Corporate Speak

“Interacting with the institution has been fantastic, especially commend the values and motivation it provides to women students in readying them for their careers.”

Mrs. Uma Ganesh

CEO, Global Talent Track Pvt. Ltd

Very energizing to be amongst such a youthful and progressive group. All the best

Rajan Navani

Vice Chairman and Managing Director

Jetline Group of companies, India

“Institute meant for the quality education is shaping excellently. The Director, faculty and staff members are committed to fulfill aspirations of Saint Vaswani and hope that they would lay solid foundation for the coming year.”

Dr Raj Agrawal

Director, AIMA

“I feel very privileged to have visited such an inspiring and value based institution. Wishing you all the very success.”

Shubhro Sen

Tata Management and Training Consultancy

“Visiting SVIMS was a wonderful experience and was thrillef by the positive aura and energy at SVIMS.”

Mr Suhas Gopinath

Chairman & CEO

Global INC.

(The World’s youngest CEO)