Competency Building and Career Enhancement

2021-2022 Activities

DateName & designation of Guest speakerTopic NameParticipationFaculty Incharge
09.07.2021Ms Arunima Sinha, IxamBeeCareer opportunities in Public Sector and strategies for Preparation36Ms Bindiya Rangwani
02.02.2022Mr. Manoj Nair, Global Head of Marketing at InfosysMarketing of new-age services 42Ms Bindiya Rangwani
22.01.2022Ms. Shubhra Chakraborthy, Marketing Manager at Philips Healthcare and Founder of PoshanPersonal Branding and How to crack Placements43Ms Bindiya Rangwani
24.01.2022Mr Parag PatilBuilding and implementing competitive strategies for performance in Olympics57Ms Bindiya Rangwani
27 Aug 2022Mr. Ravindra singh ChawlaBehavioral Finance & Investment Decisions34Dr. Divya Lakhani
9.12.2022Dr. Niloufer AgaSESSION ON EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE49Ms Harshali Bhalerao
18th November 2022Mr. Advait KurlekarGuest Session on Entrepreneurship59Ms Sonali Joshi
16th November  2022Mr. Amogh GhotaskarInvestors Awareness Program on Capital market88Ms Vaishali Patil
04.01.2022Ms Vaishali PatilInduction Programme-Anti Ragging Guidelines35Dr.Divya Lakhani
06.01.2022Deen Dayal YadavA Session on Stress Management71Ms. Bindiya Rangwani
07.01.2022Tripta SinghInternshala Training_Personal Finance53Ms. Bindiya Rangwani

Behavioral Finance & Investment Decisions

27 Aug 2022

The program commenced with the welcome address by Dr. Divya Lakhani.

Mr. Ravindra singh Chawla commenced the session with a case study in which a couple who were employed by reputable companies and living comfortably believed that they should spend before saving. Mr. Chawla opined that, we should save before spending, and it was stated here correctly that Income less Savings equals Expenses. We have to not just save money but also invest it because of inflation.

Additionally, he went on to explain why one shouldn’t put all of their eggs in one basket, but explore a variety of investment opportunities to put their money to work in case one doesn’t work out.

He continued by describing the characteristics of successful investors, including patience, discipline, and focus. He also discussed how financial behavior focuses on investor behavior and decision-making techniques.

Mr. Chawla emphasized on the need for investment for it will help us to tide over the rainy days. The program concluded with vote of thanks by Ms. Rutuja Parkhi, MBA I student, SVIMS.

Investors Awareness Program on Capital market

Date: 16th November  2022

The program started with a brief introduction of Mr. Amogh Ghotaskar. He explained the importance of savings and investments. He has described various investment avenues with their pros and cons such as investment in the share market, Mutual funds, Gold, real estate, and cryptocurrency.
He said while investing one should take into consideration the following points:
• Goal of Investment.
• Reputation of the company
• Liquidity
• Rate of Return
• Risk Involved

Further, he explained Precautions in the stock market
• Deal with only registered broker/sub brokers
• Do not be misled by market rumors, hot tips, etc.
• Take informed decisions by studying the fundamentals of the company
• Do not be attracted by announcements of fantastic results/news reports about a company
• Low-priced stocks do not guarantee high returns
• Sudden spurt in stock price -be cautious.

The event ended with a vote of thanks proposed by Ms. Vaishali Patil

Guest Session on Entrepreneurship

Mr. Advait Kurlekar began his session by asking the participants “What brings you here? Why are you pursuing MBA / MCA?” His question set the tone for the session as it led the students to introspect about their choices and their future career paths.

Taking cue from their sharings and their life experiences, Mr. Kurlekar took them on the journey of evolution of entrepreneurship, how each one of us can be an entrepreneur once we recognize our skills and our motivating factors. He shared examples of influencers and entrepreneurs who started with a minimal capital investment and today are successful companies. He urged the students to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and be risk takers as that shall reap them good returns and satisfaction.


9th December 2022

Dr. Niloufer Aga, Facilitator and Coach, Pragati Leadership explained the concept and importance of Emotional Intelligence. She further explained the Daniel Coleman Four Quadrant Model of Emotional Intelligence – self-awareness, social awareness, self-regulation and social skills. She conducted various activities and gave many suitable examples so that the students could learn how they could analyse their own and other emptions and respond to these correctly. She conducted the joy meter activity which helped the students to analyse their emotions. With the help of this activity, she explained how students could understand their emotions and respond to the situations effectively. She also conducted a action song which helped the students to express their emotions. The students were very happy with the session as they could learn a lot about understanding emotions and responding effectively.

Marketing of new-age services 


Mr. Manoj Nair, Global Head of Marketing at Infosys

This session was conducted in an interview format. A series of questions ranging right from services like that of Hike messaging app, Tinder, services of a doula/mid-wife/dog walker, pet grooming services were asked to Mr. Manoj Nair, Global Head of Marketing at Infosys. He presented logical and fresh perspectives on these services. One of the examples are his views on that of services of doula/mid-wife. He said that in his perspective, these services will have better scope and demand only when a word is put up/backed up by the maternity hospital.  

In regards with services of a Dog walker/grooming of pets, his views were that they are still in their growth phase even in well-established cities like that of Bangalore or Pune.  

His views on new-age services like that of a dating app or apps backed by virtual and augmented reality gave us new perspectives to consider about these services. 

Building and implementing competitive strategies for performance in Olympics


‘Availing of resources and being resourceful are the two fundamental principles on which Olympians base their performance’ is the statement our speaker and a senior Olympian Mr Parag Patil started his talk with. In his talk, he also emphasised the importance of information on competitor’s performance, trends, strategies adopted by competitors and technologies being used by other countries for the purpose of strategizing. He, thus, believes in gathering information from all the sources and then customising strategies for his athletes. So, although strategy building is a combined effort of the athlete and the respective coach, nutritionist, physiotherapist, and people in MIS come together as support system for implementation of the strategies. But, importantly in sports, he mentioned, many strategies are built and executed on the spur of the moment and that requires building mental strength.

Personal Branding and How to crack Placements


Ms. Shubhra Chakraborthy, Marketing Manager at Philips Healthcare and Founder of Poshan, addressed the participants on:

1. How to build a portfolio leading to building a strong personal brand.

2. Tips on how to take advantage of personal brand thus built to fetch desirable job opportunies.

Here are the key points from her talk:

a. Always engage in sensible conversations with the guest speakers that the institution invites for various programmes/sessions. Be active throughout the programme/session

b. Connect with the speaker/guest over LinkedIn

c. Increase the visibility on LinkedIn by creating engagement through comments on posts of people who have huge number of followers, seek help from experts to understand complexities of the corporate world

d. Choose and approach people as mentors from the network thus created. Seek advice from them to improve/to move further in career/for important professional decisions

e. Make sure to follow-up with these mentors regularly

f. Do multiple internships and build a diverse portfolio

Induction Programme-Anti Ragging Guidelines


The program commenced with the welcome of the students.

The students of MBA II performed a skit to highlight the different ways in which ragging takes place. The team consisted of the following members:

  • Anuja Jagdale
  • Sakshi Jodhwani
  • Nishigandha Vairat
  • Ami Adodariya
  • Rucha Lathi
  • Sana Khan
  • Shubhangi Dave

The wonderfully enacted role play was appreciated by the audience.

This was followed by the performance of first year students. They presented the impact that ragging has on a particular individual, and dwelt upon the different options that are available for an aggrieved person to report the event of ragging. The group made an effective use of poster to promote the concept of ‘Ragging Free Campus’. The team comprised of the following members:

  • Farzin Khan
  • Vipashyana Sonawane
  • Simran Cruz
  • Pratiksha Deshpande
  • Sanjana Jadhav
  • Hemal Naik
  • Asavari Newale
  • Merlin Martin

A Session on Stress Management


Dr. Deen Dayal Yadav, a Life Coach, a Stress Management Coach and an author was the speaker for this session. Before he explained to us simple and doable stress management techniques, he explained to us what physical changes stress brings in the body of a person who is stressed. These were: increase in blood pressure, aches- can be in different body parts for different people, might lead to digestive problems for some. The techniques that he stated, demonstrated, and explained were:

  1. Soft reset: inhale and exhale. He suggested to hold our breath for 3 seconds each.
  2. Hard reset: High-energy workout, exercise with weights
  3. Release the cause of stress before 90 seconds. He mentioned that we tend to overthink about a particular thing if we keep thinking about it continuously for 90 seconds at given point of time. Hence, it is important to release the thought before those 90 seconds are over.

One strong statement he made was: “Mind needs attention and tension.” Understanding that one is merely a dot in the entire world, entire universe reduces the attention you feed your mind with. While, using the 90-seconds release technique reduces the tension of the mind.

This session picked another high when the QnA round started.

Internshala Training_Personal Finance


The session on Personal Finance- Become your own finance guru was conducted by Ms. Tripta Singh.
Main Body:-
Learnings from the Session.
The session was all about how to manage your own personal Finance.
Some of the points she covered in session was
• Income statement
• Personal cash flow statement
• Personal network statement
1) The what is net worth?
Net Worth = total value of total assets – total value of liabilities
Then what is personal network statement ?
2)Personal network statement :- Value of everything that you own – value of everything that
you owe.
3)What is asset?
Asset is anything that you own having monetary value.
• Net worth can be positive or it can be negative
The how we can increase net worth
• Just like we keep ourselves physically fit, same like that you should keep yourself
financially fit also.
• We should aim to maintain positive net worth.
Key take away from this point are
• Positive net cash flow is essential
• We should start with budgeting, expense tracking, increasing savings.
• Secret of increasing net worth is start to earn more.
• Cash in bank is a dead money we should invest it , so that we get the regular income
• Make your money worth for you by using it to generate return.
Why investment is Necessary?
• To meet our financial goals
• For the future after retirement
• Inflation
What is inflation?
Simply it is a increase in cost of living.
Then she talked about simple and compound interest.
The compound interest is more profitable than simple interest.
Conclusion :- The session was very informative and useful . The advices she gave was very simple
and we can easily apply then in our daily life

Career opportunities in Public Sector and strategies for Preparation            


No. of students: 36

In association with ixamBee, we organised this session to guide our students on opportunities in Public sector and help them in choosing the right career path for themselves. This webinar is thus a part of the Career Talk Series we had initiated. The speaker, Ms Arunima Sinha started with why choose a Government job. A few reasons she prominently spoke of were:
1. The salaries offered in Government jobs are now competitive with those of Corporates.

2. Government jobs are still considered to be stable over a period of time. She enlisted the perks and benefits that these jobs offer over and above the salary.

3. She then took up to give a snapshot of broad categorisation of the jobs and the regulatory bodies.

Here is the list of categories and regulatory bodies she elaborated on:

  1. Banking
  2. Teaching
  3. Post office
  4. SSC
  5. Insurance
  6. Railways
  7. Defence
  8. Regulatory bodies
    a. RBI
    b. SEBI
    c. NPS
    d. SIDBI
    e. NABARD
    f. PFRDA
    g. ECGC
    h. IRDAI

The next segment of her talk focused on preparation for the exams for these jobs. The first point she spoke of was that: all these exams test a candidate on 4 common subjects besides others and these are: English, Quantitative Aptitude, Logic and General Awareness. She also demonstrated a few tricks by solving a couple of QA and English based questions.
The questions that students had were taken up while the session was going on and she answered them then and there.

2020-2021 Activities

Sr NoEvent NameDate
1Careers in Defence 26 Aug 2020
2Leading in a VUCA World12 Sept 2020
3Careers In Insurance19 Sept 2020
4Careers In Sports Management10 Oct 2020
5Go for that Government Job22 Oct 2020
6When marketing your own Service firm24 Oct 2020
7An insight to prevention of sexual harassment27 Oct 2020
8Career Opportunities in Hospitals & Healthcare28 Oct 2020
9Biz – O – Thon22-23 June 2021
10How to build your network on Linkedin02 June 2021
11Unlock your Subconscious05th & 06th June 2021
12Careers in Marketing : Mapping skills to career opportunities in Marketing15 April 2021
13Careers in Marketing : Marketing in relation with people , process and technology17 April 2021
14Careers in Finance : How women can leverage diversity and inclusion ?10 April 2021
15Careers in HR : Building your image as a leader and establishing your leadership in HR.10 April 2021
16Careers in HR : Broad views on careers in HR.16 April 2021
17Careers in HR : Changes and trends that technology has brought about in HR.16 April 2021

Careers in HR : Changes and trends that technology has brought about in HR.

16 April 2021 from 2 PM to 3 PM

Mr. Gurpreet Singh, Senior HRBP at Sterlite pointed out how the level of tech-centricity and WFH due to Covid have been introducing new roles in HR and below are the career options that have come up or will already come up till the year 2025:

  1.  Starting with those that require a lower level of tech-centricity:

a. Head of Business Behaviour

b. Gig economy manager

c. Human-Machine Teaming Manager

  1.  Those that would require more tech-centricity:

a. Strategic HR Business Continuity Director

b. Chatbot and Human Facilitator

c. WFH Facilitator

d. Climate Change Response Leader

Amongst those that he mentioned will emerge between 2025 and 2030 were:

  1. Distraction Prevention Coach
  2. Chief Purpose Planner
  3. Director of Well-being
  4. Employee Enablement Coach

While, these positions he said will emerge at senior levels, simultaneously there will arise need for junior level roles in the same verticals. These roles can be picked up by the students.

Facebook link of the session :


Cause: This event was organized to let our participants be creative and help them in launching their own business set up and encouraging them to be innovative entrepreneurs.


  1. All the Placement Committee Members attended several MS Teams meetings for planning and organizing the National Level Competition.
  2. As it was a National Level Competition and was on a big scale, we started looking out for sponsors as well.
  3. The following rounds of the Competitions were finalized:
  4. Round 1: Logo Making – Virtual Business Card.
  5. Round 2: Poster Making – Logo should be included.
  6. Round 3: Business Model – Presentation of the Business Model.
  7. Participants would be eliminated after the 1st two rounds.
  8. Registration Google Form was created to register for the Competition.
  9. Each Competition had a Fee of ₹50.
  10. Virtual business cards, Logos and Presentation of the business model was to be collected through Google Form.
  11. Promotion of the Competition to be done on social media.
  12. Business Model round was scheduled for 23rd June 2021, 11:30 am.
  13. Sponsorships amounts were bifurcated and promotion was done according to the amounts sponsored.
  14. Posters were shared across social media platforms and “word of mouth” was practiced.
  15. Payment Screenshots were saved and forwarded to the finance department for Record keeping.
  16. WhatsApp Groups were created in order to keep the Participants in loop and inform them about important announcements.
  17. Certificate of Winner, Participation was to be given to all the Participants and the respective Winners.
  18. The winner will be rewarded with ₹5000, and the runner up with ₹2500.
  19. Payment to be made to the Winners once as per the Bank details received and to be processed within 2-3 working days.


  1. Biz-a-thon: Final Round – Business Model took place on 23rd June 2021 at 11:30 am.
  2. Microsoft Teams Link was provided to the participants on 22nd June.
  3. 10 teams were chosen which qualified the 1st two rounds.
  4. We started the entire event at 11:30 am once all the required participants joined the link.
  5. We introduced the Judges and gave a brief introduction about them.
  6. Our Panel of Judges for the final round were: Ms. Sunitha Bharadwaj, Ms. Nishtha Shukla and Mr. Amit Kothari
  7. We started the Round with a small Sanskrit prayer.
  8. All the teams started giving their presentation. 
  9. Time given for all the presentations was 10 minutes and was followed by a series of Questions and Answers related to their presentations.
  10. The presentations made by the participants brought in new ideas and all of the audience were intrigued by them.
  11. Participants were also given word of advice on how they can carry out their respective business models in a practical environment.
  12. Winner and Runner up were announced.
  13. We thanked our panel of judges for giving us their time.
  14. The Event lasted for 5 hours 30 minutes. It ended at 5 pm. 


  1. Dhruvik Tanna & Anoushka Sharma

Business Venture Name: Zephyr- Energy for all

  • Runner Up: Nidhi Puri & Apurva Kokane

Business Venture Name: Twice but Nice

Careers in HR : Broad views on careers in HR.

16 April 2021 from 11 AM to 12 AM

Mr. Pranam Kundap, HRBP at MediaMint gave our students an overview of job opportunities in the following functions of HR:

  1. Talent Acquisition
  2. Employee Engagement
  3. Payroll and Compensation
  4. Learning and Development
  5. Performance Management

Some of the vital points he put down are:

a. The new role of an HR manager as HR Business Partner calls for more ownership and  playing a larger role in synergistic and contributing to all the other functions.

b. Employee Engagement does not just consist of celebrating festivals by way of activities, it has a larger scope. Employee Engagement is now seen as means to achieve the end result of a good Employee Branding.

c. Thus, Employee Branding is now considered as a niche area and has career opportunities starting with opportunities in large MNCs and slowly trickling down to other organisations as well.

d. He strongly suggested that at least HR students complete a certificate course in Payroll and Compensation. This vertical opens a lot of doors for HR students to start their careers.

e. The function of Learning and Development he said requires some years of experience and expertise to build upon as a career but, the students can join as a coordinator or as an assistant in this funtion when starting this career.

f. Working remotely as a freelance recruiter is also an option that HR students can look at.

Mr. Kundap thus gave a bird’s eye view on options available to freshers in the HR domain.

Facebook link of the session :

Careers in HR : Building your image as a leader and establishing your leadership in HR.

10 April 2021 from 10 AM to 11AM

Lt Col Alok spoke about how his childhood, his college life and his life in Army added to his leadership lessons. Few examples and lessons he spoke about were:

  1.  How staying in a joint family taught him to coordinate with people of different kinds and stay in a coordinated manner as a huge joint family. He adapted this lesson in his work life to sort out the conflicts and accept differences in opinions.
  2. He could not get through IIT and his family could not afford to pay for donation. But that gave him the strength to achieve basis his own capabilities.
  3. This experience also led him to think big, take baby steps towards achieving the dream of leading a team of employees and leading an entire department. It was at this point that he had decided that he will not settle for anything lesser than a leadership position and achieved it in due course of time.
  4. One point he emphasised on was: Do not overemphasise your destination, enjoy your journey towards the destination.
  5. Every interaction he had with senior/junior/colleague taught him one lesson at a time.
  6. He said that, “do not get sacred to make certain decisions and believe in yourself to live by them.” ‘Unleash your potential’ is the mantra he gave us.
  7. He also mentioned about his Swimming lessons in Army. How he could not really swim until after 5 attempts but, took it bang on at the 6th attempt and learned it like a pro.

By sharing his early life, college life and his life in Army, he built it up to listing down the above lessons in Leadership. In his opinion, no matter in what field you are, skills and characteristics required for you to be a leader remain the same, which in his view are:

  1. Be prepared to take tough decisions
  2. Rise above the so-called failures and instead learn your lessons from them
  3. Believe in yourself and the decisions you take
  4. Enjoy the journey, destination might change with time
  5. Adapt quickly to the changing times
  6. Pick up new skills on your way up to the career ladder

Facebook link of the session :

Careers in Finance : How women can leverage diversity and inclusion ?

10 April 2021 from 4 PM to 5 PM

Mr. Jiigar Jhaverri started with explaining the segment of Revenue Generation and how this segment offers various career opportunities. The 1st career option he spoke about was Investment Banking and what portfolio options are available in form of Equities, Derivatives, Futures and Options, Foreign currency, and Fixed asset options. He went on to speak about wealth management and asset management subsequently. He specifically said that “someone who wants to enter Investment Banking needs to have a hang of the market, deep study and research of the companies.” At this point, he also briefly mentioned about job opportunities in Technical Analysis.

While he was answering the questions from viewers, he spoke about dignity of labour for jobs in Sales. He said that “Starting you career with a Sales profile does not mean you are not doing well, or it is not a dignified job. If job roles into Sales, Business development, Customer service are being offered by the industry then one needs to find out what excites her and take an opportunity accordingly.” One advice that he gave to all the students was to learn from every interview whether selected in that interview or not and skill yourself to fill up the gap identified by means of attempting that interview.

The last segment of his talk was about diversity and inclusion. In his opinion, managers must create a culture of inclusion and diversity in the organisation. Diversity does not mean only gender diversity, it also includes aspects of ethnicity, inclusion of LGBTQ, specially abled community. Since, all the managers across now have targets for diversity and inclusion, women now have more options to take up career opportunities that help her to manage responsibilities as a wife, mother, sister, or daughter. Part-time job opportunities, work-from-home opportunities, going in for a sabbatical and restarting the career is now possible with the initiatives under diversity being welcomed with open arms.Facebook link of the session :

Careers in Marketing : Marketing in relation with people , process and technology

17 April 2021 from 10AM to 11 AM

Mr. Siddharth Sabari started with opportunities that technology offers in the field of marketing and one area that he hugely focused on was of Digital Marketing. He categorised the career options of Digital Marketing into:

a. Tracking information and usage of analytics to take marketing decisions

b. Other creative functions of writing content, creating graphics/creatives

c. Those that involve researching and usage of technology: Search Engine Optimisation, Website Development, Keywords search

d. Those that involve interacting and transacting on social media platforms: Social Media Marketing

He surely mentioned about Marketing Analytics as an option too. But, when asked about specific certificate courses that the students could do in Marketing Analytics along with MBA, he said that, currently they can learn it through Youtube videos as well. Once they enter the Corporate world, they can pick up the skills along their way on the job.

Next, he moved on to processes. He pointed out that, planning and execution of strategies involves many steps right from market research to analysing the feedback of customers. All these functions cannot be performed by a Marketing manager alone. Thus, each step in this entire process offers an opportunity. Carrying out market research, offering customer service, designing of a product/service, planning the distribution and promotion and finally implementing the strategies planned has all these opportunities ingrained.

When it came to the aspect of People, he emphasised that interaction with customers is central to marketing. Thus, roles of Marketing Communication, Customer Service Executive, Focused Customer Group interviews and a few other aspects of marketing research come under the ‘People’ aspect.Facebook link of the session :

Careers in Marketing : Mapping skills to career opportunities in Marketing

15 April 2021 from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm

Mr. Ankit Gupta, a Marketing Consultant in his talk mentioned that to be successful in a Marketing job/ careera person should be creative, patient, a good communicator, a solution-provider and very good at networking with people.

He urged all the students to have an account on LinkedIn and build a network of their own. In his opinion, “it is the responsibility of a student to prepare herself for a career and find an opportunity suitable to her career objective.” To do this, LinkedIn proves to be a great platform. When we asked him, how does his work life as a consultant differ from his work life when he was into a job, he said that “Being a consultant requires more discipline and networking. It is important to reach out to people and tell them about your services.” He was of the strong opinion that a job role in Sales should be taken up enthusiastically since, a job in Sales makes one more courageous, open to new ideas and a trouble-shooter.Facebook link of the session :

Unlock your Subconscious 

05th June 2021 and 06th June 2021 

We partnered with Neurointelligence Training Solutions to arrange this 2-days workshop for our students. The objective was to restore their mental health and emotional power in times of Pandemic. It was arranged under the Capability Enhancement and Skill Building Initiative of the Training and Placement Committee. 

This workshop taught them the powerful techniques of Visualisation and Hypnosis. It further enhanced their mental well-being. 

How to build your network on Linkedin

02 June 2021

Please visit Facebook page for more details

Session on Preparation for Competitive Exams

Assistant Commissioner of Police, Mr. Prakash Gaikwad motivated the students for the preparation of competitive exams. In the session he gave a brief overview of the syllabus of MPSC and UPSC. He spoke about how dedication and regularity are important for success in competitive exams. He addressed the students about the tips and tricks which are quite important in preparing for competitive exams such as how to go through the syllabus thoroughly and invest more time in analyzing the weaknesses and pay more attention to such topics;  how to prepare timetable with regular breaks; techniques for making flowcharts, tables, graphs, and other visual techniques. He emphasized on four keys for success in competitive examinations:  Target, Dedication, Efforts and Continuity. He recommended referring to standard study material; taking proper rest and sleep; being positive and confident; and revising whatever has been studied.

Careers in Defence

26 August 2020

The degree of MBA as is conventionally misunderstood does not only prepare students to take up a corporate job or become an entrepreneur but has a wide scope to let a student apply her knowledge in myriad of fields. Thus in our endeavour to clarify this misunderstanding and to guide our students with the career they can build after they complete their MBA, we organised a Webinar on ‘Careers in Defence.’ Our Resource person for this webinar was Maj Deepa Chandrasekaran, an MBA herself and a Defence officer granted permanent commission by President of India. In this webinar, she first spoke of the eligibility for various positions in Defence and then went on to explaining the technicalities of every round that a candidate needs to go through. In her address, she also shared many tips and tricks to successfully navigate through each round and what were her experiences as well as strategies when she successfully attempted all these rounds. None the less, she stated the expectations out of a candidate while he/she is being tested for a particular position. The Webainar ended with a short Question and Answer round with her.

Leading in a VUCA World