Competency Building and Career Enhancement

2021-2022 Activities

DateName & designation of Guest speakerTopic NameParticipationFaculty Incharge
09.07.2021Ms Arunima Sinha, IxamBeeCareer opportunities in Public Sector and strategies for Preparation36Ms Bindiya Rangwani

Career opportunities in Public Sector and strategies for Preparation            


No. of students: 36

In association with ixamBee, we organised this session to guide our students on opportunities in Public sector and help them in choosing the right career path for themselves. This webinar is thus a part of the Career Talk Series we had initiated. The speaker, Ms Arunima Sinha started with why choose a Government job. A few reasons she prominently spoke of were:
1. The salaries offered in Government jobs are now competitive with those of Corporates.

2. Government jobs are still considered to be stable over a period of time. She enlisted the perks and benefits that these jobs offer over and above the salary.

3. She then took up to give a snapshot of broad categorisation of the jobs and the regulatory bodies.

Here is the list of categories and regulatory bodies she elaborated on:

  1. Banking
  2. Teaching
  3. Post office
  4. SSC
  5. Insurance
  6. Railways
  7. Defence
  8. Regulatory bodies
    a. RBI
    b. SEBI
    c. NPS
    d. SIDBI
    e. NABARD
    f. PFRDA
    g. ECGC
    h. IRDAI

The next segment of her talk focused on preparation for the exams for these jobs. The first point she spoke of was that: all these exams test a candidate on 4 common subjects besides others and these are: English, Quantitative Aptitude, Logic and General Awareness. She also demonstrated a few tricks by solving a couple of QA and English based questions.
The questions that students had were taken up while the session was going on and she answered them then and there.

2020-2021 Activities

Sr NoEvent NameDate
1Careers in Defence 26 Aug 2020
2Leading in a VUCA World12 Sept 2020
3Careers In Insurance19 Sept 2020
4Careers In Sports Management10 Oct 2020
5Go for that Government Job22 Oct 2020
6When marketing your own Service firm24 Oct 2020
7An insight to prevention of sexual harassment27 Oct 2020
8Career Opportunities in Hospitals & Healthcare28 Oct 2020
9How to build your network on Linkedin02 June 2021
10Unlock your Subconscious05th & 06th June 2021

Unlock your Subconscious 

05th June 2021 and 06th June 2021 

We partnered with Neurointelligence Training Solutions to arrange this 2-days workshop for our students. The objective was to restore their mental health and emotional power in times of Pandemic. It was arranged under the Capability Enhancement and Skill Building Initiative of the Training and Placement Committee. 

This workshop taught them the powerful techniques of Visualisation and Hypnosis. It further enhanced their mental well-being. 

How to build your network on Linkedin

02 June 2021

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Careers in Defence

26 August 2020

The degree of MBA as is conventionally misunderstood does not only prepare students to take up a corporate job or become an entrepreneur but has a wide scope to let a student apply her knowledge in myriad of fields. Thus in our endeavour to clarify this misunderstanding and to guide our students with the career they can build after they complete their MBA, we organised a Webinar on ‘Careers in Defence.’ Our Resource person for this webinar was Maj Deepa Chandrasekaran, an MBA herself and a Defence officer granted permanent commission by President of India. In this webinar, she first spoke of the eligibility for various positions in Defence and then went on to explaining the technicalities of every round that a candidate needs to go through. In her address, she also shared many tips and tricks to successfully navigate through each round and what were her experiences as well as strategies when she successfully attempted all these rounds. None the less, she stated the expectations out of a candidate while he/she is being tested for a particular position. The Webainar ended with a short Question and Answer round with her.

Leading in a VUCA World