Webinar 2020

Spirituality and Career Success- A Paradox

Date 21 August 2020

The Webinar started with Revered Dada J P Vaswani’s talk on ‘How to Move Mountains’ followed by Didi Krishna’s inaugural address. There was also a  brief Question and Answer session with Dr Gidwani. The 4 young and successful Turks from the USA then went on to talking about their experiments with practicing Spirituality at work. While Didi Krishna Kumari spoke of her real-life experiences with our Beloved Dada how they led her to discover a new aspect of Spirituality, the young Turks through their talk demonstrated how one can practically apply Spirituality in every task at hand. Each of them emphasized on the calmness, ability to think logically, creation of a win-win situation and creation of a balance in life as the skills they developed because they practiced the spiritual lessons taught by our Revered Dada J P Vaswani.

Careers in Defence

26 August 2020

The degree of MBA as is conventionally misunderstood does not only prepare students to take up a corporate job or become an entrepreneur but has a wide scope to let a student apply her knowledge in myriad of fields. Thus in our endeavour to clarify this misunderstanding and to guide our students with the career they can build after they complete their MBA, we organised a Webinar on ‘Careers in Defence.’ Our Resource person for this webinar was Maj Deepa Chandrasekaran, an MBA herself and a Defence officer granted permanent commission by President of India. In this webinar, she first spoke of the eligibility for various positions in Defence and then went on to explaining the technicalities of every round that a candidate needs to go through. In her address, she also shared many tips and tricks to successfully navigate through each round and what were her experiences as well as strategies when she successfully attempted all these rounds. None the less, she stated the expectations out of a candidate while he/she is being tested for a particular position. The Webainar ended with a short Question and Answer round with her.

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