMART goals for both personal and professional success. This was followed up by an exercise which helped students set well defined written goals to encourage them to choose what they would like to strive for. The programme set the foundation for Mentoring sessions.


♦ Rediscovering Happiness [29th August to 1st September 2016]

Resource Person: Dr. Aashiesh Tavkarr

In a deeply engaging, four day workshop Dr. Aashiesh Tavkarr, renowned Psychotherapist and Integrated Behavioural Coach helped faculty and students embark on a journey of ‘finding themselves’ and overcoming uncertainties in their minds. The programme saw them emerge as more confident individuals.

 ♦Digital Marketing Incubation Programme [1st August 2016]

Resource Person: Mr. Gaurav Gurbaxani

Digital Marketing Incubation Programme was conducted in association with Pragmites Internet services Pvt Ltd. The programme commenced on 1st August 2016 with an introduction to opportunities in digital marketing. Seven students from MBA IIyr were selected for the programme by the Mr. Gaurav Gurbaxani, the head of Pragmites. The programme was designed to give our students first hand exposure in servicing clients with varying requirements ranging from website development to enhancing digital footprints. The programme went on for more than two months during which students brainstormed on the name of their organization, logo, organizational structure and developed content for their website. Social Villa was finally the name chosen for the organization.

 ♦ Critical Skills for Career and Personal Success – Workshop To Help You Discover The Power Of Your Brain [25th to 29th January 2016]

Resource Person: Mr. Dharmendra Rai

A four day Workshop on Critical Skills for career and personal success was conducted by Dharmendra Rai, Mumbai’s First Mind Map Trainer. He has to his credit over 200 Mind Map seminars conducted for top brass and executives of numerous Fortune 500 Cos, IITs, IIMs, Harvard Business School, Johns Hopkins & London School of Economics (LSE ).

 DAY 1: Mind Maps

The first day of workshop started with Dharmendra’s mainstay, Mind Maps. Mind map is an easy to use tool to enhance creativity, remember more, and solve problems more effectively.  Mind map is a visual representation of person’s thinking. The mind map encourages creativity and flexibility and it helps a person to think outside the box.




Day 2: Memory Management

Mr. Dharmendra Rai covered the topic of Memory Management on the second day of the workshop. He focussed on challenges faced by all in their daily lives and shared the tips to remember names, people, numbers and concepts in the long term.

The trainer suggested tools of memory enhancement such as learning numbers, list of items, face and names of the people. The training was impactful due to the aid of the video clips of world famous psychologist Mr. Peter Vishton.


Day 3: Invisible Selling


Having empowered the participants with Mind Map and techniques of Memory management, Mr.Dharmendra Rai turned to ‘Invisible selling’, a powerful idea for personal success and effectiveness. The central theme behind this concept is the need for influencing and persuading people around us for greater individual achievements.



Day 4: The Science of Willpower

On fourth and the final day of the workshop  Mr Dharmendra introduced another interesting topic,  the science of will power. He enlightened everyone with unfamiliar aspects related to will power.

According to psychologist Roy Boumister will power is the persistence in the face of failure. An individual’s willpower is a limited resource and it depletes every time one uses it.  One should conserve it for the crucial moments in his life. He shared practical tips on optimizing the will power, such as minimizing decision making in our daily routine.

The four day workshop was self-transforming experience for all the participants.

 ♦ Anatomy of Success [18th August 2016]

Resource Person: Dr. Rakesh Sinha

Renowned laparoscopic surgeon, Guinness world record holder, powerful motivational speaker and founder-Director of Women’s Hospital, Dr. Rakesh Sinha mesmerized the audience with his impressive talk on mantra of success which is the culmination of his challenges and experiences in his long and illustrious career spanning 25 years.


♦ Workshop on Stock Mind [15th October 2015] 

Resource Person: Mr. Nihal Khan


Stock Mind was conducted by Mr. Nihal Khan, Regional Manager, ICICI Direct Centre for Financial Learning to help students learn skills to become wise investors. The workshop covered discussions on Career Options in BFSI Sector, Basics of Stock Market and a Stock Mind Game.





♦ Attitude & Behavior at the Workplace [11th October 2014]

Resource Person: Mr. Kedar Pathak [Head- Operations , Kelly Consultancy Services]

Mr Kedar Pathak, a dynamic professional shared with us the secret of his success in the corporate world today.  He talked about adopting the right attitude at the work place.  He also shared certain strategies which can bring achievement at the workplace.  His strategies which were truly treasured by the students are ‘Create value for yourself’, ‘Don’t fear competition’, ‘Don’t think too much, just do it’, ‘If you are not falling enough you are not good enough’. He advised students to select and follow a mentor from the corporate world who could guide them to making the right decisions. He urged the students to take responsibility for their education and chosen career path.  He emphasized the importance of effective communication, low emotional quotient and networking for today’s managers.

The two hour long session was highly interactive and was enormously enjoyed by the students.  It gave them a clear understanding of their prospective career through numerous case-studies shared with them.


♦ Graphology Workshop [10th October 2015]

Resource Person: Ms. Namita Joshi [Founder of Atman]

Conducted primarily for Rotaract Club Members, the workshop taught the participants how certain styles of writing and formation of letters can indicate important personality characteristics and pave way for enhancing one’s personal and professional life.



♦ Industry Expectations and You [9th October 2015]

Resource Person: Mr. Sangram Kadam

In our pursuit to make our students industry ready, a special session on ‘Industry Expectations and You’ was organised on 9th October, 2015. The resource person, Mr. Sangram Kadam, Head – Business (India and Asia), KPIT lucidly explained how students can get industry ready.




♦ Workshop on Mind, Body and Spirit [16th September 2015]

Resource Person: Mr. Harshvardhan Dafre, Co-Founder of RightPath

The Workshop was engineered to help students evolve at their personal, professional and spiritual levels. Mr. Harshvardhan Dafre with over 27 years in the corporate world and cofounder of RightPath brought to fore important virtues of a successful leader…these being humility, simplicity, integrity, going out of comfort zone, and lifelong learning. He interspersed his talk with interesting sports related video clips and games. He also trained students in sharpening their personal impact by working on their Visual Vocal and Verbal Impact.

Mr. Shyam taught simple yoga exercises to help strengthen the mind, body and spirit.


♦ Pre-placement Training Workshop (Campus to Corporate) [11th, 12th and 13th December 2014]

Resource Person: Mr. Vikram Nayak

Mr. Nayak, Corporate Trainer has 22 years of managerial  experience with well-know organizations such as Mercedes Benz, Hyundai, Reliance Communicatons etc. and believes that true behavioral training can be imparted through games and activities

Mr Nayak highlighted the key factors for effective communication. He spoke about constituents of the oral communication- visual, verbal and voice and enlightened students about the impact of each element for impression-management in an interview. He also provided vital tips on grooming and body language. Through an innovative activity session he helped the students understand themselves and identify their goals. The students were also provided hands on training on resume-writing and group discussion. The three day workshop provided an exhaustive and elaborate training to students for success in their upcoming corporate lives.

 ♦Team Building [16th and 17th September 2014]

Resource Person: Milind Datar & Team [Corporate Trainer and Consultant and Director, Circle of Influence]

In a two day workshop full of fun filled games and activities, students learnt about the significance of listening skills, questioning skills,  co-ordination, effort, creativity and patience for effective team performance. The girls were kept active, involved and moved all over the campus and the grounds, building networks and improving their communications with each other.







♦ Synergy is Energy [15th September 2014]

Resource Person: Mr. Dinesh Nathani [Mentor and Director of Synergy with Energy]


Mr. Nathani began with the universal principle that the world outside of us is a reflection of our inner thoughts. The day long programme included many fun-filled activities like dancing to demonstrate that it was possible to leave all our worries and troubles aside and be happy if we wanted to. He also gave the students various motivational mantras such as   ‘Save yourself by yourself, ‘ As you sow, So shall you reap’, ’ Explore the Genius within you’ to highlight this point.








Financial literacy: The importance of investment and savings for women

Our in-house faculty, Ms.Ritu Dange conducted a session on 12 September 2014 in the seminar hall for all the students and faculties on importance of investment for the women of 21st century. Financial literacy is important for all people, but especially for women because of dependency on male counterpart for financial needs, gaps of longer duration in employment as they take a break to take care of young children or aging parents.

In her session, she explained various skills a woman must learn which were

  • Planning skills (budgeting and saving)
  • Investment skills
  • Borrowing skills
  • Spending skills
  • Risk management skills
  • Market awareness and
  • Rights and responsibilities

The session was then kept open for any questions that the students would want to ask.

♦ Multiple Intelligences [ 22nd August 2014]

Resource Person: Rtn. Mr. Jiten Sandu

Mr.  Jiten Sandu, Chief Operations Officer at TalentMAT demonstrated through his interactive session that he was indeed a silent but effective change agent. He left his audience intrigued and introspecting about their abilities and aptitudes.

Mr. Sandu began with a disturbing statistical view:   research on the Indian manpower indicates that 65 to 70% of our people are in the wrong jobs.  Employing such unsuitable candidates drains the resources of the corporate sector. In contrast to the common perception that only outstanding  candidates find jobs, in reality it is the skilled but not so smart people who are being extensively hired by the corporates. Referring to the bestselling book ‘Rethinking the MBA’ he spoke of the three successive roles of an MBA – knowing (gaining knowledge), doing (application of knowledge) and being (inspiring others). It is doing and being that MBA students need to focus on.

Talking about multiple intelligence theory he enumerated eight ‘modalities’ of intelligence.

Each individual possesses a unique blend of all the intelligences, although each one of us has three intelligences which are our special focus areas. Citing exemplars of few of the famous personalities he revealed three best aspects of Sachin Tendulkar as intrapersonal, visual-spatial and kinesthetic. Vishwanathan Anand has logical-mathematical, intrapersonal visual intelligences.

It is necessary that a student should identify his three top modalities of intelligence using the multiple intelligence tests and choose an apt career for better job-satisfaction and finest performance.

♦ Shine Bright [3rd October 2013]

Resource Person: Ms. Toshiba Tiwari [Corporate Trainer]



Ms. Tiwari’s workshop was motivational and covered sterling examples of women who have beome great leaders. She emphasized the importance of personal goals and how to achieve them in an environment of constant change.



♦ Women in the Corporate World [21st September 2013]

Resource Person: Dr.Uma Ganesh


Dr.Uma Ganesh, CEO of Global Talent Track visited the Institute as part of our ongoing MEET THE CEOs Interface.  Former CEO of Zee Interactive Learning Systems Ltd, where she was instrumental in pioneering several IT led learning initiatives; she addressed the MBA students on the topic “Women in the Corporate World”.

She had warm words of praise for SVIMS, especially its commitment to values and ideals and its special focus on Women Empowerment. Starting with the familiar question, “Are men from Mars and Women from Venus?” she shared her personal example with the students, of how she survived in the corporate world when she entered as a fresher. She urged the students to adapt to their work environment and take on non-traditional roles to facilitate career growth. Her address was indeed a source of inspiration and motivation for the students.

 ♦ Branding the Self [31st August 2013]

Resource Person: Ms. Avantika Bharadwaj [Senior HR Manager, ORACLE Financial Services]

Ms. Avantika Bharadwaj’s session included discussions, interesting video and an activity for students to identify their strengths and their goals.





♦ Are you Job ready? [2013]

Resource Person: Lt.Col. Prem Anand

 Lt.Col. Prem Anand MD, DC CIA, emphasized the importance of KASH –  Knowledge, Attitude, Skills and Human traits to achieve career goals. Over and above work and diligence, he highlighted, the importance of having high ethics in personal life and professional career.



Resource Person: Mrs. Mona Shah Patel

Personal Investment Planning

A talk on Personal Investment Planning was delivered by Mrs. Mona Shah Patel, who is a trainer with NSE. It was aimed at spreading awareness about investments, mutual funds, tax planning, ELSS amongst the students. The talk encouraged the students to cultivate the habit of saving and making investments.






What does it take for today’s women leaders to reach the top position in Corporate and Professional world?

On 28th of August 2011, Ms. Prameela Kalive and Ms. Ruchi Mathur from Zensar were invited to take a session on what are the obstacles that women must overcome to reach top positions across industries

Ms. Prameela Kalive has held positions in key enterprise functions and carried with her rich portfolio of diversified experiences. She started with giving out astonishing facts on women in the corporate world. Both then, conducted an interactive session for all the participants as also, Ms. Prameela Kalive shared a presentation on her personal life experiences of her urge to study a course abroad, how she got a chance of clicking a picture with Mr Adam Gilchrist and how each experience inspired her to achieve further. They ended the session by saying, “Whatever you do, leave your footprint behind, let your work talk for you.”


How to build and manage your career

Is job and career the same?

How does an employer evaluate a candidate?

What is it that you need to know to grow in your career?

Such were the questions that Mr. Vinay Ramnathan from Nokia Siemens, answered in a day’s seminar conducted on 13th of August 2011. The seminar focused on preparing the participants in 2 areas of, managing their career in a way that fulfills their expectations and preparing them for an interview in a way that meets the expectations of the employers.In a thought provoking manner, he guided the participants by sharing with them, real-life experiences and making them practically do certain self-awareness activities. The participants took back with them, practical guidance to answer the questions relating to building their career.


Getting ready for tomorrow, what you can do today.

Sir H. Jackson Brown, Jr very aptly points out that, “The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.” On similar lines, it was our endeavor to arrange a day’s session as part of our efforts to make the participants job-ready. Thus, on 11th of August 2011, Mrs. Renuka Ramkrishnan, Associate Vice President of KPIT Cummins Infosystem Limited was invited to counsel our students.

In a very structured and interactive manner, she guided the participants. She shared with the participants a few eye-opening facts, suitably carried out the role of a counsellor, to let the students conduct self-analysis and understand what their responsibilities are as an individual. All this learning took place in a fun manner through games and activities carried out by her.