Earth Citizenship and CSR

SVIMS is committed to environment protection by creating awareness and empathy through workshops and talks on sustainable living and through  ‘green intiatives and action’ to show ‘we care’. 

Some of our Initiatives:

26th October 2018

Dental check-up free of charge! 













“The best cure is always prevention”, says Dr. Neha Milani who along with Dr. Sarah Omer was invited to conduct a dental check-up camp at no cost. The camp was conducted for 2 hours and a total of 90 people availed the professional service for their dental health and were delighted with an endearing demeanor of these 2 Dentists. The camp started with these 90 participants first registering themselves, then proceeding with getting their teeth checked and being provided with expert advice by the 2 Dentists. This camp ended with our Director expressing her gratitude towards the Dentists and their assistants.


10th October, 2018

Resource Persons: Dr. Neha Milani, Dr. Chetan Burujwale, Dr. Pallavi Panse, Dr. Ashiyana Nariani

A wellness Wednesday Program

Dr. Neha Milani
Dr. Chetan Burujwale
Dr. Pallavi Panse
Dr. Ashiyana Nariani

















Sadhu Vaswani Institute for Management Studies for Girls, wishes students to grow into ethical and effective women managers and leaders. This requires having a sharp brain, a sensitive heart and above all a fit body. Therefore A wellness Wednesday program was organized on 10th October, 2018.

The first session was about dental health conducted by Dr. Neha Milani. Being an icon of youth and success, she successfully guided us how we should take care of our teeth. Dental problems can lead to pancreatic cancer and therefore it is very important to take care of our teeth and not neglect it. She stated that Dentistry is not expensive but neglecting it is!

The next session was conducted by Dr. Chetan Burujwale, Senior Medical Officer from Madhavbaug Multidisciplinary Cardiac Clinics and Hospitals. He elaborated on the need and essence of protecting and caring for the most important muscle in our bodies – the heart and how various conditions such as Blood Pressure, Diabetes, stress et al are related to heart disorders and diseases. He appealed that each one must walk for a minimum of 30 minutes every day to have a healthy heart.

The third session was conducted by Dr. Pallavi Panse, Obstetrician and Gynecologist. She elaborated on ways and means of maintaining menstrual hygiene and the necessity of HPP vaccination for young girls who have attained puberty.

The last session was about eye care. Dr. Ashiyana Nariani a corneal transplant expert discussed about various Cornea and External Eye Diseases and infections. She spoke of simple techniques to avoid dry eyes and pink eyes. She advocated about Eye Donation in her parting message.



Workshop on Newspaper Bag Making [28th August 2018]

With a view to prevent use of plastic and save the environment, we conducted a workshop [28th August 2018] on making bags from the News Papers. Mrs. Nisha Gujarathi, the trainer taught a group of 12 students how to make F-bags which can carry up to 1.5kgs of weight and can be used to purchase daily grocery items; D-Bags which are multipurpose bags which can carry up to 3kgs of weight; Box bags to  carry and store shoes ( up to 5kgs) and Shopping bags which can carry up to 8 kgs of weight. The bags are very affordable and look trendy too.

MOUs with : 

  1. Inlaks and Budhrani Hospital for conversion of organic material waste into biogas and for use of STP.
  2. SWACH for collection and recycling of E waste
  3. Brown leaf  for disposal of brown leaves

Rain Water Harvesting                                             Installing Solar Panels

Sewage Treatment Plant                                                 Solid Waste Treatment 







Brown Leaf

Around November to March is the time when deciduous trees shed leaves. A large quantity of leaf litter is generated.

Ground remains covered with these fallen leaves. They form a layer over the soil, protecting it from harsh sun during summer. Due to this, soil retains moisture. Various insects find shelter under these leaves.

Around 50 to 70% of the nutrients that a tree absorbs are present in the fallen leaves. In the monsoon, leaves decompose, and nutrients are returned to the soil, thus completing the cycle.

In urban setup, this natural, essential process has turned into a nightmare.

In cities, majority of the soils are capped with buildings, roads, pavements etc. Even when open soil is available, heaps of leaf litter do not fit into our idea of aesthetics. There is just no scope for natural decomposition of leaf litter.

Burning seems a convenient way to get rid of the leaf litter. Burning of dry leaves is banned in many countries.

Burning of dry leaves generates a large quantity of particulates that can reach deep in lung tissue and cause

  • Coughing
  • Wheezing
  • Chest pain
  • Shortness of breath
  • Long-term respiratory problems

SVIMS invited Aditi Deodhar, founder of Brown Leaf,at the institute to take steps in decomposing brown leafs of the trees in the campus.






 Waste Management Initiatives [1st November 2017]

We collect E waste and Plastic waste and offer it for reuse and recycling to agencies such as SWACH.


 Plastic Free Week Challenge was arranged from 1st to 7th November 2017

Appeals were made to Avoid or reduce or refuse plastic products.

Workshop on Eco Friendly Ganpati Making [8th September 2015]


Mr. Mandar Marathe, a renowned Pune based artist taught SVCON faculty members, St. Mira College students and our students and faculty to make Shadu Maati (Eco friendly) Ganpatis. The workshop was organised to prevent river pollution ahead of the Ganpati Festival.

Workshop on Newspaper Bag Making [27th August 2015]


Mrs. Vishakha Vichare taught students how to make bags out of old newspapers and other easily available materials to replace plastic bags.



River Clean-up Programme

Our students participate in the River Clean-up drive, organized by the Indian Maritime Foundation [IMF], as part of the International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) programme. The programme is an effort to create awareness about the environmental hazards of river pollution and is supported by the Pune Municipal Corporation and a few social organisations.




Water Conservation Initiatives of Green Thumb [25th January 2017]

Col. Suresh Patil & Col. Sathe were invited to talk about ‘Water Conservation initiatives of Green Thumb’, an NGO, engaged in ecological restoration in and around Pune.  They shared the excellent work being done to conserve water around Khadakwasala Dam and enthused students to contribute their mite towards sustainable living and conservation of resources.




Clean Rivers – A Lifeline for Punekars

Mrs. Shailaja Deshpande, Director of Jeevitnadi, an organisation committed to clean rivers in Pune [Mula MUtha] spoke on the project ‘ Clean Rivers – A Lifeline for Punekars’ followed by a workshop on making biodegradable toiletries. The session was an eye opener for students as the harmful effects of chemicals used in cosmetics and toiletries on health and environment were revealed.


Biodegradable Toiletries by Jeevitnadi

The workshop was attended by students and faculty of SVIMS as well as residents from nearby housing societies. Formulations of biodegradable floor cleaner, body wash, tooth cleaner and dish washing powders were demonstrated by Dr. Sheetal Chopade and Mrs. Veena Bagade. All participants were given samples to ensure trial of these environment friendly products.

National Festival of Tree Planting (Van Mahotsav)

Sadhu Vaswani Institute of Management Studies for Girls Pune celebrated ‘National Festival of Tree Planting (Van Mahotsav). Dr. B.H. Nanwani (Director) along with faculty members and administrative staff and students participated in this ‘Tree Plantation’ programme.

Mr. Ishaq Shaikh (Health Inspector – Pune Municipal Corporation & President Pune Youth Foundation) was invited for this programme. Participants planted various saplings in the campus. Mr. Ishaq Shaikh emphasised on the benefits of ‘Tree Plantation’ and its contribution in reduction of global warming.



Tree Plantation Drive

Rotaract Club, organized a tree plantation drive, sponsored by Rotary Club Pune, RCPL on 28th June, 2013 at SVIMS Campus. The event marked a stepping stone towards making a meaningful difference tin conserving the environment of our Mother Earth.

11 saplings were planted, which included 6 Casuarinas, 3 bougainvilleas and 2 creepers.


Environment Week

An environment week was organized by the CSR Committee at SVIMS to spread awareness about the grave issues that we are facing today. Everyday an important matter was covered wherein not only information was provided by the speakers but also small but essential changes that we can make in our day-to-day life to contribute to help save our planet were discussed. Topics like waste management was covered by Reema.J, reduction of plastic use by Krishnakumari C, wildlife conservation by Khushbu.B, water conservation was by Amita.B, pollution control by Priya M, green marketing by Jyothi. Students were also given information about major corporations that are taking eco friendly measures so as to be conscientious and responsible consumers. SVIMS also encouraged its students to celebrate and spread the word around to play a dry Holi in the wake of the worst drought situation faced by Maharashtra through the following poem written by Ms. Smita Mehendale

Apne Jeevan mein laane rangoh ki bahaar,

Mat karo paryavaran ka sanghar,

Paani ki har boondh jo kal chalkehgi,

Usme kisi pyaasi ki rooh behekehgi,

Badalteh samay ke saath kheloh,

Nayi rang ki holi, Chalo aaj na rangoh se,na paani se, Par aache vicharoh ki adla badli se manaye yeh holi!

SIx Degrees !!

The Rotary Club RCPC, The Indian MaritimeFoundation and Ocean Savers of India organized the screening of a thought- provoking documentary named Six Degrees for the students at the SVIMS Campus. It was truly enlightening and it has definitely given us all a wake-up call towards the alarming situation faced by our Mother Earth. With the support and guidance, we are really looking forward to making a meaningful difference in conserving our environment and reducing the disastrous effects of global warming.

TREE PLANTATION DRIVE AT SVIMS CAMPUS Rotaract Club of SVIMS, organized a tree plantation drive, sponsored by Rotary Club Pune, RCPL on 28th June, 2013 at SVIMS Campus. This was the Second Project undertaken by the club, a stepping stone towards making a meaningful difference towards conserving the environment of our Mother Earth.


Green Thumb Drive

SVIMS students visited Green Thumb, Khadakwasal, an NGO committed to the cause of ecological restoration in and around Pune. Students planted saplings and also assisted the Green Thumb staff in the upkeep of the premise.



Supporting Sarva Jal Abhiyan [Sakal Media Group] 28th August 2014

Sarva Jal Abhiyan reinforces a very basic virtue about one of nature’s most pristine offering i.e. Water is Wealth. Everyone needs to accumulate, safeguard and maximise this resource, as one would do with personal monetary resources.

Students and staff extended support to Jal Abhiyan by taking a pledge to save water and work towards its conservation.

Newspaper Bag Making [18th August 2014]

Resource Person: Rtn. Surendra Shroff

Surendra Shroff, A Green Hero, visited SVIMS for a special awareness-creation and demonstration session. Mr. Shroff  has dedicated considerable time, effort and resources to the social cause of creating livelihood for the blind & underprivileged sections of the society, and protecting Planet Earth in the process. He spoke on his environment-conservation project of making carry bags from newspapers. He has trained thousands of blind people, as well as the orphans, the underprivileged and inmates of prisons to make different kinds of carry-bags out of newspapers and waste products.

Shroff mentioned that he has modified the 3-R concept of conservation of natural resources to 4 R’s- Refuse (to use plastic carry bags), Reduce, Reuse & Recycle. His project is well-researched so as to compete with plastic bags in the market-place. He has been able to bring down the cost of making a newspaper bag by using donated newspapers and waste materials from the garment industry.

He demonstrated the technique of making strong paper bags of different shapes and sizes that can carry up to 15 kgs. His project is based on the concept of entrepreneurship of the self-help model.

He pointed out that the problem of non-biodegradable waste will aggravate in the coming years and will cause severe damage to the planet.  He requested the MBA students to take up this issue by personally visiting small shops in their neighbourhood to promote awareness of paper bags among shopkeepers.  They could use their marketing/persuasive skills to bring about a change in the attitude of the society

Green Diwali 


Promotion of Green Generation Diwali [online awareness drive] on social media. A Facebook page titled Green Generation Diwali was launched. The focus of the drive was to encourage people to celebrate ‘Green Diwali’, by saying ‘NO’ to firecrackers. The campaign was a huge success as the page was able to reach over 3500+ people. 216 people liked the page and joined the mission to promote the concept of Green Diwali.



We live our Founder’s philosophy…. Reverence is the root and service is the fruit of Education. Our young turf are taught that they must serve society and contribute to alleviate suffering. Our students of create a niche by virtue of the sense of  commitment they feel towards society. These leaders of tomorrow are setting forth an example that leadership is all about understanding the needs of the society, reaching out and making a difference. The students have whole heartedly initiated and participated in various society centric activities.

Our CSR initiatives revolve around

Blood Donation Drives

Visits to Animal Shelters to serve the dumb and defenceless creatures

Visits to orphanages/home for the aged/blind school inmates to serve them goodies, entertain them and leave them with a sense of joy

Designing and executing entertainment programmes and physically taking care of special children during Baal Melas

Entrepreurial activity to raise funds for charities [ Cataract surgeries for tribal folks, programme for autistic children etc]

Blood Donation Drives


At the Blue Cross Society Shelter[BCS]











Serving Inmates at the Observation Center






Service of Patients at Inlaks & Budhrani Hospital






Baal Melas 








One day seminar on “Half the Sky: The Right to Equality and Dignity [7th January 2013]







In the wake of Nirbhaya case [16th December 2012] SVIMS, in a special CSR initiative,  organized a one day seminar on “Half the Sky: The Right to Equality and Dignity”. Over 300 people from different city institutes attended the free seminar. The Seminar began with an inspiring message from Dada J.P. Vaswani, who aptly pointed out that woman was a symbol of shakti, and it was this shakti that would ultimately overthrow the monster of violence and evil that was destroying the moral fabric of our society.

Among the speakers were Dr. E. B. Khedkar, Dean, Faculty of Management, University of Pune, Advocate Ujjwala Pawar, District Government Pleader and Public Prosecutor, Raj Khilnani IPS, Director General (Anti Corruption), Maharashtra, Radhika Rawat of Muskaan – Aalochana and Anuradha Sahasrabuddhe of Dnyanadevi Foundation

Rohit Srivatsawa gave a practical demonstration of how security breaches and violation of privacy occurred on social networking sites, while Deepankar and his team of self defence experts from Mahindra Special Services were on hand to demonstrate basic self-defence techniques to all participants.

Cancer Awareness Programme: Healing Harmonies [6th September, 2013]

This programme was organised in association with Rotary Club of Pune Central for its students, their parents and the community at large. This unique event, “Healing Harmonies” was not just a lecture-demonstration; it was a live musical show conceptualized and presented by Dr. Shekhar Kulkarni, highly reputed cancer surgeon   and Founder Trustee of Aaastha, a well-known Cancer Support Group from Pune. Interspersed with unforgettable songs rendered melodiously by Dr. Kulkarni and his own former patients, all of them cancer survivors, the programme covered virtually all aspects of cancer prevention – including diet, lifestyle and avoidable bad habits.

Dr. Kulkarni and Aaastha also offered a highly subsidized and pain-free cancer screening on Friday and Saturday to women who registered for the same. These included many women over the age of 35, especially those with a family history of breast cancer, who attended the programme and availed of the subsidized cancer screening provided by an expert.

Breast Cancer Awareness 12th February 2018

Our students participated in a Mega Event set to create a World Record. Breast Cancer Awareness organised by OYE Foundation













SVIMS made donations to Samagra Empowerment Foundation to help provide access to clean community toilets to girls.