Academic Year 2022-2023

DateActivityFaculty In chargeRemark
23th Dec 2022Cyber Crime Awareness QuizDr Reshama Kadam
23th Dec 2022KISAN DIWASDr Divya Lakhani
25th Nov to 10th Dec 2022POSH PAKHWADAMs Sonali Joshi15 Days Programme
26th Nov 2022Samvidhan DiwasDr Divya Lakhani
2nd January 2023 New Year Celebration 2023Dr Kalpana Salunkhe
Saturday, 3rd December 2022Visit to Darshan Museum
Prof. Harshali Bhalerao & Dr Reshma Kadam96


New Year 2023, Celebration on 2 January 2023


Event TypeNew Year 2023, Celebration
DescriptionNew Year 2023, Celebration
Day & DateMonday, 2 January 2023
Time10.15 am onwards
VenueSeminar Hall, 4th Floor
Folder Link – Photos and VideosC:\Users\Dr. Kalpana\OneDrive\NEW YEAR CELEBRATION_23 C:\Users\Dr. Kalpana\OneDrive\NEW YEAR CELEBRATION_23


On 2nd January 2023 we all staff members with Hon’ble Director Dr. B.H.Nanwani, students of MBA I,MBA II,MCA I gathered together in seminar hall -4th floor to celebrate one more ‘New Year’. Everybody was willing to make a new beginning in life with happiness, new hopes, new ideas, by forgetting the struggles, unsuccessful moments that happened in the previous year. All enjoyed the celebration. The program started at 10.15 am and concluded at 112.00pm.

Program Schedule:

10.15 amLightening of Lamp by the auspicious hands of Dr B.H.Nanwani & Saraswati Vandana by all staffs,students.
10.20 amWelcome speech by Dr. Kalpana Salunkhe, Asst Professor-MCA
10.30 amMs Sakshi-MBA I student, made comparing of the entire session & narrated event list
10.35 amA Welcome song by Ms. Jaya Ms. Vijaya, Students of MCA -I
10.40 amGroup song by Ms. Reeshita,Ms. Shreya
10.45 amA duet dance performance by Muskan & Group- MBA I
10.50 amA game “Housie” among staff,students of MBA,MCA
11.20 amGroup Dance by MBA girls
11.30 amGroup Dance by MCA girls
11.40 amSolo dance by MBA student
11.50 amPrize distribution to the Housie Winners
11.57 amAddress speech by Dr. B.H.Nanwani,Director-SVIMS
12.00 noonAddress by Dr. B.H.Nanwani -Director -SVIMS
12.05 pmVote of thanks By Dr. Kalpana Salunkhe, Asst Professor-MCA

The program commenced with the lightening of the lamp & Sarasvati Pooja-the power of knowledge & empowerment. All students and staff sang Sarasvati Vandana.

Dr Kalpana Salunkhe welcomed Dr. B.H.Nanwani -Director -SVIMS,all the staff & students.

Ms Sakshi-MBA I student made the session arrangement and comparing.

Ms.Jaya, Ms.Vijaya, Students of MCA -I, sang a welcome song.

Ms. Reeshita, Ms. Shreya Sneha Students of MCA -I performed Group dance. 

Muskan & Bhagyashree – MBA I, A duet dance performance.

All staff, students of MBA, MCA played a game “Housie”.

Manjusha, MBA I gave speech.

Prize distribution to the Housie Winners at the auspicious hands of Dr B.H.Nanwani.

Address speech by Dr. B.H.Nanwani,Director-SVIMS

Vote of thanks By Dr. Kalpana Salunkhe, Asst Professor-MCA


Duet Dance Performance

Visit to Darshan Museum

Cyber Crime Awareness Quiz


Darshan Museum (Pune) showcases spiritual leader Sadhu T L Vaswani’s life and philosophical teachings through state-of-the-art technology. The Biopic-like Museum illustrates the unparalleled service to society done by Sadhu Vaswani and later ably carried forward by J.P. Vaswani. There are several mannequins and audio-visual mediums to depict the different stages of life of Sadhu Vaswani. People from all over the world are attracted towards this wonder. MBA and MCA students gathered at Sadhu Vaswani Mission. They went to see Darshan in groups of 20-25 students each. The journey of Sadhu TL Vaswani and the way the journey was illustrated using technology was worth appreciating.

Visit To Darshan

23th Dec 2022

Cyber Crime Awareness Quiz was organized for all the students of MCA and MBA on 23rd December 2022 at Seminar Hall of SVIMS from 2 PM to 4 PM.

There were 25 multiple-choice questions in the quiz on cybercrime awareness, and each carrying two marks.

The results are displayed graphically and divided into two parts. The first part of the chart highlights the areas in which students’ awareness is good/commendable (blue colour in chart), while the second chart highlights areas in which students need to improve (red colour in chart).

Based on Results the areas of improvement were identified as:

1. Students must be aware of how to properly dispose of electronic equipment.

2. Students need to understand the differences between fraudulent and legitimate emails as well as malware and its behaviour.

3. Students must understand how personal data is handled in an organization.


1. Create awareness of E-Waste disposal in the month of January 2023.

Organize E-Waste Collection Drive in the month of February 2023.

Organize visit at E-Waste Disposal Center in the month of March 2023

2. Expert talk on “Cybercrime Prevention and Internet Crimes Against Students” in the month of April 2023.

3. Expert talk on “Data Protection and Privacy in organization” in the month of May 2023.


23 December 2022

Every year, India observes Farmers’ Day or Kisan Diwas on December 23. Farmers are the driving force of the country’s economy and deserve to be honored. The day also celebrates the birth of the fifth Prime Minister of India, Chaudhary Charan Singh, who started as a farmer before earning his seat in the government. This day aims to promote awareness of the importance of farmers and their valuable contribution to the overall social- and economic development of the nation.

Program Schedule:

10.15 amWelcome address by Dr. Divya Lakhani, HOD – MBA
10.20 amSpeech by Students and Faculty
10.40 amSong
10.45 amVote of thanks

The program commenced with the address by Dr. Divya Lakhani, HOD – MBA.

Ms. Manjusha Gathal – MBA – I, recited a poem in honor of the contribution of the farmer community.

Ms. Sheetal Pisal – MCA – I, gave an emotional and touching speech to bring forth the plight of farmers. She emphasized on the hard work done by them irrespective of the season -be it winter, summer or rainy season.

Ms. Shivani Batheja – MBA – II, gave an informative speech to bring out the importance of celebrating Kisan Diwas.

Ms. Vaishali Patil, Asst Prof, SVIMS, enlightened the audience that the farmer and his/her family face the scenario of bumper or meager farm yield. At that time – they need to take it in their stride and not get disheartened. She also appealed to the students not to waste food – as the farmers have toiled very hard for it.

Dr. Abhijeet Kaiwade – HOD – MCA, shared that the farmers spread their riches on land for everyone to see unlike others who are secretive about their wealth and deposit in banks/equity market, etc.

Lastly, all the students and faculty sang the song – Mere Desh Ki Dharti – to mark the occasion. The program concluded with the vote of thanks by Dr. Divya Lakhani.

Samvidhan Diwas

26 November 2022

Dr. Divya Lakhani, HOD-MBA welcomed the students of MBA and MCA to ‘Samvidhan Diwas Celebration’. She emphasized the importance of Constitution Day, the significance of its celebration and commemorated the people who contributed to the development of Indian constitution.

On this occasion, as an important part of the celebration, Dr. B H Nanwani, Director, SVIMS along with Faculty, Staff and Students read the Preamble of the Indian Constitution. The students of MBA II organized a Poster Exhibition on the theme of ‘Indian Constitution’. Dr. B H Nanwani, Director, SVIMS inaugurated the Poster Exhibition. She appreciated the efforts taken by the students to prepare the posters.

This was followed by students of MBA II presenting the skit on Fundamental Rights given by the Indian Constitution. The details are:

Group NoRoll No.Theme of Skit
Group 121101 to 21105Child Labour
Group 221106 to 21110Right to Education
Group 321111 to 21115Right to Freedom of Speech and Expression
Group 421116 to 21120Educational Rights and Equality
Group 521121 to 21125Right to Education
Group 621126 to 21130Cultural and Educational Rights
Group 721131 to 21135Freedom of Speech and Expression
Group 821136 to 21140Right to Equality (Gender Equality)
Group 921141 to 21145Right of Equality
Group 1021146 to 21150Right to Equality
Group 1121151 to 21155Right to Freedom
Group 1221156 to 21160Justice and Equality
Group 1321161 to 21164Right to Freedom of Religion
Group 1421165 to 21167Right to Equality

The students’ performance was appreciated by one and all. The program concluded with the National Anthem.



25th November to 10th December 2022


Purpose of Conducting the Pakhwada

SVIMS is committed to promoting gender equality and women empowerment as well as creating awareness about all forms of violence against women that negatively impact gender equality and human dignity

With improved access to education, skilling, and employment opportunities, millions of Indian women are entering the country’s workforce. It is crucial that as a country we provide all women with a safe and secure work environment. It is the responsibility of every employer in every sector to ensure safety of women at workplace as well as compliance with the provisions of the POSH Act.

SVIMS, as per the directions of AICTE, conducted POSH Pakhwada to make the faculty, staff students and nearby communities aware about the provisions of the Act and towards the need for upholding the dignity of women and ending gender stereotypes and to encourage more and more women to create a mark for themselves.

Essay Writing

No. Of Participants: 40

The POSH Pakhwada started with an Essay Writing Competition by the students of MBA and MCA. The students were given three topics and were to write on any one of them. The topics were:

  1. Domestic Violence: The Reasons Why Women Stay with Their Abuser 
  2. Dehumanizing Women in The Media 
  3. Dominance and Power Play in Relationships 

40 girls from MBA and MCA participated in the event.


Session By Ms. Mansi Tambe on ‘Child Sexual Abuse: Stay Strong, Not Scarred’

No. of Participants: 52

Child sexual abuse is a growing public health concern and an adverse childhood experience. Child sexual abuse refers to the involvement of a child (person less than 18 years old) in sexual activity that violates the laws or social taboos of society and that he/she does not fully comprehend, does not consent to or is unable to give informed consent to, or is not developmentally prepared for and cannot give consent to. It is about time that we start sensitizing ourselves to its ill effects at all levels – as individuals and as societies and the ways to deal with the unfortunate incidents that one may have experienced in their lives.

Ms. Mansi Tambe, Practicing Psychologist, was invited to speak with the students and help them understand how we as individuals can play a pertinent role in making the life of children around us safer and in turn be safe ourselves.

Ms. Tambe shared about various types of abuse that are inflicted upon children. Sometimes, the children can understand these and sometimes they are too innocent to even fathom the happenings. To understand the concept better, she also put forth a situation and asked the teams to analyze the situations.

The discussions had a deep impact on all the students present and they promised to be stronger themselves so that they can be good support systems to the young children around them.


28th November 2022 – Rally – ‘Raise Your Voice: Say No’

No. of Participants: 47

The Faculty and Students participated in a Rally to raise awareness about abuse and harassment faced by women. The route covered was from Institute to Sadhu Vaswani Bridge to Sant Gadge Maharaj Vasti and back.

The students presented their posters to the attendees and explained the importance of POSH Pakhwada. They also shared with the women present the importance of self-defense, of being aware of their surroundings and raising alarm in case of anything suspicious. The girls also presented a street play that resonated well with all the attendees. The theme of the play was ‘Become a Support System for Others while Creating one for Yourself’. SVIMS is grateful to the Police representatives of Koregaon Park Police Station who helped and guided us to make our event a successful one.  


29th November 2022 – Look at Advertising

No. of Participants – 37

The purpose of this exercise was to make the students aware of the role virtual and print media plays in reflecting the sexism in our society. There were three print advertisements and videos (Youtube) shown to the groups and they were asked to find out the sexist elements in the advertisements. The students participated actively in the exercise. They brought forth and discussed upon various elements that were much evident. They also related the experiences to their personal lives that how consciously or subconsciously we have many times let ourselves be undermined, misrepresented or underplayed.

30th November 2022 – Workshop on Creating Awareness About Sexual Harassment

No. of Participants: 42

Poverty can increase violence. Women and girls living in poverty, face multiple forms of discrimination, and face increased risks of violence. The probability of child marriage is more likely in under privileged sections of society. Women and girls living in poverty are more vulnerable to sexual exploitation, including trafficking. And those who experience domestic or intimate partner violence have fewer options to leave violent relationships, due to their lack of income and resources. SVIMS and its parent body, Sadhu Vaswani Mission, have always believed in woman as a Symbol of Shakti. A workshop was held at Shantai Foundation, Yerwada to address the issues and create awareness about violence against women, rights of women and about POSH. Two advocates were invited to conduct the workshop:

  • Mr. Aizek Treveror, Senior Advocate, District and Session Court, Shivaji Nagar, Pune
  • Mr. Swapnil Gangurde, Advocate, District and Session Court, Shivaji Nagar, Pune

Both the speakers shared about experiences from the Court room and apprised the women about their rights. They motivated the attendees to value their selves and train themselves to be self-sufficient. They emphasized on the importance of speaking up, sharing and reaching out to friends, help centers etc. rather than accepting afflictions upon themselves.

Towards the end of the session, many women came forth and spoke personally to the faculty members and the advocates, seeking advice for some situations they had faced. SVIMS is grateful to Shantai Foundation for giving them the opportunity to conduct an impactful workshop.

1st December 2022 – Sensitization Session for Faculty and Staff to make them aware about the Provisions of the Act

No. of Participants – 9

Dr. Abhijeet Kaiwade, HOD, conducted a session on POSH for the Faculty and Staff members. The purpose of the session was to sensitize the employees towards the much prevalent violence against women and to foster better relationships and equality among employees, thus ensuring a quality and inclusive workplace environment.

It is imperative for the stakeholders to be aware of the law and the consequences of violations in the organization. Therefore, the training was organized not only for women but also for men to know what is acceptable at the workplace and what is not.


2nd December 2022 – Sexual Harassment Prevention Exercise / Activity: Understanding Boundaries

No. Of Participants: 32

The purpose of the exercise was to demonstrate boundaries and therefore try to understand the discomfort one feels when certain boundaries are challenged. The facilitator shared about various boundaries women either let go of or are not aware of or turn a blind eye to, giving up on their self-respect, their relevance and importance. As the students are being prepared for their future workplaces, it becomes more important to understand that a safe workplace is cultivated when people are comfortable with and around each other. Sometimes, the lines between personal and professional boundaries blur, making it more important for colleagues to seek consent from each other and respect each other’s space.


5th December – Short Film on Sexual Harassment ‘Devi’

While several projects have addressed rape and sexual harassment against women, Devi stands apart. Striking the balance of empowerment and emotions, the film is relevant, layered and beings about the feelings of abused women who choose to stay together rather than go back into the world that doesn’t not respect women or treats them as humans. The title ‘Devi’ was more of a sarcasm as all the (dead) women in the room, all from different stratas and walks of life, were abused and murdered in a country which worships goddesses.

The attendees resonated with the video, the emotions depicted. This also led to sharing of thoughts and ideologies that today’s generation holds to have a better and a safer India.

7th December 2022 – Slogan Writing

The students were encouraged to write slogans with respect to the theme of creating awareness about sexual violence against women. 10 students participated in the event and submitted their slogans.

8th December 2022 – Skit on “Good Touch Bad Touch” at Shantai Foundation, Yerwada

No. of Participants – 38

Students of MBA 1st Year performed a skit for the residents of Shantai on the theme – Good Touch Bad Touch. The safety of kids is the primary concern of every parent. Though they teach their children how to cross a road but most parents hesitate to teach their kids about the good and bad touches to protect themselves in uneasy circumstances and make them better equipped for handling tough situations. SVIMS faculty and students, in their own small way, performed the skit to create awareness about the ways in which sexual abuse can be prevented and children as well as adults can be safer and more confident.

9th December 2022 – Guest Session on ‘Women Misusing Laws’

No. of Participants – 52

Mr. Swapnil Gangurde, Advocate – District Court and Session Court, Shivaji Nagar, Pune was invited to conduct a session for the students on Women Misusing Law to their advantages and harassing / registering false complaints in order to honeytrap or extort money / other benefits from their male counterparts. He referred to various Acts under IPC that have been formed to protect the rights of women such as:

  • The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005
  • The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013
  • The Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961
  • Hindu Marriage Act,1955
  • The Indecent Representation of Women (Prohibition) Act, 1986

The speaker brought forth examples of certain cases wherein the man was wrongly convicted at the behest of a woman, leading to loss of life / wealth / social standing. The purpose of the session was to make the young women aware of the implications that may arise if these rights are taken for granted or are misused. They may result in imprisonment, heavy fine or both. During the Open House, the students asked various questions to the speaker which he patiently answered. The students also shared their experiences. The session was impactful.  

10th December 2022 – Self Defense Session

No. of Participants – 30

When don’t we hear stories of women who face sexual violence, threats, abuse, random attacks by strangers and / or by their own loved ones? How many times have our own families turned away from these, labeling them “normal?” It is the need of the hour that women learn how to protect themselves. The primary importance of self-defense is for women to be able to protect themselves against anything that’s unacceptable in terms of social conduct. There is nothing more empowering than having the confidence to analyze a dangerous situation and take actions to overcome them effectively. It also empowers women to lead a healthy and fulfilling life by encouraging them to deal with stressful and dangerous situations independently. Two students of MBA II, Ms. Asawari Nalawade and Ms. Isha Khandekar, who have taken training in self-defense, conducted the session of the fellow students teaching them the five techniques of protecting themselves in situations of conflict / harassment.

Culmination of the Pakhwada

POSH Pakhwada was observed at SVIMS from 25th November to 10th December 2022. Throughout the Pakhwada, with the guidance of the Director, the Faculty, Admin staff and the students participated full-heartedly in all the events conducted. Post the Self Defense Workshop, Mrs. Vaishali Patil shared her thoughts about the Pakhwada. Dr. Abhijeet Kaiwade, HOD MCA, addressed the students and urged them to read the POSH Act and be aware of their rights. Ms. Sonali Joshi gave a Vote of Thanks to all the attendees, thanking everyone for their contributions.


Academic Year 2021-2022

18 Feb and 28 Feb 2022NIRBHAY KANYA ABHIYAN – 2022Ms Sonali Joshi
15.02.2022Impact of Diversity and Stereotyping in MentoringMs Sonali Joshi
21 January 2022Accept one and all – A session on Diversity and InclusionMs Sonali Joshi
14 January 2022Gender SensitivityMs Sonali Joshi

Impact of Diversity and Stereotyping in Mentoring


Ms. Frieda started with narrating a few of her personal experiences in diversity and stereotyping. Some of these experiences were:

1. She had visited a country and at a stop, she wanted to use the washroom. While she was searching for a male/female symbol or for labels of male/female/king/queen on the doors, she did not find any. Later, to her amaze, she found a door to a washroom that read ‘Whoever, we don’t care.’ This, in her opinion, was a true example of diversity and inclusivity.

2. An example of stereotyping she shared was people assuming that she must be consuming a lot of rice in her meals simply because she is a South-Indian. With these personal experiences, she gave out the lessons in diversity at professional places. Some of these were:

1. Mentoring acts as a constructive tool that contributes to constructing a diverse workplace

2. Reverse mentoring has proved to be very powerful in mentoring for diversity. Reverse mentoring is a method of mentoring under which junior team members enter in to ‘professional friendship’ with more senior ones and exchange skills, knowledge and understanding

3. Stereotyping has been the single most challenge in mentoring programmes in the corporate



1Welcome address by Sonali Joshi2:00 to 2:05
2Director’s Address – Dr. BH Nanwani2:05 to 2:10
3Introducing the Damini Squad by Mrs. Vaishali Patil2:10 to 2:15
4Session by Damini Squad. Pune Police2:15 to 3:45 pm
5Introduction of the Sports / Karate Coach by Dr. Divya Lakhani3:45 to 3:50
6Self Defense workshop by a Sports / Taekwondo Coach3:50 to 4:30 pm
7Vote of Thanks by Dr. Abhijeet Kaiwade4:30 to 4:35 pm


Session by Damini Squad

Formed in July 2015, clad in ‘commando uniforms’ and comprising around 33 women cops, named as ‘Damini Marshals’, the Damini Squad is an effective force helping girls and women in distress on streets and other public places making Pune city a safer haven for women.

Not only are these ladies in uniform responsible for curbing crimes against women, but they also extend emotional support and self-defense training, making women independent and competent to protect themselves. Besides action against miscreants, the Damini Marshals have also created awareness among school and college-going girls and women working with private companies by conducting workshops and counselling sessions.

The members of Damini Squad who graced the occasion were API Sujata Shanme, API Manisha Tule, Ms Ankita Atram and Mrs. Sarika Sonwane.

API Sujata Shanme shared, “Damini marshals patrol public places such as markets, malls, bus stops, traffic signals, areas near school, colleges, offices etc. Unlike other departments of police, where women have to come to the police station when in trouble, these cops reach out to them personally, visit them at their homes and at places where they feel unsafe. This helps women be more comfortable talking to the police. Damini marshals have helped bridge a gap and build trust. It is one of the reasons why now more women are coming forward to report issues like domestic violence, eve-teasing etc.” The squad also has mental health professionals associated with the team. A video on Damini Squad, Mumbai was also shown ( reflecting the magnitude of work being doen by these Iron Ladies in Uniform.

The Damini Squad also showed certain self-defense techniques to the attendees of the event.

During the Open House, the girls asked questions to the Squad which were welcomed and answered by the Squad members. Their visit inspired the girls to follow their dreams and achieve them, just as shared by the Squad ladies.

Workshop on Self Defense –

UK Taekwondo Academy, having branches all over Pune, were invited to conduct a workshop on Taekwondo for the attendees. Mr Rajesh Pujari, 5th Dan Black Belt, International Medallist and National Kyorogi(Fight) Judge and Head Coach for Taekwondo at the academy, accompanied by three coaches conducted an intense workshop for the participants. He and his team of three women coaches taught them various self-defense techniques. All the girls appreciated the initiative of holding this workshop and participated with zeal and enthusiasm.

Nirbhaya Kanya Abhiyan – Guest Session by Dr. Viddulata GawadeCorporate Response to Sexual Assault

Ms. Sonali Joshi welcomed the Speaker, Dr. Viddulata Gawade and the attendees for the Event, describing the importance of the session that was being held today, with an appeal to the students to be an active part of the session as they were on the verge of entering the world of work.

Jyotika Makhija, from MBA II, Batch 2020-2022 introduced the speaker and welcomed the students and faculty for the session.

Dr. Viddulata Gawade began the session by addressing the attendees about the importance of being aware of the surroundings, the culture and the times that they soon would be joining.

She brought forth various cases of sexual harassments at companies and the decisions that were taken.

She emphasized that any such cases does not tarnish the image only of the complainant but to much levels questions the integrity of the organizations as well. Therefore, most of the MNCs today treat these as most sensitive and priority concerns if they so happen in their organization.

She also shared that it is a misnomer that everytime only women are given support for their complaints or claims. The organizations present a non-biased view and have even found women to have made wrong complaints. In such cases, the companies have stood by their right decisions.

Dr. Gawade also conducted an online quiz for the attendees bringing to light various factors that we might or might not think about but are pertinent for the corporate responses to sensitive issues.

The students participated actively in the session. After the Open House, the session ended with a vote of thanks by Sonali Joshi

The Colleges that participated along with us in the program are:

S.NoName of the collegeNo. of Students
1Sadhu Vaswani College of Nursing15
2PDEA’s Waghire Arts, Commerce and Science College, Saswad, Pune12
3.1Sadhu Vaswani Institute of Management Studies for Girls, Pune – Students14 offline, 33 online
3.2Sadhu Vaswani Institute of Management Studies for Girls, Pune – Faculty06
3.3Sadhu Vaswani Institute of Management Studies for Girls, Pune – Guests10
4St. Mira’s College for Girls2
 Total Number of Participants92

Accept one and all_A session on Diversity and Inclusion


Ms Apoorva Satija, the APAC Head for Diversity and Inclusion at Amdocs was invited to talk and enlighten our students on this topic. In this session, she covered the aspect of diversity and inclusion in its broadest sense to include age, gender, sex, caste, colour and caste. She started her talk by presenting insights of a research carried out by Amdocs to find out what perspectives do men and women carry about themselves and the other sex at workplace. From here on, she built on the topic by sharing various examples and real-life experiences on discrimination basis age, gender, sex, and caste. She kept the session very lively and interactive by asking for opinions through polls, understanding the views and resolving participants’ doubts/inhibitions.

Gender Sensitization and Awareness – Gender Sensitivity

14 January 2022

The program commenced with the welcome address by Dr. Divya Lakhani. Ms. Gawade was introduced by Ms. Jyotika Makhija, MBA II student.

Ms. Viddulata Gawade, commenced the session by undertaking an activity wherein she asked the students to identify – which gender they associate with a particular word. For example – Cook, Pilot, Smoker, etc. This activity brought forward the fact that we have some stereotypes in our mind regarding certain roles being played by a particular gender. She went on to emphasize that all men and women need to be more open in their thinking and come out of traditional way of thinking.

She explained the Banwari Devi incident and brought about the importance of Vishakha Judgement. She then went on to discuss Rupan Bajaj and Gill case on outraging the modesty of women. Besides this, she discussed the cases where the girls are filing false cases against men for rape, in the event of relationship going sour. These cases bring to fore the need to be more gender sensitive and practice gender equity.

In conclusion, it can be said that though we talk about gender sensitivity and equality – we need to make conscious efforts to understand that men and women are different, and that they need to be accepted as being unique individuals, who have their own thinking and ideologies.

The program concluded with vote of thanks by Ms. Vaishali Patil, Asst Professor, SVIMS.

Academic Year 2020-2021

8 March 2021Tiny tots Gender EquityDr Smita Iyer
15 March 2021ESSAY WRITING COMPETITION 2021 400th Prakash Parv of Shri Guru Tegh Bahadurji on 15th March 2021.Dr Smita Iyer
28th June 2021. Power Puff Entrepreneurs – The Online Ideation Fest Dr Smita Iyer
14th May 2021Mental Health during COVIDDr Smita Iyer
11 June 2021Become Confident and Flex Some Muscles – A Self-defense WorkshopDr Smita Iyer
18th June 2021First –Aid WorkshopDr Smita Iyer
14th June 2021Nirbhaya Kanya Abhiyaan – From the Lens Of The Law Keeper – A Webinar on Women’s SafetyDr Smita Iyer
19th June 2021Dialogue between Leading Women and Gen ZDr Smita Iyer
30 July 2021Natural And Man-Made DisastersDr Smita Iyer
30 March 2021A session on Anti-ragging by Adv. Asif ShaikhMs Bindiya Rangwani

Anti Ragging Slogan Activity


Festival of Lights


To celebrate Diwali this year, we organized 2 virtual competitions:

  1. Hues of Diwali- a Rangoli making competition
  2. Dress up & Show up- a competition to showcase participants’ Diwali attire

The registration for both these competitions was open from 02.11.2021 to 15.11.2021. Here are the other details of both the competitions:

ParticularsHues of DiwaliDress up & Show up
Total no. of participants2426
Name of the winnerMs Parishweta GulhaneMs Pradnya Bawane
Names of Runner-upsMs Shraddha Yadav and Ms Nikita WankhedeMs Nikita Wankhede and Ms Falak Baig

Tiny tots Gender Equity

Gender Equity basically refers to giving recognising the  rights of  men and women and giving them a fair treatment based on their needs. It is seen that after so many decades this concept is not being practiced. Thus, for an effective implementation of this concept it is very important to sow the seeds of gender equity in the minds of kids at a young age. To spread more awareness about this concept a competition was organized on 8th March 2021 named “Tiny Tots Talk Gender Equity.

 Nineteen students in the age group of 4 to 10 years from different schools participated in this competition. The Tiny Tots expressed their views and understanding about the concept of Gender Equality and Equity by enacting roles in which girls can do everything that any boy can do and also by demystifying  that there is no such concept that blue colour is for boys and pink is for girls.

A session on Anti-ragging 30.03.2021

Adv. Asif Shaikh first read the rules laid down against ragging and explained them to us in simpler sentence. Like one of the rules he made the students aware of was setting up of an Anti-ragging committee in every educational institution and the constitution of that committee. He then went on to explain which forms of behavior amount to ragging. One example he gave was: a senior forcing a junior to write down notes for him/her is also a form of academics-related ragging. He also narrated a case where a Girls institution in Rajasthan hid a case of ragging to protect their name and reputation. In this case, a girl student was bullied by 2 senior students to an extent that she lost her life.

We then moved on to the Question and Answer session. Under this segment of his talk he answered numerous questions, like that of:

a. Is calling names a part of ragging?

b. How does one over-come the mental trauma caused by ragging?

c. How do we educate school going kids about anti-ragging?

Anti Ragging Quiz

Poster-making Competition on 05.06.2021

Nirbhaya Kanya Abhiyaan – From the Lens Of The Law Keeper – A Webinar on Women’s Safety 14th June 2021

The Chief Guest, Adv. Mrs. Nevagi focused on issues such as women safety in the corporate world, sexual harassment, family laws in India which included Hindu Marriage Act 1955, Special Marriage Act 1954, Guardians and Wards Act 1890, Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act 1956 which was followed by Q and A session.

Our next speaker, Ms. Nikita Panhalkar, shared her insights on the rules and regulations, procedure and the provisions of the laws of women’s safety. She specially discussed provisions of the IT Act 2000, The POSH Act 2013,. She also gave the Me-Too Movement as an example of the outcome of sexual harassment at workplace.

Later, Ms Harshali Chandgadkar shared a short video on the use of the Pratisaad App which was launched by the Mumbai Police to ensure women safety.

Become Confident and Flex Some Muscles – A Self-defense Workshop

11th June 2021

Dialogue between Leading Women and Gen Z

11th June 2021

In a tie up with Indian Red Cross Society a virtual workshop on Natural and Man-Made Disaster Management was organised on 11th June 2021.

Chief Guest for the workshop, Ms. Nabomita Mazumdar, talked about how Technology has changed our world and how Gen Z plays a vital role in job creation and culture change in organisations. She substantiated her point by giving the example of Snapchat where a survey is being conducted to understand the users [ especially Gen Z] requirements.

This was followed by a Panel discussion with Ms. Prachi Shelgaonkar and Ms. Vidula Kamant. Both spoke about their career journeys, their challenges and tips on how Gen Z can be motivated, and skill sets they need to develop for success in their careers.

Power Puff Entrepreneurs – The Ideation Fest 

Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” 

– Winston Churchill. 

 Power Puff Entrepreneurs – The Online Ideation Fest was organised on 28th June 2021. 

The speaker for the day was Mr. Sagar Chandni, Head of Incubation and Startup Engagement at Centre for Incubation and Business Acceleration. He talked about how an idea should be worked upon to make it a business proposition, building MVP, advantages of a startup and the ‘why and how’ of failures among startups. The ideation fest kick- started with 18 teams. 8 teams were shortlisted to present their business ideas. The winners of the ideation fest were ‘Men in Black’ group while the runner up was the group called ‘Mirror Yourself’.  The program was sponsored by Startup Yatra

Natural And Man-Made Disasters

30 July 2021

“We cannot stop natural disasters, but we can arm ourselves with knowledge: so many lives wouldn’t have to be lost if there was enough disaster preparedness.” – Petra Nemcova  

The Institute in association with the Indian Red Cross Society, organised a webinar on ‘Natural And Man-Made Disaster Management’ on 30th June 2021.

The Chief Guest, Brig. Kuldip Singh (Retd) spoke about different types of natural and manmade disasters, causes of accidents and their impacts as also the background and history of disaster management in India.  A short video showcasing the work of the National Institute of Disaster Management [ NIDM] was shown.  

Prof R V Kulkarni, shed light on the hazards, vulnerabilities in disasters, management, types of disasters and disaster management cycles. A Q & A session followed his talk.  

Mr. Rubaab Sood, spoke about the recovery and the response operations in a disaster management plan. He shared his experiences and learnings of NDMA’s recovery and relief operations in Uttarakhand floods and earthquake. He also talked about how such disasters impact human life and business continuity. 

First –Aid workshop

On 18th June 2021 a session was  organized on First –Aid and Disaster Management under the aegis of the Indian Red Cross Society.

The speaker Mr. Bala Subramanian, General Secretary, Indian Red Cross Society( IRCS) , Karnataka Branch, spoke about his experience at IRCS and how volunteering has helped the medical staff in saving lives during pandemic or any disaster /accident. First aid is specially important in a developing country like India as the medical staff is way below the population requirements. He showed a short video covering the history of IRCS.

The next speaker Ms. Rina Tripathi, Indian Red Cross Society, Delhi Branch, gave insights on how being emotionally strong is important specially during times like CIVID  and how it helps not only the patient in recovering quickly  but the family in coping with exigencies. She spoke about how mental Health plays a vital role in one’s well being and how to give emotional support to a person. A short video was played on providing social and emotional support to children suffering from  COVID -19.

Mr. Shah, Indian Red Cross Society, Pune Branch  discussed about how first aid can save  lives and  demonstrated the CPR technique as also other first aid steps  in case of accidents/ medical  emergencies. He also spoke about the process of registering / enrolling as volunteer for IRCS, Pune.

Mental Health during COVID

14th May 2021

The speaker Ms. Anu Krishna [Director, L& D, Emotional and Mental Health Wellness Coach] explained that COVID has brought about fear, anxiety, stress and loss of freedom. Often adverse conditions such as COVID influence our thoughts and thought patterns leading to fear and stress. The antidote to negative thinking and fear is to break the chain by filling yourself with positive thoughts of HOPE. Hope removes the fear of uncertainty and helps to move from a negative state of mind to a positive one. It is also hope which helps us to respond rather than to react to situations and the courage to accept some situations, which are not within our control.

She suggested the use and practice of STAR technique and breathing exercises to handle fear, uncertainty and stress:

Stop the negative thoughts of fear as these will make you react rather than respond to a situation. Replace such thoughts with HOPE

Think about what is happening to help you understand the situation better and to control the situation, rather than being controlled by it

Analyze why and where of the situation and what will happen

Respond rather than react. Reacting is being impulsive, whereas responding is more logical and grounded

Ms. Anu demonstrated some breathing exercises and techniques that can be used to help in situations of stress and anxiety. When situations are overwhelming, there is shallow breathing, reducing the flow of oxygen in the body, which results in breathlessness and palpitations. Deep breathing up to 5 counts, followed by holding breath for 10 seconds helps to temporarily cut off negative thoughts; improves supply of oxygen and allows the brain to start functioning and thinking clearly.

75th  Independence Day

On 75th  Independence Day – 15th Aug 2021 we invited a special guest, Mr.  D V Hivrale, WCD to speak on true Freedom and Independence. The speaker highlighted the need and importance of the youth in contributing towards the welfare of our society to make India truly free and independent. He narrated a story to emphasise that we can contribute to society’s welfare even if we cannot fight as soldiers. He also told the participants a short story of Gandhiji and his contribution to India’s freedom. He stressed on the need to engineer special programs to help women and children. The emphasis should be on making them independent and self reliant through skill building and empowerment rather than in giving charity and making them dependent.

After the talk, Ms. Rucha Lathi a student from MBA, part 1 gave a small speech on building the spirit of nationalism. Ms. Anuja Jagdale and Ms. Jyotika Makhija sang patriotic songs.


Sadhu Vaswani Institute of Management Studies for Girls celebrated the 400th Prakash Parv of Shri Guru Tegh Bahadurji on 15th March 2021.

2021 marked the 400th year of Shri Guru Tegh Bahadur’s Prakash Purab. He was the 9th of the 10 Gurus that founded the Sikh religion. He was also considered to be the leader of Sikhs from 1665 until his demise in 1675. The celebrations bore special significance in terms of Sangam city wherein the gurudwara ‘Pakki Sangat’ is located.

In its own small way of contribution to the event, SVIMS celebrated the day online by conducting an online essay writing competition. Giani Ranjit Singhji was invited as a Guest Speaker for the event. Renowned Sikh preacher Giani Ranjit Singh (Gauhar-e-Maskeen) is the Jathedar of Takht Sri Patna Sahib.  A noted ‘kathavachak’ (preacher) Giani Ranjit Singh commands honors for his in-depth knowledge of Gurmat and Gurbani.

Gianiji addressed the students and shared stories of Guru Tegh Bahadurji’s childhood and his journey to becoming a young religious leader. He inspired the attendees with his sharings and experience.

The Guest speaker’s session was followed by the inauguration of the National Essay Writing Competition by Director SVIMS, Dr. BH Nanwani. Director Ma’am shared about the life and teachings of the 9th guru and what Sikhism preaches and stands for. The ultimate theme of all guru teachings being that God is one and he who finds a master finds the path of life.

The participants were given the topics for the essay and the rules were explained to them. Giani Ranjit Singhji was the judge for the event.

Students participated with zeal and presented well written essays.

45 participants attended the session Seminar on 400th prakash parv of Guru Tegh bhadhur ji.

32 participants were present for the National Level Essay Competition.

31/05/2021World No Tobaco Day 2021161NSS

World No Tobacco Day (2021)

A virtual programme was organised to observe the World No Tobacco Day (2021).  

Here is a snap shot of activities conducted:

 1. Pledges of abstaining from tobacco products were read in Hindi and English.  

2.  Awareness drive about ill effects of consuming tobacco was conducted by organising a Drawing and Slogan Competition. The theme was ‘Say NO to tobacco’, ‘Commit to Quit’  

3. Students were shown a video created by Prashanti Foundation on  ‘Harmful Effects of Tobacco on the Human body’ 

Faculty members, Ms Bindiya Rangwani cautioned against the temptation of  pleasure smoking like Hooka in parties, brushing teeth with ‘mishri’ etc. Dr Abhijeet Kaiwade spoke about using Nicotex gum to help one quit smoking and chewing tobacco.

The Director, Dr. B Nanwani inaugurated the Pledge Mission through Poster and google form links. The programme was brought to a conclusion by singing the National Anthem at 5 PM.

The programme saw a participation of 161 people, which included students, parents and staff members.


Sadhu Vaswani Institute of Management Studies for Girls organized a workshop on Dotillism  in the fond memory of our Rev Founder Dada JP Vaswani’s birthday on 2nd Aug 2020.

Dotillism Art is a concept established by Elspeth McLean, an Australian artist who believes this art can bring joy to people’s life through vibrant colors and dots.

She coined the term ‘Dotillism” to describe her art as she could not fit her artwork into any existing art categories. Although she uses dots as in Pointillism, her patterns do not provide an image, it’s simply a pattern.

Ms Harshali Chandgadkar a student of MBA – II conducted an online Dotillism workshop on Zoom platofrm. The workshop was conducted for 1 hour and was attended with 70 participants, who enthusiastically drew their patterns, letting their creativity take lead.