IPR Cell

Intellectual Property Rights Cell

IPR Cell was established at SVIMS on 25th November 2013.


1.   To create awareness among the students about IPR.

2.   To create an environment for acquiring new knowledge through innovation, develop an attitude of prudent IPR practices and promote IPR culture compatible with the educational mission of the institute.


Dr. B. H. Nanwani (Director, SVIMS): Chairperson

Dr. Prabha Sharma : Coordinator IPR Cell (Industry Linkages)

Mr. Anirudhh Gupte- Coordinator IPR Professional (Innovations, IPR)

Dr. Bharati Dole-IPR Expert





Workshop on Cyber Laws (IPR)

Resource Person: Mr. Sadik Shaikh (ARIZONA Infotech, Pune)

Date: 9th March 2015,From 9 am to 4 pm

Mr. Sadik Shaikh is the technology Evangelist at ARIZONA Infotech and is associated with numerous Government and private organizations in Information security. He discussed with the students about the Cyber Laws and the various IPR issues related with it.  The various terms discussed in the workshop were Copyright infringement, Cyber Crimes, Cyber Squatting, IPR issues and challenges involved in it.

He shared his experience of working on Cyber Crimes which made the session very interesting for the students.

Orientation on IPR

Resource Person: Mr. Anil Gupte (Founder Layer3 Media)

Date: 7th January 2014, From 9am to 1 pm

Mr. Anil Gupte Founder Layer3 Media and the Coordinator [Professional] IPR Cell of SVIMS oriented the students about the newly established IPR cell in the institute. Anil Gupte is an Innovator and had 6 patents to his credit. He introduced to the students the various aspects of IPR and how one can safeguard their own personal information from others.



Innovation and IPR

Resource Person: Mr. Anil Gupte (Founder Layer3 Media)

Date: 24th January 2015, From 9am to 11 am

Mr. Anil Gupte Founder Layer3 Media shared his views with the students about innovation.

He started the discussion by asking the students the difference between “Innovation, Invention & Discovery”. Anil Gupte has 6 patents registered on his name, thus have thorough knowledge of IPR.

He introduced to the students the process of registering Patents and how one can safeguard their own work by Patenting.

Students found the session very interesting and interactive.


IPR-Legal Framework on 15th Oct. 2016

A session on “IPR-Legal Framework” was conducted by Mr. Anil Gupte, Founder Layer3 Media The session was conducted to cover the topics under Intellectual Property Laws- Patients, copyrights trademarks and designs. The students learned from the session the process of registering trademarks, protection and prosecution relating to the infringement of intellectual property rights.

He also made the students aware of the different categories under IPR i.e.- Trade marks, Copy rights, Design Rights and Patents.