DateEventsFaculty InchargeParticipants
19 January 2022Quiz – Apna Desh Apne HathiyarDr. Divya Lakhani80
12th March 2022Cultural Program – Maharashtra and Odisha (AKAM – EBSB)Dr. Divya Lakhani134
6- 7 May 2022RAYSAnnual FestDr. Divya Lakhani283
30th July 2022 & 7 August 2022“Jashan Tara” Short Play On occasion of Dada J P Vaswani’s 104th Birthday CelebrationDr. Divya Lakhani20
13 to 17 August 2022HAR GHAR TIRANGADr. Divya Lakhani
26th September to 4th October 2022Navratri Event – GarbaMs Harshali Bhalerao15
10th October 2022Celebrating Regional Diversity: Traditional Attires of IndiaMs Sonali Joshi11

Celebrating Regional Diversity: Traditional Attires of India

Tuesday, 10th October 2022

We belong to a country rich in its heritage, culture and traditions. All of these are reflected in our clothes, our food, our belief and value systems as well as our homes.

SVIMS held an activity to celebrate the oneness in these different and vibrant essence of India – to celebrate the Regional Diversity of our Country through its varied colourful attires. The students were asked to adorn themselves in their traditional attires and share their pictures. Many of the girls participated in the event, bringing to life the hues of different states of India.

SVIMS has always believed in providing an inclusive environment with focus on cultural and communal harmony. This activity was an initiative to touch upon the traditional India that lives deep in our modern generation, which is competitive, achievers, influencers and global citizens. It was heartening to see these multi role players touch their roots, present themselves as confident and proud Indians.

Monday, 26th September to Wednesday, 4th October 2022

Navratra was celebrated with a lot of fun and fervor at SVIMS. Everyday is marked by a special color. A poster was floated everyday to make the faculty, staff and students aware about the importance of the particular day, goddess worshiped on that day and the special color for the day. Everyone at SVIMS tried to wear the specific color for the day.

On 1st October 2022, the girls celebrated Navratra by performing Garba. Garba is considered as a special dance to mark the strength of womanhood and to worship the goddess.


13 to 17 August 2022

The Tri-colour flag is a symbol of pride for every Indian. It represents national integrity and signifies the hopes and aspirations of the Indian people. 

In a tweet on 22 July 2022, PM Modi had said, “This year, when we are marking Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav, let us strengthen the Har Ghar Tiranga Movement. Hoist the Tricolour or display it in your homes between 13th and 15th August. This movement will deepen our connection with the national flag.” 

The movement aims to make the relationship with the national flag a more personal one rather than just keeping it formal or institutional. The idea behind the initiative is to invoke the feeling of patriotism in the hearts of the people and promote awareness about the tricolour. 


The Institute participated in the Har Ghar Tiranga Movement in the campus on 13th August 2022. The reception area was decorated in hues of white, green and saffron. A Selfie Corner was set up to capture the patriotic mood of Students, Faculty and Staff of SVIMS.  

Students enthusiastically participated in the event. Amazing Video and Photographs captured the mood of the audience. 

“Jashan Tara” Short Play On occasion of Dada J P Vaswani’s 104th Birthday Celebration

30th July 2022 & 7 August 2022

Students and Faculty of SVIMS presented a play depicting the Spiritual Brilliance of our Rev. Founder, Dada J P Vaswani to celebrate his 104th Birth Anniversary.

The play commenced with Mira, a student, observing the stars using the telescope in the observatory. When she observes a certain formation in the sky, she is excited. When questioned by her teacher, she requested him also to see it. After observation, the teacher remarked that this is the ‘Constellation taking the form of Dada J P Vaswani’. Mira’s curiosity is raised further, and she asked her teacher to enlighten her about Dada Vaswani. The teacher then went on to narrate few incidents from his life.

Dada Vaswani, as a child, was in the music class – wherein he asked his teacher – why is it that the sound ‘Sa’ appears twice in the Sargam. The reply – ‘Sa’ is sung twice – one at lower level and another at upper level – raised his inquisitiveness.  He metamorphized this philosophy to life – one can live his/her life at lower level – equating it with being engrossed in worldly desires and duties, whereas one who lives his/her life at upper level is always devoted to God and serves the humanity. Child Jashan’s determination was there for all to see when he decided to lead his life at the upper level.

Once Dada was going to the temple with the Satsangis. He heard the cry for help from a needy person. One of the Satsangis approached him and found that he was suffering from leprosy. He dissuaded Dada from reaching out to the needy man. But Dada being Dada, took him under his wing and provided support to come out of his misery.

Similar other incidents brought forth his love and compassion for all those who got an opportunity to interact with him.

Mira, inspired by the life of Dada J P Vaswani, decided to name the constellation after him – “Jashan Tara”

The play conceptualized by our Director Dr. B H Nanwani, was appreciated by one and all. The resounding success echoed into the halls of Sadhu Vaswani Mission and the play was repeated on 7th August 2022 on the occasion of “Chhathi – Naming Ceremony of Dada Vaswani”

The participants were:

Ms. Sonali Joshi – Teacher

Ms. Riya Chotwani – Student

Ms. Namrata Nagpal – Dada J P Vaswani

Ms. Kiran Rajpurohit – Didi Krishin Kumari

Ms. Vipashyana Sonawane – Music Teacher

Ms. Harshali Bhalerao, Ms. Aditi Vatare, Ms. Shobha Sharma, Ms. Sakshi Darawade and Ms. Mansi Shinde – Satsangis

The students from St. Mira’s Secondary School essayed the role of children in the drama.

Ms. Asawari Nawale supported the participants by ably handling the make up requirements and Ms. Isha Khandekar provided backend support. The event was ably coordinated by HOD, Dr. Divya Lakhani

Quiz – Apna Desh Apne Hathiyar

19 January 2022

An intensive countrywide campaign on Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav is being organized which is focusing on citizen participation to make it a ‘Janandolan’, where small changes, at the local level, will add up to significant national gains.

Various freedom programs with the name of Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav are also being organized across the country by the Government of India to commemorate the freedom fighters. These programs include photo exhibitions, moving vans, various completions, etc which depict the contribution of freedom fighters.

As a part of Republic Day Celebrations, 2022, an online quiz competition on the themes of “Atmanirbhar Bharat in Defence Production and Apna Desh Apne Hathiyar” is being conducted by Ministry of Defence in coordination with during 05 – 20 January, 2022 in order to create patriotic feeling among youth and masses.

The students, faculty and staff of SVIMS participated in the Quiz on 19th January 2022. They registered on the and attempted the quiz. There were 20 questions that were related to the various weapons that India is possessing and that had been developed in India to showcase its self-reliance.

The event was a huge success with more than 80 participants. So far, 51 students have received certificate of participation


21st March 2022

The program commenced with the welcome address by Ms. Neelam Chavan, student of MBA I.

The competition was judged by Dr. Surbhi Jain, Professor and Head, PUMBA, SPPU. The presentations were given by the following participants:

The students gave presentation on topics that ranged from Competency Mapping, Project Management, CSR Awareness, Performance Appraisal, Exploring Canva and Digital Marketing, etc.

Dr. Surbhi Jain, judge, summarized the presentations and expressed her satisfaction to the participants on the wonderful manner in which they presented their summer internship projects.

A tough competition ensued amongst the participants, and undermentioned students came out victorious:

Winner Mr. Vinod Ramchandra Kantole

Runner Up Mr. Anzer Ahmed Altaf Ahmed Faizee Ms. Riddhi Dhirendra Thakkar

A cash prize of ₹ 1500 was awarded to the winner, whilst the cash prize of ₹ 750 was shared by the runner ups.

The program ended with the vote of thanks by MS. Shraddha Shinde, President – Student Council, SVIMS.

Cultural Program – Maharashtra and Odisha

12th March 2022

The program commenced with the Welcome Address by Ms. Mahima Sachdev, student, SVIMS, that was followed by a soulful bhajan sung by Ms. Deepali Chanchlani – Achutam Keshawam..

The students of SVIMS presented the following:

1. Speech on essence of Maharashtra by Ms. Mitali Ukey.

2. Dance performance by Ms. Namrata Nagpal on the popular Marathi number mi hai koli

3. Speech by Ms. Kanizfatema Khan who spoke about the cultural heritage of Maharashtra.

4. Ms. Kajal Malke danced to the number – chala jao jejuri la

5. Ms. Mahima Sachdev, recited a poem on culture of Maharashtra and significance of our rich culture and diversity.

6. Ms. Salomi Gore and Ms. Abinaa Fatimson, sang a beautiful duet song dedicating it to the women of India.

7. Ms. Merlin Martin sang a beautiful rendition of – Dislaga bai disla

8. A song – Nimbonichya jada maghe performed by Ms. Pratiksha Ransingh

9. A Marathi poem by Ms. Farzin, who brought out the importance of friendship in this age of digital world.

10. A beautiful lavani performance by Ms. Parishweta Gulhane had the audience swaying along with her.

After these wonderful performances by SVIMS students, students from DAMITS took the centre stage. They showcased the following performances:

1. Sambalpuri Dance – a folkloric dance form, that owes its origin to the western part of Odisha, particularly the erstwhile Sambalpur district of Odisha by the following students

· Ms. Sonali Maharana

· Ms. Rajnandini Toppo

· Ms. Uma Rani Soni

· Ms. Damini MajhiDa

2. Rendering their beautiful voices to the song – Bande Utkal Janani – were

· Ms. Subhalaxmi Jena

· Ms. Ashpreha Raj

· Ms. Pooja Barik

· Ms. Baisakhee Nayak

· Ms. Ankita Tirkey

3. Semi classical Solo Dance by Ms. Subhalaxmi Jena beautifully showcased her talent and skills. So expressive and vocal just by using her facial expressions, amazing and memorable. Just what was needed after a musical and lyrical staging.

4. Song by Mr. Krishna Patra gave a wonderful performance that made our day!!

5. Fashion walk by Ms. Shashi Bisoi and Mr. Abinas, a beautiful sight indeed, an event at which collections of traditionally designed clothing were modelled for our audience.

6. Following DAMITS students presented the tribal dance

· Ms. Ankita Tirkey

· Mr. Basant Kullu

· Mr. BishalLugun

· Ms. AlishKerketta

· Mr. Anish Burh

· Ms. Sumitra Ganjhu

· Mr. Nitesh Tirkey

· Ms. Damini Majhi

· Ms. Uma Rani Soni

· Ms. Rajnandini Toppo

· Mr. Pradeep Jojo

· Ms. Sandhya Lomga

· Ms. Pritika Ekka

· Ms. Stela Bodra

· Ms. SuraniKandulna

Lastly, on popular demand, we had Mr. Amit Pal, who sang in his true style and brought smiles on face of all the participants. He had been consistently participating in the event with zeal and enthusiasm.

The events jointly organized by SVIMS and DAMITS had both the institutes showcasing the culture and heritage of Maharashtra and Odisha. It is very essential to note that India is in the heart of all citizens, whether they belong to Maharashtra or Odisha. Hence, as a tribute to the nation the last performance was given by Ms. Isha Khandekar, Ms. Shreya Vibute, Ms. Namrata Nagpal and Ms. Salomi Gore, students from MBA I, who gave a mesmerizing performance wherein they danced to the popular number – ‘Desh Rangeela’ from the movie ‘Fanaa’. This brought out the essence of national integration.

The program concluded with the vote of thanks was given by Dr. Divya Lakhani, HOD, SVIMS.

The enthusiastic participation of 134 students and faculty made this series of events under Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav and Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat a memorable one.

The Annual Best Student Award was organized on 9th October 2021 in the seminar. Students were nominated  for these awards based on feedback from teachers and the Director and after considering their  contributions in the fields of  academics, Sports,  Cultural & CSR Programs.

The programme was conducted both in online mode and physically. Owing to the pandemic, only prize winners and their parents were invited to attend the programme. 

Best Students Awards were declared as follows:

 Best student award – Ms Harshali Chandgadkar 

Outstanding Students:

Ms Sayali Choudhari and 

Ms Pooja Zawar  

Dr  Nanwani distributed the prizes and delivered a very motivating speech. The Director congratulated the parents in nurturing their wards – imparting the right values and supporting their rducational journeys. 

Individual teachers as also the prize winners recounted incidents connected with their time at SVIMS  and finally the proud parents too spoke words of praise for their daughters and thanked the Institution and the teachers for their efforts in shaping the lives and careers of their wards. 

Participation – 19 including Parents and Online 86

International Forgiveness Day ( Moment of Calm)

2 August 2021

Rev. Dada J. P. Vaswani’s birthday on 2nd August is celebrated as World Forgiveness Day. Our staff and students participate in this event to help promote Peace and Love.

Tu hi Durga, Tu hi Krishna

Janmashtami Celebration 31.08.2021

This year, we decided to celebrate Janmashtami around the theme of ‘Tu hi Durga, Tu hi Krishna.’ The idea and understanding behind this theme were that in today’s world, a woman must be her own protector, her own Krishna. We all know and have heard at various points of time that “God helps those who help themselves” and this was exactly what we wanted to convey through our virtual celebration of Janmashtami.

Our students namely, Ms Deepali Chanchlani and Ms Mrunmayee Thorat had recorded beautiful and soulful renditions in the form of a Bhajan and a classical dance performance. Both were shown to all the participants in this celebration. Besides these, our other students Ms Falak Baig, Ms Shraddha Shinde, Ms Vanessa along with Ms Deepali shot 2 very short videos around this year’s theme to demonstrate today’s women in her Krishna-roop. These too, were shown to the audience. We ended the celebration with a speech cum story narration by Dr Sujata Vaidya. She drew a meaningful analogy between Krishna-energy and a woman. It was her narration that conveyed this year’s theme in a simple and a beautiful manner.

Link :

Game of Talks: National Level Debate Competition

  1. Game of Talks, National Level Debate Competition started at 10 am on 26th july 2021.
  2. Microsoft Teams Link was provided to the Participants on 25th July 2021.
  3. The 1st Round started at 10:15 am.
  4. Assessors and Participants were asked to join their Respective Breakout Rooms for the 1st Round.
  5. Our Panel of Assessors were: Ms.  Dhairya Gangwani, Ms. Preeti Sakhre, Ms. Shrutika Joshi, Ms. Vagisha Arora, Mr. Darshit Parikh.
  6. Each Round took around 25 minutes.
  7. Once all the GD Rounds were done, top 18 participants were chosen for the QnA Round.
  8. For the QnA Round, 2 participants were to go up against each other, from that 9 participants each were selected as top 9.
  9. From the 9 participants, depending upon their individual Group Discussion Marks and the Percentage of votes received, top 4 Finalists were chosen.
  10. The Debate Topic: “Corporates are emotionally barren.”
  11. Our Judges for the Debate Round were: Ms. Nancy Shah and Mr. Imran Mohammed.
  12. Top 4 Finalists were: Ms. Prerana M, Ms. Sakshi Tyagi,Ms. Urja Mishra, Mr. Suhas Hydur.
  13. Ms Urja Mishra and Ms. Prerana M stood FOR the topic whilst Mr. Suhas Hydur and Ms. Sakshi Tyagi stood AGAINST the topic.
  14. The Round took place for 1hour 30 minutes.
  15. We then announced the Winner and Runner Up of the National Level Debate Competition.
  16. Event ended at 2:30 pm.

            Winner and Runner Up:

  1. Ms. Urja Mishra – Winner

Mr. Suhas Hydur – Runner Up


This year Ganpati Festival was celebrated with the students and their families at their homes as SVIMS opted for virtual celebrations.

· Teams Microsoft link was floated by the students inviting all the others to join in the celebrations.

· All the attendees participated with complete devotion and reverence for Lord Ganesha. Due to the somber environment (Covid 19), the festivities were not held at a grand scale, as is the tradition of SVIMS. But the event was conducted with full devotion

Art of Living online Covid care – Immunity Boosting programme

24 to 26 June 2021

SVIMS and SPPU jointly organized a three days Art of Living Online Covid Care – Immunity Boosting programme.  The programme was meant to boost immunity, improve lung capacity, mental health and reduce stress and anxiety through meditation, breathing and yoga for non-Covid, Covid positive with mild or moderate symptoms and post Covid persons. The three-day programme started on June 24 and concluded on 26 July between 6 PM to 7 PM. 

Art of Living Pune Chapter’s team of Trainers – Ms Rajashree Modak, Mr Parag Kulkarni, Mr Rohit Patil trained our students and staff on Yoga, meditation and breathing techniques as effective tools to fight against the physical and mental distress brought by the pandemic. These techniques are claimed to boost immunity and aid in the mental and emotional recovery of Covid-19 patients and others. The relaxation brought by these techniques also aids the healing process. 

On the last day,  Dr B H Nanwani, Director, SVIMS concluded the session by expressing gratitude for the conduct of the programe and shared her experience of the three-day event. 

Actively Participated  

Students – 127 

Teaching faculty – 6 

Non teaching faculty – 7 

International Yoga Day 21 June 2021

Since its inception in the year 2015, June 21st is celebrated as The International Day of Yoga all over the world. This idea was proposed by our Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi. He said, “Yoga is an invaluable gift of India’s ancient tradition. It embodies unity of mind and body; thought and action; restraint and fulfillment; harmony between man and nature; a holistic approach to health and well-being. It is not about exercise but to discover the sense of oneness with yourself, the world and nature. By changing our lifestyle and creating consciousness, it can help in promoting well-being.” 

International Yoga Day was celebrated by the students, staff and teachers at Sadhu Vaswani Institute of Management Studies for Girls, Pune with The Kaivalyadhama Health and Yoga Research Center, Lonawala. Ms Anjali Deshmukh and team led students into warm up exercises, sitting and standing asanas, along with explanation of importance of each posture, and recitation of shlokas. The celebration concluded with a message by Dr. B. Nanwani, Director urging students to do yoga regularly to remain fit and improve concentration. 

We also practiced yoga and breathing exercises from 8th June 2021 to 21st June 2021 under the guidance of Ms Isha Barut, MBA part 1 student as per the circular from Ministry of Ayush, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy and Unani, AICTE, Savitribai Phule Pune University and NSS Unit. 

Sr. No  
Date from  To Date  Remark
1. Anulom-Vilom Breathing Exercise during Sanctuary Daily for 5 min  8th June 2021 21st June 2021  
2. Circulation of Handbook of Yoga  8th June 2021 8th June 2021 
3. Following Social Media Posts by MoE and Ayush Ministry through SVIMS page, Placement, and International Cell Social media pages  8th June 2021 
21st June 2021 
4. Yoga workshop in association with Kaivalya Dham  21st June 2021 
21st June 2021 
1 hour 
5. Yoga player – Isha B (MBA part I) video on Yoga to disseminate importance of Yoga. 15th June 2021  
5 min video  
to be uploaded on SVIMS FB page and YouTube channel.  

We shared Revered Dada J. P. Vaswani’s Video on ‘A Treasure trove of Insight on Yoga’ on International Yoga Day. 

Regular practice of yoga will surely help our students achieve a better physical, mental, and spiritual life. 

48 Participants

Fresher’s Party


Our MBA II students had expected these pandemic times to end by the time they would move to the IVth semester and Part I students would progress to IInd semester to throw a Fresher’s party for them. But, that did not happen and hence, they ultimately planned a virtual Freshers’ meet. And how! Like it’s theme of ‘Colour yourself in Rainbow’, this entire party was lighted up with colours. This meet carried more importance this year than ever because these students have yet not met each other offline. Thus, to bring everyone on a common platform and in a fun way, this virtual party was organised. While, physical interaction brings about dynamism and builds strong relationships, through interesting games and activities in this virtual meet, an effort was made to bring about team spirit, bonhomie and a sense of closeness. The most awaited Miss Fresher’s contest was an integral part of this meet. The elimination rounds of this contest displayed to us the thoughts, the creativity and innovation of MBA I students. We actually witnessed a rainbow of personalities across the performance of the participants. Interestingly, this contest was judged by our alumni, Ms Darshika Chug and Ms Snigdha Das. Ms. Preeti Bhise was crowned Miss Fresher 2020-2021.
All in all, this Freshers‘ party opened up beautiful secrets about students of MBA Part I.

HOLI : Let the Colour shower joy

This festival was celebrated as it can keep the traditions and the culture of the festival alive. The festival has given lots of enjoyment and excitement to the college authorities and students.

Holi is the festival which commemorates the victory of good over evil, brought about by the burning and destruction of the evil demon named Holika. So the spirit of Holi taught the students to follow good conduct in life and believe in the virtue of being truthful and honest. The festival marks the end of winter and the abundance of the upcoming spring harvest season. Due to Pandemic we celebrated this function virtually on MS Teams

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj ki Jai


To celebrate one of our great heroes Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, we had organized a competition that consisted of 2 categories: Story narration and Powada. The story to be narrated was to be based on Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s life and Powada is a genre of Marathi Poetry that narrates historical events in an inspiring manner. It emerged during the late 17th century and the composers-cum-singers narrate historical events in a very exciting and glorified manner.

The participants were asked to submit a video of a story narrated by them or a Powada sung by them. A total of 15 students participated. Under the category of Story narration, Ms Ami Adodariya stood 1st while Ms Anuja Jagdale grabbed the 2nd place and under the category of Powada; Ms. Parishweta stood 1st while Ms Damini Pande stood 2nd. We all paid our respects to Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj by watching and carefully listening to these videos that so well spoke about his glorious life.

Links to videos of Winners:

Marathi Bhasha Din Celebration

Prof. (Dr.) Vidyagauri Tilak, from Marathi Department of SPPU was invited to speak on the occasion of ‘Marathi Bhasha Gaurav Din’. The event started with a beautiful poem by ‘Kusumagraz’. Dr. Tilak said that, “every language has its own sweetness; we need to give respect to every language.” In her opinion, If a person wants to succeed in her/his career, it is very necessary for him/her to know regional language to establish the connect with people. The event continued with bright performances by our talented students as a part of competitions on Lavani, Singing, Ukhana and ‘Maji Prerena ‘(My inspiration).

The event ended with ‘Pasaydaan ‘.

Following are the winners of the Competition:

Singing Competition:

1.Meenakshi Vaidya-1st Prize

2.Shraddha Yadav-2nd Prize

Mazi Prerena:

1. Damini Pande-1st Prize

2. Sayali Rathod-2nd Prize


1. Harshali Chandgadkar -1st Prize

2. Parishweta Ghulane -2nd Prize


1. Shrutika Gaware-1st Prize

2. Shradha Shinde -2nd Prize

The programme was beautifully and skillfully anchored by Ms. Vaishali Patil

Celebrating our True Patriots

Independence day celebration 15 August 2020 

We started our Independence Day celebration with a Poem, Vande Mataram eulogising to the Freedom Fighters for their courage and narration of an awe inspiring story of a soldier killed in action- Second Lieutenant Arun Khetrapal who was posthumously honoured with Param Vir Chakra. This story was narrated and recorded by our student Ms Apoorva Ohol. Ms Cassandra sang a song ‘Ae Watan’ as her melodious dedication to the true patriots of our country and we ended our celebration with a powerful talk by our Guest of Honour for the day Major Deepa Chandrasekaran. She is the First lady NCC Officer to represent our Country in Singapore and has been awarded with Directorate General NCC’s Commendation card for supreme dedication, sincerity and efficiency in discharging her duties.


E-Alumni and E-Farewell Meet 

Some Memories to Treasure 28th June 2020

Amidst the pandemic that we all are facing this year, we decided to organize our Alumni meet and Farewell on an E-platform. The meet started with the Director’s welcome note and was then taken over by a team of our student hosts to read the appreciations written for alumni and MBA II students in an activity called ‘Fishponds.’ The next activity named as ‘Memory se connect karo’ refreshed the lovely memories of all the participants where they were asked to narrate a fun/loving memory with another participant they cherished at SVIMS. The challenge of repeating the tongue twisters followed the narration of lovely memories and a small fun-loving competition was held between alumni, MBA-II students and the faculty members.The last session of our programme was exclusively planned for alumni where they were requested to share their experiences in life after SVIMS. Every alumna who spoke expressed her gratitude towards SVIMS for teaching them the lessons of life, imparting values that keep them grounded in the corporate world and for instilling confidence in them at every stage and every task. Like every programme has a happy ending, the last segment of our meet was filled with awards for alumni and for MBA II students along with the coveted award of ‘Best Student of the Year’ award which was given to Ms. Siddhika Pawar.


We represent the myriad and diverse culture of our country showcased through our various programmes and events throughout the year.

12th February 2020

Sports Day Celebration                                                                                                                

A show of enthusiasm, true spirit and valour is what our Sports Day was! The day was planned in a manner which ensured that the students warmed-up before competing for the series of activities then had a little fun through a lighter activity and finally, again got into fierce play of a game. Hence, after the Inauguration of Sports Day at the hands of our Director, a warm-up session in the form of Zumba was conducted by 2 of our students namely, Ms. Sanjana Rohara and Ms. Sneha Mistry. Then started the most awaited competition of the day which was as follows:

In a team of 6 members, students had to accomplish below mentioned physical tasks in the least amount of time and it was Ms. Sweta Ojha and team who won this competition:

  1. 100 Skips
  2. 20 Squat Jumps
  3. 10 Burpees
  4. 10 Pushup planks
  5. 100 Crunches
  6. 3-Legged race
  7. Relay race
  8. Sack race

After lunch, we had Musical Chair followed by Lemon and Spoon race and in both, the faculty members also participated equally. The day ended with a Dodge Ball game for fun.

Emerging Business World – Challenges and Opportunities during COVID-19 – on 10th June 2020

On 10th June 2020, SVIMS Global Connect organized a webinar on Emerging Business World – Challenges and Opportunities during COVID19. The key speaker was Mr. Robin Banerjee, Managing Director, Caprihans PVT LTD and a celebrated columnist.

Mr. Robin Banerjee started off by painting an optimistic picture of India post Covid.  While the rest of the world by and large is predicting doomsday, Mr. Banerjee, pointed out how India was doing pretty well in tackling the COVID situation and how the sluice gates of economic activity would actually pick up if we focus on shifts in demand and take up business to meet these changes. For example, the demand has now shifted from luxuries to necessities. Even 5 Star hotels are fine tuning their products and their packages to meet this change /shift in demand. He also gave examples of businesses that would shift out of China and move to India. India has made certain changes in Insolvency and Bankruptcy Acts as also Labour laws and this augurs well for businesses and the economy.

The session was followed by an interesting and insightful Q&A session.

06th January 2020

Inauguration of the Yoga Foundation Course

Sadhu Vaswani Institute of Management Studies for Girls in association with Kaivalydham, Lonavala has introduced a Foundation Course in Yoga which was inaugurated on 6th Jan. 2020 by Dr. Bhalekar who is an Ayurvedacharya and Principal in charge at Gordhandas Seksaria College of Yoga & Cultural Synthesis, Kaivalydhama, Lonavala. Dr. Bhalekar while stating the importance of Yoga in life explained about the pain and pleasure centers in human body and how Yoga can help in controlling these centers.

Trainers Ms. Deeplaxmi Ballal, Ms. Dipti Kale and Ms. Anjali were also part of the inauguration. Ms. Deeplaxmi explained the syllabus of the course and answered to the queries of the students.

01st January 2020

Gurupurab Celebration       

In line with our objectives of educating our students on ‘Unity amongst all religions’ and to emphasise on human values, we invited Ms. Harsheen Kaur, our alumna and a volunteer at Hollywood Gurudwara for the celebration of birth anniversary of a great hero, a great philosopher, Guru Gobind Singhji. She started with a soulful Punjabi Bhajan and then went on to explain to us the meaning of it. She then continued with enlightening us about Guru Gobind Singhji, how he inculcated basic human values in people around him and how he became a great hero in the eyes of so many. ‘Following a particular religion is an individual choice and inclusion of people from all religions is the foundation of a society’ was amongst his fundamental teachings which was enumerated by way of a story by Ms. Harsheen. We ended this celebration with another beautiful Bhajan sung for us by Ms. Harsheen Kaur.

 21th November 2019

Raah Nurani

To portray glimpses from revered Sadhu T L Vaswani’s life is a challenging task. However, 14 students of our institute attempted to enact on 3 soul-stirring stories from his life, the script of which was written by our Director and was executed by Dr Smita Iyer. This play struck an emotional chord with the young audience and helped them understand the greatness of revered Sadhu T L Vaswani. Sadhu T L Vaswani was a noble soul who never bothered about materialistic possessions, fame, name and likewise. How was this seen in the his behaviour, his conduct and his lifestyle was depicted through a soulful act of Raah Nurani. His simplicity, his wisdom portrayed in the act left everyone mesmerised. The highlight of the play: a dialogue which said, “Dada, Nar nahi, Narayan hai” left the hall echoing with a round of applause from one and all.

24th October 2019

When a team of Raconteurs arrived


Effective storytelling involves a deep understanding of human emotions, motivations and psychology in order to truly move an audience and this is what Mr. Peter Veigas and his team exactly did by narrating a story based out of a typical Indian set-up but with an amusing end to it. The story was written by Padma Shri Vijaydan Detha in Marwadi and then translated in Hindi and eventually into English. This team demonstrated to our students, why storytelling is called an art and why it has become a crucial component of most of the Marketing campaigns. Since, Mr. Peter is the person who pioneered Pune’s Storytellers Group, towards the end of the session, he welcomed all those who are interested to join this group.

Celebrated 5th International Yoga Day (21st June 2019)

The Institute observed the International Yoga Day by inviting Ceetified Yoga teachers and trainers from Kaivalya Dham. Ms. Deeplaxmi Ballal delivered a talk on “Yoga for Healthy & Happy Lifestyle” followed by Yogasanas. Ms. Deeplaxmi with her two volunteers taught different yoga postures like Vrikshasana, Trikonaasana, Bhadrasana, Bhujangasana, Pawana Muktaasana, finally ended with Pranayama and Meditation. Prayers were recited before and after the program. The program ended with an oath being taken by all the participants to practice Yoga every day to keep the bodies, minds and souls healthy and happy.

The session was attended by both students and staff of SVIMS. The participants felt enlightened and energetic after the session.

Ms. Supriya Bhagat(Faculty member) introducing Ms. Deepalxmi Ballal dressed in black accompanied by Dr. B. H. Nanwani(Director, SVIMS)

Ms. Deeplaxmi Ballal Addressing the audience


Performing Yoga with Devyani

10th March 2019

Global Mentoring Walk

Like every year, this year too, we organized a mentoring session for our students in partnership with Vital Voices. This session named as ‘Global Mentoring Walk’ was our way of extending our International Women’s day celebration. In this session, below mentioned self-created iconic women leaders who have with courage proved their mettle in the corporate world, were invited to guide and provide a correct outlook to the dreams relating to professional career of our students. The session started with an introduction to Vital Voices and the profile of mentors by Ms. Sweta Mohapatra, Flagbearer of Vital Voices in Pune. Ms. Vinita Gera then addressed the students with her keynote speech on ‘Attracting, retaining and growing women talent in Corporates.’ Then, each of the mentors took over a group of students for a focused mentorship session. This session helped a lot of our students to broaden their outlook and clarify their doubts. The session ended with a question-answer round and felicitation of each mentor.

Name and Designation of the Mentors:

  1. Amarjeet Labana: HR Head, APAC region, MediaOcean
  2. Shweta Shukla: Director, HR, Mastercard
  3. Stueti Gupta: President, Society of Women Engineers and Senior Manager, John Deere
  4. Vinita Gera: General Manager, India, Dell EMC
  5. Taru Gardonia: Programming Head, Radio Mirchi
  6. Nandini De: Director, Engineer, Veritas

08th March 2019

Musical celebration on International Women’s Day

This year we decided to celebrate International Women’s Day with a musical twist. LiveJam Foundation was invited to our institute to engage our students and faculty members through a live musical programme and a short motivational talk by their facilitator Ms. Rachel. This programme was organized to address the issues that stem from crisis of identity and sexual abuse, however, in a subtle manner. Their message of ‘Live Life Loud’ was clear and melodious throughout this celebration. Through this interesting set-up, they helped our students to live with higher meaning of purpose and self-love.

Janmashtami Day Celebration 31st August 2018


This colourful and blissful celebration started with welcoming the children of our staff members dressed up like Kanhas and Gopis and like our tradition goes, with a Pooja of all of them and distribution of small matkis filled with Butter, Chocolates and Sweets. This evening then proceeded with a soulful Bharatnatyam performance by Kamya Singh, daughter of our HoD, Dr. Prabha Singh, a solo Garba performance by our student-Neha Advani, 3 group dance performances by MBA Part I and MBA part II students and a hilarious yet smartly put up dance performance by our student- Kajal Borhade.

In midst of all the high-energy dance performances, the main attraction of this celebration was the breaking of Dahi Handi by our little ones, which was followed by a Jalebi eating competition between the kids and the students. We ended the programme by distributing eateries to all our students, a feast for all the small children and having a small get together.

International Yoga day

Yoga is a legacy passed to us by our ancestors. It is a heritage that we Indians proudly own.

On International Yoga day, we organized an hour’s Yoga session, conducted by Yoga experts, Mr. Mathews and Ms. Jomini from Patanjali Yog Samiti, who very sincerely observed the protocol of the International Yoga Day. They taught us various Yoga Asanas, explaining to us, the significance of each of the asana to reenergize our body and our mind.


Every year, students organise RAYS, an Inter institutional Management Fest which is divided into three days – Management Events Day, Sports Day  and Cultural Day

 Sports Day


We have staged dramas conceived, scripted and directed with staff and students of SVIMS



SVIMS performed a thought- provoking play named Rab-Ka-Saamna-Build Six Packs of Spirituality during the Thanks giving week celebrated at Sadhu Vaswani Mission(SVM), Pune. The play was with its gripping tale, engaging characters, lovely visuals and music aimed at reconciling and strengthening the audience’s faith in God.

Mr. DJ Narain, Director, Film and Television Inst of India (FTII) was Chief Guest of the event. Mrs. Trisha Narain, Director of Bank of Patiala, his wife too was present on the occasion.


A play devoted to bring forth the point that attitude of gratitude is the best philosophy to live by and that God is too wise to make a mistake and too loving to punish!


Incidents which show how Sadhu Vaswani brought a rainbow in the lives of people and how a rainbow can be brought about in each of our lives by practising three principles:

Let God in [Bring God into your lives]

The Principle of Gratitude

Principle of Forgiveness

Republic Day & Independence Day Celebrations

Date:  15th Aug 2018


Students and Staff celebrated Independence Day by unfurling the National Flag at St. Mira’s College for Girls.  The occasion was marked by speeches by Ms. Dipeshri Kadam, Ms. Shraddha Ghute and Ms. Shivani Deokar. They spoke about our freedom fighters, the true meaning of freedom and recalled sacrifices of some of the youngest male and female freedom fighters.  After the wonderful speeches Ms. Smarnika Wankhede, a student of MBA IInd year sung melodious patriotic songs. Her rendition of ‘Ae mere watan ke logo’ left many with tear filled eyes. The program came to an end with a group dance performed by students on a patriotic song

Date:  26th Jan 2018

Republic Day and Independence Days are celebrated by staff and students of SVIMS at St. Mira’s College for Girls, Pune, sister institute of SVIMS. Songs like ‘Vande Mataram’, Ae Vatan’ lend patriotic fervour while spectacular yoga and taekwondo displays by students leave one speechless.

Women’s Day Celebrations

8th March – The premise wears a festive look as girls come dressed to celebrate their special day. Pasted on walls are impressive messages about the greatness of women. This is a day to reflect on and appreciate the progress, achievements of women. Video clips of some great women, their learnings, messages are shown to inspire the young girls. Various fun games and competitions are organized for staff and students. There is joie de vivre and a spirit of bonhomie everywhere.

8th March 2018

Women’s Day Celebration – Is the World Equal For Women

8th March celebrated as the “International Women’s Day”, is an important occasion for everyone to reflect and to appreciate the progress, achievements of women.  Women generally face the glass ceiling in the corporate world. It is an unequal world for women. To however encourage our students to strive and struggle for their rights, we invited Ms. Kavita Kalikar [Director Ognibene India Limited, Pune] to share her journey from a frontline employee to the Director of an MNC. She spoke of ‘all it takes’ to become successful in one’s chosen career. 

The premise wore a festive look as girls came dressed to celebrate their special day. Pasted on walls were impressive messages about the greatness of women. A video clip was shown about some great women and their learnings and messages. Various fun games and competitions were organized for staff and students. There was joie de vivre and a spirit of bonhomie everywhere. 


The students of SVIMS celebrated Women’s day on 8th March 2017. A student from MBA Ist year Ms. Riya Mathew delivered speech on the great achievements and contributions of Women leaders in India. Along with the speech, she also showed a documentary on Malalla Yousafzai where she narrated the story of Malalla on how she defied the Taliban in Pakistan and demanded that girls be allowed to receive education. Ms. Mathew highlighted her achievements and explained how her focus on education and women’s rights, forced world leaders to change their policies.


SVIMS co-sponsored a glittering Women’s Day Event organised by Moneylife Foundation and Magarpatta City. Chief Guest of the evening Sindutai Sapkal, known as Mai, and noted social activist and social worker, who has nurtured and protected over thousand five hundred orphan children and destitute and abandoned women, although she herself was an abandoned daughter and wife! During her talk, she mentioned about the obstacles faced by her resultant of perceptions based on gender. These perceptions, according to her, led to poor social and cultural acceptance of women, lack of self-belief by women and denial of financial funding. Further she added how women face greater constraints in geographic mobility imposed by safety concerns and social norms.

Sindhutai held the packed auditorium spellbound with her inspiring anecdotes and poignant episodes from her life. SVIMS Faculty and students were present at the gathering, led by our Director, Dr. Nanwani.

” A woman can never be defeated. But she needs to keep her heart strong and learn to forgive,”  was Sindhutai’s message to the young women present at Symbiosis Vishwabhavan Auditorium.


SVIMS celebrated Women’s Day on 8th March 2014. Ms. Smita Mehandale our faculty member delivered a speech and showed a short movie on Marry Barra, the Chairman and CEO of General Motors. The messages that Ms. Smita Mehendale wanted to convey through her speech were:

1.Talent not Gender earns the positions.

2.Women are not meant to do only sober or non-strenuous work; they may go into engineering or any of the technical fields and can get their hands greased.

Global Mentoring

SVIMS played host for the Global Mentoring Walk -2018, an international event organised by Vital Voices, across 60 countries. The event affords women leaders across different cultures and generations to share their talent, experience, wisdom and power with women in their fledgling careers.

The program was organized commemorating the International Women’s Day on 10th March 2018. Ms. Sweta Mohapatra, Founder – Diversity Vision, a certified coach, and consultant in HR for leading corporates and empaneled with Cherie Blair Foundation for Women as a mentor for budding women leaders organised the function and brought together well known women leaders to share their experiences and expertise with women readying to enter the corporate world.

With an aim to actualize the thought of ‘Woman stands for Woman’ the Saturday morning saw leading Women Professionals from Pune, taking time out from their busy schedules to mentor the students of SVIMS.

Forty students were selected and divided into groups of five. Each group had the opportunity of interacting with mentors like Amarjeet Labana -Director HR Asia Pacefic-Mediaocean, Adhishree Gupte-Location People Office Head-FIS, Shivani Kaul-Product Marketing Manager -John Deer Technology Centre, Stueti Gupta- Manager- John Deer Technology Centre and Shweta Shukla- Director and Sr. HRBP Mastercard. The students asked a series of questions on how to make initial impression, balance family and work especially post marriage and motherhood, fixing of financial goals and achieving career persistency. The mentors poured in their experience in answering these questions. The programme also had a ‘mentoring walk’ where in corporate women leaders guided, motivated and mentored their junior female workforce for leadership roles as they walked together.

Post this, there was a talk by Ms. Priya Tandon -Head of Healthcare Welfare Education India Unit at Tieto. She Spoke about her journey from being an engineer to key managerial personnel, motivating the audience to identify and write their own success story with a belief that each one had a story to tell.

The programme concluded with a panel discussion where in prominent management leaders across Pune participated and reasoned out that strong aspiration amongst women is the only essential ingredient required for taking up leadership roles. The Panel consisted of names like: Vinita Gera – General Manager India COE, Sonia Chand – General Manager Corporate Social Responsibilty, Nandini De- Director of Engineering Veritas, Rinku Basu- Director & Head – Productivity Solutions Group-HCL Tehnologies, Dr. B.H. Nanwani- Director, Sadhu Vaswani Institute of Management Studies and Mr. Kishor Siddwani- Former VP at Atlas Copco.

Celebration of Hero Days and Other Days of National Importance

The Institute ovserves Yoga Day, Rashtriya Ekta Diwas ‘,  Maharashtra Day, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’s Birth Anniversary, Matribhasha Divas, National Youth Day, Constitution Day, National Education Day Rashtriya Ekta Diwas, World Students Day, Gandhi Jayanti et al. 

The Days are usually marked by speeches and remembrances of the work and life of great men of our country.

Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’s Birth Anniversary [13th April] …incidents from his life are narrated and his contribution to drafting the Constitution are discussed.

Maharashtra Day and Labour Day [1st May] .. Teachers speak about the rich and diverse culture of Maharashtra.

On the Hindi Divas [14th September] the programme covers readings from famous Hindi poets, a kavi sammelan, and a special quiz on Hindi idioms for teachers.

Gandhi Jayanti [2nd October] ..Rich tributes are paid to the Father of the Nation. usually some anecdotes are read and discussed from the book ‘My Experiments with Truth’.

World Students Day- Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam Birth Anniversary [15th October]…The day is observed as Vaachan Prerna Diwas or ‘Reading Day’. Students are encouraged to visit the Library and read inspirational books.

Rashtriya Ekta Diwas -Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel Jayanti [31st October] ..Students and faculty members take the Unity Pledge.  Student activities focussing on Teamwork and Unity / Unity Runs are organised.  The ceaseless efforts of Shri Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel in promoting peace, unity  and safety of our country are recognized and appreciated on this day. A  30 minute  documentary film on the  life of Sardar Patel is screened followed by the Unity Pledge, administered to all present.

National Education Day [11th November] is observed to commemorate the Birth Anniversary of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad. Rich tributes are paid to India’s first Education Minister.

Teachers’ Day

Teachers’ Day is celebrated with great enthusiasm by students. They put up a well thought out cultural programme full of songs, dances, skits and games to shower their love and affection on their teachers.

Swachhata Pakhwada  and Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan

A fifteen day cleanliness programme saw students cleaning classrooms, the campus, neighbourhoods, arranging competitions, observing ‘green day’ listening to lectures on ‘garbage management systems’ visiting “Maher Ashram” Bakhori to undertake a cleanliness drive et al. The fortnight saw students emerge  as responsible citizens raring to do their bit to create clean environments.

Cleanliness begins with our Alma Mater! The Director Dr. B.H. Nanwani, Faculty and students clean the SVIMS campus under the PM’s Clean India Drive. Taking over all the brooms and dustpans and other implements from the store room, students and Faculty get down to cleaning the front drive and the green patches and the surroundings of the campus after class hours. Students also undertake visits to spread the mesage of keeping the environment clean.

Distributing saplings to passersby outside the institute conveying the message of tree plantation and cleanliness


Ganeshotsav is celebrated with a lot of enthu and gusto all over Maharashtra and so is it celebrated at SVIMS. Ganpati idol made of eco friendly shaadu maati is installed amidst the sounds of cymbals and singing of devotional songs. Skits are staged by the students on Ganesh’s childhood, songs, dance and information packed presentations mark the five day celebration at SVIMS.On the 5th day we had the Ganpati visarjan at SVIMS. The idol is later immersed in an eco friendly way.  Potluck party is organised and the festival is credited with bringing bout bonding and love among students.




Peace March

As a prelude to the Great Master, Sadhu Vaswani’s birthday celebrations [25th November], our students  participate in the SAK [Stop All Killing] Peace March held every year in November. The event is an initiative that seeks to promote values such as compassion, non -violence and reverence for all life as a first step towards World Peace.

World Forgiveness Day ( Moment of Calm)

Rev. Dada J. P. Vaswani’s birthday on 2nd August is celebrated as World Forgiveness Day. Our staff and students participate in this event to help promote Peace and Love.

Students’ Events

We organise a Freshers’ party and a Farewell part every here. While the Freshers’ Part is full of fun and frolic to help new students assimilate the culture and know their seniors, the farewell party is emotional with students recalling their days at SVIMS and their contributions to the Institute.

Freshers’ Party 


Alumni Meet

It is our continous endeavour to stay in touch with our Alumni and strengthen the bonds even after our students leave the portals of SVIMS. It is thanks to the efforts of some of our dynamic alumnus that we now have a registered Alumni Association.

We touch base with our alumni through our monthly e newletter, Setu – The Connect. Some of our alumni are members of our committees while others stay connected by participating in social, cultural and humanitarian activities of our parent body – Sadhu Vaswani Mission.

We also have an annual alumni meet in February. Such events are fun-filled and nostalgic. It is a moment of pride and reckoning to see our ex-students turn into confident, responsible   and hardworking corporate citizens working in prestigious organisations! These are events to remember indeed…regaling, reunion, and reverent recalls. The alumni share their pearls of wisdom, their life at SVIMS, Sanctuary and generally guide the students on developing networks and values and attitudes required for success in the corporate world. There are entertaining sound bites from alumni, dances, games and sumptuous and mouth watering snacks.