Three days workshop on Financial Education for Young Citizens (In Association with NISM An educational initiative of SEBI)

Date: 15th September 2021 to 17th September 2021

Timing: 8 am – 11.30am

Speaker: Mr. Rohit Warman Financial Analyst and Trainer (SEBI empaneled)

Participants : 47 Students, 5 Faculty, 4 Admin staff

A three-day workshop was organized by Kotak Securities under its CSR initiative in association with NISM (National Institute of Securities Markets) on Financial education for young citizens. He covered topics such as Importance of Investment , Financial Investment Opportunities , Process & Pre- requisites to invest in Securities Markets ,Investment in Primary Markets , Investing in Secondary Markets , Introduction to Mutual funds and ways to invest in them , Precautions while investing in Securities Markets ,Career in Securities Markets with practical examples of Kotak securities. He gave the following useful tips on savings:

· Savings are not done once; save regularly

· Spend less to save more; record your expenses

· Save to avoid debt

· Save and invest first and spend later

· Classify Expenses in Need and Want

Further, he explained points to remember for new investor:

· Read all documents in KYC carefully before signing.

· Select the Segment and Stock Exchange on which you wish to trade by affixing your signature instead of a Tick mark or YES. Strike off whichever is not opted.

· Sign on the Tariff Sheet.

· Select / Unselect Online Trading Option.

· Power of Attorney (PoA) should only be given to access your accounts to the extent of the obligation. No POA to be given to trade on your behalf.

· Policies, Procedures, Brokerage Rates, Other Charges vary for every Stock Broker.

· Investors have to sign only on one document while opening any account and are supposed to submit KYC documents only once.

· Give your own email id/mobile number while submitting the KYC documents.

· Please remember that no one can guarantee assured returns in the securities market.

The students, faculty, and staff took positive key takeaways from the workshop, especially the women faculty, with the hope of planning their finances better.

Rev. DADA J P Vaswani’ s Teachings: Good for Today! Good for Tomorrow!!

12th July 2021 was observed as the 3rd  Mahayagna of Rev Dada J P Vaswani – Holy Founder of SVIMS. 
Dada’s constellation of work and teachings is huge. The programme was devoted to bringing forth Dada’s teachings and contributions in Education, Spiritual Upliftment, Well being and Sustainability and Business Ethics and Excellence. 
Didi Krishna – W . Chairperson gave us ten teachings of Dada and urged that any one could be taken up and practiced to bring beauty and spirituality in one’s life. 
Sister Shivani in her inimitable style drew a difference between success and sanskar. She said one should be condidered successful when one develops. Success  where one is an achiever but without having learnt to give is hollow and success where one has learnt to give leads to happiness and health.
Shri Satya Tripathi laid stress on Dada’s philosophy of Reverence for all Life and how such respect for nature can lead to well being and sustainability. 
Shri Vijay Thadani brought out the relevance of  Dada’s model of character building education. He emphasised that  the education of the mind and  the heart will become differentiators and spell success in education. He stressed that Dada’s model of holistic education had been captured in the New Education Policy
Shri Vishal Chordia spoke of how Dada’s teachings guide operations and leadership at Pravin Masalewalle and how these have brought happiness and success to their business venture. 

Facebook link https://fb.watch/6HQBxJeqhN/

Ehsaaas (To observe the Sexual Assault Awareness month)

23 April 2021

To observe the Sexual Assault Awareness month, we had joined hands with Aks Foundation. Aks Foundation, a Pune based Non-governmental Organisation (NGO) working to combat gender-based violence. Firstly, we organised and conducted a Poem-writing competition the theme of which was Sexual Assault. We had a total of 21 entries and the results were announced on 20th April 2021. The 2 winners declared were Ms. Aathira Nair and Ms. Laveena Dias. While, the judges for this competition were: our Director, Dr. B Nanwani and Ms. Charu Mudholkar, Aks Foundation.

On 23rd April 2021, we had the Director of Operations at Aks Foundation as the speaker for a short programme. She started the session right from the basics where she mentioned that even calling a lady by a name which outrages her modesty is also a form of sexual harassment. She clearly laid down the various forms of sexual harassment and explained the meaning and differences between: Sexual harassment at workplace, stalking, Voyeurism, disrobing a woman, outraging a woman’s modesty and insulting a woman’s modesty. With statistics from National Crime Record Bureau, 2019, National Commission for Women, 2020 and Business Standard Newspaper she revealed to us some astonishing facts of: a. one case of stalking takes place every 55 minutes, b. about 88 cases of rape take place every day, c. while the conviction rate is under 30%. She continued to explain the dynamics of sexual assault and the 4 trauma responses of: Flight, Fight, Freeze and Fawn. She ended the session by sharing the Aks helpline numbers with all of us.

Spirituality and Career Success- A Paradox

Date 21 August 2020


The Webinar started with Revered Dada J P Vaswani’s talk on ‘How to Move Mountains’ followed by Didi Krishna’s inaugural address. There was also a  brief Question and Answer session with Dr Gidwani. The 4 young and successful Turks from the USA then went on to talking about their experiments with practicing Spirituality at work. While Didi Krishna Kumari spoke of her real-life experiences with our Beloved Dada how they led her to discover a new aspect of Spirituality, the young Turks through their talk demonstrated how one can practically apply Spirituality in every task at hand. Each of them emphasized on the calmness, ability to think logically, creation of a win-win situation and creation of a balance in life as the skills they developed because they practiced the spiritual lessons taught by our Revered Dada J P Vaswani.

Careers in Defence

26 August 2020

The degree of MBA as is conventionally misunderstood does not only prepare students to take up a corporate job or become an entrepreneur but has a wide scope to let a student apply her knowledge in myriad of fields. Thus in our endeavour to clarify this misunderstanding and to guide our students with the career they can build after they complete their MBA, we organised a Webinar on ‘Careers in Defence.’ Our Resource person for this webinar was Maj Deepa Chandrasekaran, an MBA herself and a Defence officer granted permanent commission by President of India. In this webinar, she first spoke of the eligibility for various positions in Defence and then went on to explaining the technicalities of every round that a candidate needs to go through. In her address, she also shared many tips and tricks to successfully navigate through each round and what were her experiences as well as strategies when she successfully attempted all these rounds. None the less, she stated the expectations out of a candidate while he/she is being tested for a particular position. The Webainar ended with a short Question and Answer round with her.

Musical Webinar Yaarathon

25 September 2020


  • To use music therapy to ease stress during pandemic times 
  • To raise awareness in student community about mental wellbeing – suicidal tendencies and depression


NSS Unit of  Sadhu Vaswani Institute of Management Studies for Girls Pune celebrated ‘Yaarathon’ on the occasion of NSS Day.

“Healing takes time and asking for help is a courageous step.” Mariska Hargitay

Music is always said to be the best healing therapy ever. And when it comes to anxiety and depression, music is what creates the feeling of calmness around you. Taking this into account Sadhu Vaswani Institute of Management Studies for Girls organized an online college visit with Yaarathon on 25th of September 2020 from 11am to 12pm.

Music is a unique human phenomenon. It is the only sensory experience that can activate all the areas of the brain at the same time, simultaneously. That is the reason why music can influence psychological phenomena such as behaviour and emotions,” said Mr. Abhishek Kamble (Yaarathon team member). It can also bring about several physiological changes in the body. Music acts as a stress buster.

The primary aim of the event – Yaarathon is to promote good health and wellbeing amongst students by raising awareness on suicide and depression. SVIMS has been in association with PERIF [ Promote Eduhealth Review India Forum] and their flagship project – Yaarathon] since 2018. To start with Dr. B H Nanwani, Director of SVIMS welcomed the participants and the team members of Yaarathon. The musical event started with a melodious song followed by a display of some magical tricks. A volunteer from Jalgaon recited a very touching poem emphasising the need to spend time and be available for our loved ones. Then a small motivational talk was given on the current situation of youth in terms of stress and mental health. Students were advised to be ambitious but never go overboard and keep away from stressful situations; assess your capacity and then decide on goals. There was a question – answer session and Ms. Bindiya offered vote of thanks. Ms. Rangwani, on behalf of SVIMS thanked Yaarathon for arranging this musical online college visit so that the girls do not miss meeting Yaarathon this year. Yaarathon too thanked SVIMS for attending the session and requested the girls to become volunteers in their team.

Tree Plantation Drive

28 September 2020


  • To aware encourage and educate the students for plantation of trees and about protection the environment.
  • To raise awareness in student community about environment through tree plantation.
  • To encourage and spread awareness about confined space gardening


Sadhu Vaswani Institute of Management Studies for Girls Pune celebrated ‘Green Army’. Dr. B.H. Nanwani (Director) along with Students, faculty members and administrative staff participated in this ‘Tree Plantation’ drive, on 28th September 2020, at Sadhu Vaswani Gurukul, Manjari, Pune, We have planted 25 saplings and students sowed seeds, Planted saplings at their respective residences. Students of MBA II year took Virtual (Microsoft teams) participation in organizing this event due to pandemic.

Participants: Outcome

MBA students were motivated for environmental responsibilities and about protection the environment.

Webinar on U HAVE IT IN U

13 August 2020


Mr. Robin Banerjee (MD Caprihans India Ltd.)

Mr. Banerjee spoke about ‘positive attitude’ as being crucial for one’s success in life. He explained this by citing the example of Mr.Sachin Tendulkar and Mr. Vinod Kambli.

He advised students to guard against procrastination and take ownership of their lives. He said, people must develop the habit of handling the most difficult parts/issues of their life rather than going in for easier problems first. Further he said management students should develop an entrepreneurial mindset and be prepared to look out for opportunities. He mentioned that Jack Ma had suggested a new type of intelligence –Love Quotient and each human being must develop the same.

Mr. Sapan Shrimal, Director Monk @ Work

While Mr. Banerjee spoke about what skills should a person have, Mr. Shrimal guided us on how can one develop these skills through ‘Mindfulness’. He took us to practical exercises of

1. Mindful Gym: Attention Muscles

2. Mindful Conversations: Poise

3. Mindful interception: Resilience

He also enlightened us on 3 major limitations of our mind: Mind Wandering, Distraction Panic and Negativity.

Each session was followed by question and Answer.

webinar-Talking Entrepreneurship

3 October 2020 Timing 3 to 4 Pm

Resource Persons:

  • Mr. Raman Nanda – Founder and CEO STEP Transformations
  • Prof. Deepak Dheer – Professor and Management Consultant
  • Ms. Akanksha Dharmani – Founder Athas and Alumna of SVIMS
  • Mr. Advait Kurlekar (Panel Moderator) – CEO, Upohan Management Consultants

The panel discussion started with the quote “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them” by Walt Disney

This panel discussion in association with Tie consisted of three eminent panelists and one moderator who shared experiences of their business venture. All the panelist strongly suggested that students should take up entrepreneurship as a career, it’s truly empowers an individual and hence should be pursued as  early as possible in ones career.

While taking about qualities of an entrepreneur, all panelists focused on following points:

1. It is necessary to sell your original idea.

2. To be a through professional

3. Focus on substance, un focus on noise.

4. To be reliable

5. Delivery of commitments on time.

6. Do market research, find the gaps and modify your idea if necessary.

7. Planning is the key

8. Don’t be afraid of failures, mistakes can happen, learns from it. It gave us an overview of how entrepreneurship is already a part of our lives and that we should go for it if we have the passion and mindset.

Introduction of New Products and Services under Digital Banking due to Innovation in Technology

Name of Guest Speaker: Mr. Suresh Budhani Senior Vice President HDFC Bank Ltd., Mumbai

Mr. Budhani started with evolution of Digital banking. He then led us to understand the usage of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) in Banks for serving the customer in the best possible way. The importance of various terms of    KYC – Know your Customer, CPV – Customer Point Verification, CIBIL – Credit Information below India Limit and ACH – Automated Clearing House. , AML – Anti Money Laundering, Nomination, FATCA – Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, OSV – Original Seen and Verified was also elaborately spoken about.  

He concluded with elaborating on the changes in processes of Customer Acquisition, Document Verification, Initial Funding and Account Opening which was followed by question and answer session.

You, Me and the Constitution of India

26 Nov 2020

Advocate Harshal Bhosale, our speaker for this programme briefed us about our rights as stated in the Constitution of India and answered the questions raised by the participants. This short talk was followed by reading of the Preamble to the Constitution in English, Hindi and Marathi respectively by Ms. Cassandra Arockiam, Ms. Meenakshi Vaidya and Ms. Rutuja Ghone. After which, we all heard our PM Narendra Modiji’s speech and concluded this celebration with our National Anthem.

Sales from her Perspective

26 Nov 2020

This guest lecture was conducted in the form of an interview. Our resource person Ms. Vengamma Meram, Business Development Manager at Hats-off Digital Marketing and more importantly, our alumna candidly spoke about her experiences in Sales and skills and attributes required to build a career in Sales. The questions asked by the interviewer, Ms. Bindiya attempted to invoke our speaker’s responses in the direction of Sales as a career option, importance of planning for completion of sales targets, productivity and performance in Sales. This webinar also busted certain strongly held myths about sales

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