DateActivityName of FacultyRemark
14 Nov 2023Outreach Programme-Pictures Tell Stories – A Photo Exhibition and a Drama at Sant Gadge Maharaj VastiMs. Sonali Joshi31
16 January 2023National Startup DayMs. Sonali Joshi50
17 January 2023Special SanctuaryMs. Sonali Joshi82
19th NOVEMBER 2022GUEST SESSION -Menstrual and personal Hygiene BY
November 2022Sadhu Vaswani’s 143rd Birth Anniversary CelebrationsAll152
28 November 2022HEALTH CHECK UP CAMP AT SANT GADGE MAHARAJ VASTIDr Abhijeet Kaiwade25 NSS and 8 student volunteers
13 July 2022CSR ACTIVITIES HOMAGE TO REV FOUNDER. DADA JP VASWANIDr Abhijeet Kaiwade3 NSS and 2 student volunteers
25 June 2022SEVA programme at Post Kalote, Thakurwadi, Tal Khopoli, Dist Raigad with Sadhu Vaswani Mission.Dr Abhijeet Kaiwade16 NSS and 5 student volunteers
4th October 2022Garba Celebrations at a Community School with an NGOMs Sonali Joshi2 NSS Volunteers and 225 beneficiaries
21st October 2022Diwali Celebrations at Shantai Foundation with Sadhu Vaswani MissionMs Sonali Joshi1 NSS Volunteer and 5 Faculty members and 200 beneficiaries
24 August 2021RAKHI CELEBRATIONDr Smita Iyer9
21/09/2021International Peace Day – 2021Dr Smita Iyer10
26/02/2021Spreading Love during ThanksgivingMs. Bindiya Rangwani25
25/11/2021International Meatless DayMs. Bindiya Rangwani19
5th TO 8th MARCH 2022International Women’s DayProf Sonali Joshi 2
25/06/2022 SEVA programme at KaloteDr Abhijeet Kaiwade21
28/06/2022 Cyber Security and Cyber Crime Awareness SessionMs. Harshali Bhalerao23
2/5/2022A Session on International Labor DayProf Sonali Joshi 46
Prof Sonali Joshi 27
09/04/2022Gender inclusion and Women LeadershipProf Sonali Joshi 38
16/05/2022A Session on Enhancing HR Function in the digitally driven work-spaceProf Sonali Joshi 32
02/06/2022Corporate Contributions Towards Sustainable National DevelopmentProf Sonali Joshi 52
18/6/2022Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav – National Quiz on Financial Sector -RegardingProf Sonali Joshi 11
13 – 17 January 2023Sadahu Vaswani ( Founder) MahayagyaDr Divya Lakhani63
14/01/2023Outreach Programme-Pictures Tell Stories – A Photo Exhibition and a Drama at Sant Gadge Maharaj VastiProf Sonali Joshi 31
30/01/2023Industrial Visit at Kisanveer Sugar Factary SataraProf Vaishali Joshi18
26/01/23Republic DayProf Sonali Joshi 72
21/01/2023Making Cloth Pads Taking Care of Self and the EnvironmentProf Sonali Joshi 25
21/01/2023Financial Frauds & Corporate GovernanceDr Divya Lakhani17
24/01/23Managing Cultural Diversity in Professional SpaceProf Sonali Joshi 85
25/1/2313th National Voters DayDr5 Abhijeet Kaiwade52
27/01/23Panel Discussion Women EntrepreneursProf Sonali Joshi 41
13/04/2023World Book & Copyright Day celebrationDr Kalpana Salunkhe25
05/06/2021Anti Ragging Poster competition and QuizMs. Vaishali R. Patil16
10-Dec-21Human Rights Day-Treasure HuntSonali Joshi
19-Nov-21International Mens DayMs. Sonali Joshi15
03/12/2022International Day of Persons with DisabilitiesMs. Sonali Joshi31
15/05/2023German Fest 2.0Prof Harshali Bhalerao47
25/04/2023 to 20/05/2023Case WritingProf Harshali Bhalerao34

Case Writing


Mr. Ketan Gandhi an alumnus of IIMA, Founder of KgGuruji and a Consultant to businesses facilitated the workshop on case writing. The workshop was conducted on two days: 15th April and 20th May 2023. The gap of almost a month was given to the faculty members to develop their own cases and teaching notes.

In the first session Mr Ketan Gandhi explained what cases are and their importance as a teaching aid. He also explained that case study methodology is an interactive method of teaching which involves teamwork and exchange of ideas and thoughts amongst the participants. This helps the participants to look at a particular topic or problem from various perspectives. He also guided the faculty members on how to write a case. He explained that writing a case study involves deciding a topic for the case, researching on the topic, collecting material for case writing, and then developing the case. He said that cases should have a very attractive title and writing style which would attract the attention of the readers/ students and motivate them to read and solve the case. He explained various important points like, case writing types, use of story telling in case writing, having a protagonist in the cases, etc o make the cases interesting to read and solve.

German Fest 2.0


The first year MBA students organized German fest, an event to showcase different aspects of German culture. With perfect synergy and coordination between teams of First year MBA students, the event proved to be an unforgettable experience. The Fest was hosted by Manjusha and Tanaya. Different Groups performed different activities like German Song, Dance, Games like Dumbsherads and Treasure Hunt, Fashion Show, Jokes and Culinary skills by preparing German Salad and Sandwiches. The students tried to perform and explain in German language. The Treasure Hunt organizing team had kept a gift hamper for the winners to motivate the teams to plat Treasure Hunt in German Language

The students were also evaluated for their creativity, Language Skills, presentation, audience likes during their performances at the German Fest 2.0. These marks would be considered as one of the components of internal evaluation. Ms. Tanvi from BMCC helped with the evaluation to reduce personal bias, if any. The Fest was live streamed on Inst and Facebook.

International Day of Persons with Disabilities


  • SVIMS observed the day by holding a special Sanctuary in respect of the specially abled or differently abled persons.  
  • Two students from Sem I, Ms. Jasmine and Ms. Simran Chhabria shared their experiences of being with differently abled persons.
  • An E-Poster competition was arranged for the students. The were given two themes for poster making:
  • Theme 1 – Don’t Judge a Disability by its Visibility
  • Theme 2 – Disability Inclusion
  • Dr. Divya Lakhani, in her address to the students, shared her experience with one of the students who was blind and wanted to learn accountancy. Ma’am shared that it was a learning experience for her too as that girl was one of the best candidates she had ever taught. The grit and clarity with what that girl understood the concepts was commendable. She asked the attendees to go through an exercise of blindfolding themselves and trying to work for half a day. This would make them value their life more and understand the difficulties faced by differently abled persons.
  • She urged the students to register their names as scribes at various educational institutes for students who need this service to appear for exams.
  • Ms. Sonali Joshi then played two videos

The videos depicted real time interactions, experiences, thoughts and expectations for people from different walks of life, all specially abled, but with one message – treat us equal.

  • The event concluded with a vote of thanks by Ms. Sonali Joshi.

International Mens Day


  • SVIMS celebrated International Men’s Day by inviting the male members of the faculty, staff and students’ families to participate in the event. This was done with the view to understand the paradigm shift in the perceptions of people towards the male gender.
  • Ms. Sonali Joshi, faculty member, welcomed all the attendees to the event. With the Director’s permission, the event was started with a video on “boys don’t cry”.
  • After the video, the forum was opened to discussions. Col Amit Bhagi, an invitee and a relative of a faculty, presented his views on what it means to be a man and how it is perceived.
  • Dr. Abhijeet Kaiwade, HOD, too shared his experiences where he has experienced toxicity in masculinity and what has been his and her wife’s response to it.
  • Some of the students also contributed to the session by presenting their views. This also brought the required substance to the discussions as people from different generations and genders were putting forth their views, experiences and insights.
  • Dr. B H Nanwani, Director, shared her insights to the importance of the day, the beliefs, role systems and structures that lay the foundation of relationships and the society as a whole. She emphasized that that it is not only women who are harassed but also men who face different harassments. The need of the hour is to build a strong foundation for mutual respect and understanding.
  • The event concluded with a vote of thanks by Ms. Sonali Joshi to all the attendees.

National Startup Day


  • Mr. Shashikant Kumbhar, Sr. Project Officer, MCED, began the session with gauging the entrepreneurial know-how of the students who were attending the session.
  • He was impressed to know that some of them were from a background of family business, some were influencers and some had also worked as freelancers. However, when it came to the question of becoming a dedicated entrepreneur, there were not many enthusiasts.
  • He then spoke about the need for developing an entrepreneurial mindset. Women entrepreneurs today are not just a by product but are the demand of global business market.
  • Mr. Kumbhar touched upon the need to be driven, to be self-motivated to learn something new and while on that journey, increase the risk appetite.
  • He urged the students to explore their own talents as each one of them then shall find an entrepreneurial opportunity in the self-exploration.
  • He spoke about McClelland’s theory of motivation wherein each one of us needs to assess that what is it that drives us to do something more in life – is it the need for power, achievement or affiliation.
  • He also shared about the scope of MCED and the work it is doing to help entrepreneurs from all sectors – big and small.
  • He also made students participate in simulation exercises wherein he gave them a situation and asked them to come up with the solutions.
  • The students were happy with his session and also asked a few questions related to their ideas and business opportunities during the open house.

Special Sanctuary


  • A skit was performed by the MBA students to bring about the theme of The Right Conduct towards disability / disabled persons.
  • The skit was about a woman on a wheelchair at a niche restaurant and the treatment meted out to her by the Hotel Staff ( . At the end of the skit comes the message that it wasn’t the disability of the woman on the wheelchair but the disability of the people working in that restaurant who could not see her first as a human and then as an individual.
  • This is mostly the case in our daily lives when we stare at differently abled people or feel sympathy for them. We need to understand that it is not sympathy but empathy that is much required. Equal opportunities, equal respect, right conduct and an evolving mindset is the need of the hour. Diversity and inclusion should not only be spoken about, but it must also be practiced at individual levels.
  • The skit was appreciated by all.

Outreach Programme-Pictures Tell Stories – A Photo Exhibition and a Drama at Sant Gadge Maharaj Vasti


  • The event was conducted with the aim of touching upon two elements – maanyata and maanavta. Being Human is an important factor in today’s societal complexities. Respect and reverence for life seems to be lost in the race for accomplishment of materialistic goals
  • To depict these elements, a photo and a poster exhibition was organized at the Vasti.
  • It was encouraging to see young children along with their mothers attend the event as these young children shall grow into becoming the torch bearers of change in the society in future.
  • A dance session was arranged for the children wherein they participated whole heartedly.
  • The students shared about the experiences of the NSS camp with the attendees, wherein they emphasized upon the need to be conscious about self, society and the surroundings. Cleanliness as next to Godliness is not only to be practiced as a matter of brooming dust from the house. It is more imperative to have purity of thoughts and actions towards our fellow beings as well as the flora and the fauna. Being environmentally conscious is the clarion call.
  • The students presented a skit on animal rights which was much appreciated by all. The skit – ‘Jaanwaron ki Adalat’ depicted the animals going on a movement and a strike against humans for mistreatment and inhuman behaviour. They have filed a case in the court of God for their conditions and were demanding justice.
  • Once the skit was over, two of the attendees spoke about the relevance of the session conducted. A small girl said that she will try and stop the young boys from throwing stones and hurting the street dogs. That felt as a reward for the event conducted.
  • The attendees, before leaving, took a tour of the exhibition and also conversed with the students for the same.

Anti Ragging Poster competition and Quiz


World Book & Copyright Day Celebration


Every year, UNESCO invites the international community to celebrate World Book and Copyright Day on 23 April. At SVIMS this book day was celebrated in the library on 23/04/2023. On this day, recognised books were arranged in the reading room. These books were on the life of well-known personalities, scientists. The students of MBA & MCA read these books with genuine interest. These books helped students to give knowledge regarding generations, cross cultures, motivational life stories, new inventions, and discoveries.


Panel Discussion Women Entrepreneurs


Ms. Monica Lundh, Fashion Designer, Ms. Uzema Mulla, Founder of Delectable Dishes (Online Cake Business), Mrs. Prachi Mohindra, Photographer (Maternity, Family & Portfolio), a professional Ms. Rajeshree M Kirtikar, Audiologist & Speech Therapist, Ms. Pallavi Patil, IT Recruiter for Startup and Ms. Rameshwari Wadgule, Dietician & Nutritionist were the panel for the day. The women first shared their journey as to how they thought of staring the venture. Most of these ambitious ladies had quit a regular job to start their venture. They started their enterprise with very little or no capital investment. However these women entrepreneurs had varied experiences in balancing their work and home after starting their venture. They also had varied experiences with regards to the challenges faced by them like marketing their venture, getting clients and approaching them. Another challenge they faced were self-inducted as all wanted to do their home chores along with their business tasks. However, all the ladies expressed that they got ample support form their family so that they could make their dreams come true.

13th National Voters Day


The National Voters’ Day is celebrated on January 25 every year since 2011, all across the country to mark the Foundation Day of Election Commission of India (25th January 1950). The theme for this year’s NVD is ‘Nothing Like Voting, I Vote for Sure’

Dr Abhijeet Kaiwade through his talk created awareness about electronic voting system. Students were guided on filling online forms for voter registration and voter Id. They were also shown how to search one’s name in the voters’ list by name and by election Id card. Quiz on election was conducted on the theme “Nothing Like Voting, I Vote for Sure”.

Ms Reeshita Das helped students to take voter’s day pledge, MsSheetal Pisal circulated the pledge link and 56 students and 10 staff members participated in the online pledge.

Impact: By the end of the event, students understood the importance and role of young voters. Students understood the process of enrolling name for election card and searching name in voters list.

Managing Cultural Diversity in Professional Space

Mrs. Pragati Chopra Shah, spoke about her experience dealing with cultural diversity in a workplace during her career as an HR professional. Began her session by asking the attendants about their understanding of the terms, culture, diversity, profession and workplaces. She opined that Millennials are influencing workplaces now and in the future as such as redefining the term cultural diversity – the presence of several ethnic or cultural groups within a society. It’s a trend that will undoubtedly endure the coming tests of time, societal changes at global levels. We all are moving towards being considered as aa population that is inclusive of all differences. Race, ethnicity, age, ability, language, nationality, socioeconomic status, gender, religion, or sexual orientation are examples of workplace diversity from a business perspective.

She further discussed the various forms of diversity in the HR industry. There are a few key types of diversity characteristics that HR should consider – Age, LGBTQIA, gender, differently abled, mindfulness neurodiversity, thought process to name a few.

The class concluded with a fruitful round of questions and answers because most of the students wanted to express their opinions and get any questions they had about cultural diversity in the workplace answered, which the Guest speaker gracefully obliged.

Financial Frauds & Corporate Governance

CMA Harshad Deshpande, Ex-Chairman – WIRC of ICAI, Insolvency Professional, Registered Valuer, explained about concept of corporate governance and its importance to companies.

The case of ICICI Bank – Videocon was discussed wherein he emphasized on misuse of position by the directors. It was also discussed that this being a Related Party Transactions [RPT] it should have been dealt with utmost care and caution. In such situations the role played by independent directors in discharging their duties with due diligence plays an important role. They can demand requisite information from the company to arrive at correct decisions and if they are not satisfied, they can record their dissent. This is crucial as in the unfortunate event of foul play in such RPTs, independent directors can be held accountable. 

Making Cloth Pads Taking Care of Self and the Environment


The workshop at Shantai Foundation was conducted to create awareness about cost effective and environment friendly option during menstruation – the cloth pads.

The list of material required for the workshop was shared well in advance with the coordinator at the Foundation so that the participants were ready with the material – Paper and pen, Scissor, Old towel, Old Cotton cloth, Needle and thread and Buttons. The participants were then guided by Ms. Pratiskha Punekar and other students of SVIMS as to the process of making cloth pads. There were a few mother-daughter duos who had turned up for the workshop. The participants were also informed about the advantages of using cloth pads, such as that they are cheaper than sanitary pads, they are more hygienic and cause less of health issues. The women could take it up as a home or a community business and be self-dependent. The day had been a fruitful one, giving a sense of achievement and satisfaction.

Republic Day

74th Republic Day was celebrated at SVIMS with great patriotism and zeal. The employees and the students gathered at the Basketball court at 8:00 am whereby the Chief Guest, Dr. Jagdish Panse, HOD Orthopaedics at Inlaks & Budhrani Hospital, Pune, alongwith Dr. B H Nanwani, Director SVIMS, unfurled the Flag and all the attendees paid their respect to the Flag by singing the National Anthem.

This was followed by the Unity Run, wherein all the students ran a designated circuit holding the National Flags, colouring the whole path in the hues and spirit of the day.

The students then presented a cultural event as follows:

  1. Dr. B H Nanwani, Director, SVIMS, encouraged the students to follow the path of righteousness and be the changemakers of the future.
  2. Chief guest too shared his thoughts about the Republic Day and his childhood memories regarding the same. He wished the students the best for their future and urged them to value their freedom, their Constitution and their being born in an independent country.
  3. A beautiful Bharat Natyam performance by Ms. Anushka Nikalje connected everyone to one of the most traditional and respected Indian dance forms.
  4. The Group song as sung and performed by the students touched the hearts of all the attendees, so much so that all the attendees stood up and sang Vande Mataram with the group. The students who participated in the group song were Ms .Sakshi Gandhi, Ms. Nitu Sharma, Ms. Vaishnavi Dhale, Ms. Diksha Beherani, Ms. Muskan Sadhwani, Ms. Kajal Yadav, Ms. Akanksha Kumari, Ms. KadambariUtral and Ms. Vaibhavi Patil respectively.
  5. Ms. Jasmine Kandhari, in her speech, shared about the winning and progressive strides that have been made by India since it became a republic. The achievements made possible through indigenous technologies have also made India a global soft power.
  6. Dr. Divya Lakhani, in her Vote of thanks mentioned that the constitution given to us by Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar reflects the spirit of India. India has succeeded as a Democratic Republic because the constitution served as a source of unity.


Kisanveer Satara Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Ltd., Bhuinj, Satara  

The students along with the faculty member visited “Kisanveer Satara Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Ltd” Bhuinj, District Satara on 30th January 2023. Kisanveer Sugar Industry is a agro-based Industry in Co-operative Sector in India. This sugar factory was established in 1968 by Freedom fighter Shri. Kisan Mahadeo Veer, Senior Congress leader, and Ex- rural development Minister Shri. Prataprao Bhosale.

The students were made aware of the manufacturing process of sugar, storage, marketing, and bio-products. The manufacturing of sugar process includes the following:

1. Extraction:  The first stage of processing is the extraction of the cane juice

2. Evaporation: The factory can clean up the juice quite easily with slaked lime & Sulphur which settles out a lot of the dirt.

3. Boiling: The syrup is placed into a very large pan for boiling, this is the last stage. The crystals are then given a final dry with hot air before being stored ready for dispatch.

4. Raw Usage Storage: The final raw sugar forms a sticky brown mountain.

5. Sugar: After that, processed sugar gets packed and sent to Godown for storage.

In the factory, Marketing is done as per the Central Government Policy which includes release orders & free levy quota system. The sugar factory has undertaken projects for CNG Gas, a 22 Megawatts power generation plant.

After the industrial visit, all students visited Sajjan gad which is near Satara. This fort was built by Bahamani rulers between (1347-1527) and is also famous as the “Fort of Good people”. This Fort is the final resting place of Sant Ramdas and a popular place of pilgrimage. There are temples which are devoted to Lod Rama, Hanuman and Angai Devi.  

A total number of 18 students participated in this Industrial Visit.

Outreach Programme-Pictures Tell Stories – A Photo Exhibition and a Drama at Sant Gadge Maharaj Vasti


  • The event was conducted with the aim of touching upon two elements – maanyata and maanavta. Being Human is an important factor in today’s societal complexities. Respect and reverence for life seems to be lost in the race for accomplishment of materialistic goals
  • To depict these elements, a photo and a poster exhibition was organized at the Vasti.
  • It was encouraging to see young children along with their mothers attend the event as these young children shall grow into becoming the torch bearers of change in the society in future.
  • A dance session was arranged for the children wherein they participated whole heartedly.
  • The students shared about the experiences of the NSS camp with the attendees, wherein they emphasized upon the need to be conscious about self, society and the surroundings. Cleanliness as next to Godliness is not only to be practiced as a matter of brooming dust from the house. It is more imperative to have purity of thoughts and actions towards our fellow beings as well as the flora and the fauna. Being environmentally conscious is the clarion call.
  • The students presented a skit on animal rights which was much appreciated by all. The skit – ‘Jaanwaron ki Adalat’ depicted the animals going on a movement and a strike against humans for mistreatment and inhuman behaviour. They have filed a case in the court of God for their conditions and were demanding justice.

Sadahu Vaswani ( Founder) Mahayagya

Simple, unpretentious, singularly free from show and ostentation, Gurudev Sadhu Vaswani moved about as a man amongst men, serving them in his characteristic selflessness.

His actions were driven by immense empathy. He was prophetic when he said “New India will be built not in the Lok Sabha or Rajya Sabha but in the home and the school.”

Sadhu Vaswani dropped his mortal frame on 16th January 1966, at the age of 86. His passing on was mourned across the globe.

We organized a weeklong series of activities to offer our respects to Sadhu Vaswani.

13 January 2023:

Faculty, staff and students visited SVM. Dr. B H Nanwani paid a heartfelt tribute to Gurudev Sadhu Vaswani by emphasizing that Sadhu Vaswaniji was way ahead of his times.

She said that while teaching MBA students, we often speak of great management thinkers and how they create marketing, organizational theories, principles of business success, business models etc. Many things that we taught to them were or are being challenged on certain occasions and many of these may seem inappropriate in times to come. She gave the example of how digital marketing has diminished the relevance of traditional marketing. As compared to these management Gurus, when saints like Sadhuji speak they spoke of immortal truths, principles and models that have stood the test of time. 

The New Education Policy (NEP) talks about promoting Indian Culture through our Education System. This has already been practiced by all the institutions under Mira Education Board through Sanctuary – session devoted to inculcating human values that is conducted on a daily basis.

She enlightened the audience about how Sadhuji believed that woman is the symbol of Shakti. If she is educated, her intelligence can be channelized in the right way. She can be the trail blazer for the society and the nation at large.

Lastly, she reiterated the message of Sadhuji – Reverence for humanity – for all forms of life. She exhorted everyone to stop meat consumption for the survival of our beautiful planet.

14 January 2023:

The institute organized a donation drive wherein faculty and students donated Groceries, Clothes and Bag. This was then donated to MAHER Ashram, Vadgaonsheri, Pune – a home for destitute women, children and men from all over India.

16 January 2023:

In her tribute to Sadhu Vaswani, Dr. Nanwani said that Sadhu Vaswani did not aspire for Mukti. He once expressed that he wouldn’t mind taking the birth of a dog, if he could be of help to some distressed soul.

Two days before he dropped his physical body, he called his devotees and requested them to distribute all his clothes among the poor except 2 sets of clothes.

His entire life was a saga of Seva and devotion to the Lord. Several devotees have expressed how they have been helped by Sadhuji in their personal struggles and travails.

17 January 2023:

Gurudev was consumed by the flames on this day. The members participated in the Satsang at SVM and partook of the prasad offered during the Langar.

A.Y 2021-22


28th November 2022

A Health Checkup Camp was conducted at Sant Gadge Maharaj Vasti alongwith Pune Municipal Corporation under the campaign Healthy Mother, Healthy Homes. 33 girls participated in the event wherein their hemoglobin levels were checked to assess the anemia and / or other related health issues. All the participants were given Rajgiri ladoos and Folic acid tabs were distributed to those whose tests reported less hemoglobin.

GUEST SESSION Menstrual and personal Hygiene


19th NOVEMBER 2022

SVIMS has always been very proactive in matters regarding health, hygiene and wellness of the students. “Guest session on Menstrual Hygiene and Personal Hygiene” was one such initiative.


  • Dr. Sneha Nagar, a renowned Gynecologist from Inlaks and Budrani Hospital conducted a session on menstrual and Personal Hygiene for the students of MBA and MCA.
  • She said that due to changed lifestyle, eating habits and stress, girls are facing many problems like PCOD and infertility.
  • She further said that having knowledge about these problems, diagnosis and the treatment would help the girls take necessary precautions and steps towards their good health and well-being.
  • She educated the participants on issues like menstrual hygiene, sex and personal hygiene.

The session concluded with the Q&A session by the students.

Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav – National Quiz on Financial Sector -Regarding

The program commenced with the welcome address by Dr. Divya Lakhani. Mr. Ravinder
Singh Chawla was introduced by Ms. Kiran Rajpurohit.
Mr. Chawla emphasized on the need for investment for it will help us to tide over the rainy
days. He explained on the different investment avenues and discussed the risk associated with
it. He explained the types of market – primary and capital market. He then went on to explain
the role of SEBI in equity market.
Requirements of investing in securities market in stock market were discussed with the
participants. The basic rules of investing – Sound Fundamentals of Company, profitability,
ethics, sustainability initiatives undertaken by company, etc. were dwelled upon. He informed
the audience that they can access this information by doing industry analysis, financial ratios,
management track record, future projection etc.
He highlighted the initiatives taken by SEBI towards Investor Protection, grievance redressal
mechanism, do’s and don’ts of investing in securities market and advised the investors to
exercise their rights and responsibilities.
Mr. Ravinder Singh Chawla also explained the concept of Mutual Fund, role of Fund Manager,
Classification of Mutual Funds Schemes, importance of Risk-o-Meter.
He encouraged the students to enhance their learning experience of capital market by visiting
The program concluded with vote of thanks by Ms. Deepti Aswani, MBA II students, SVIMS.

Corporate Contributions Towards Sustainable National Development


Mrs. Chhaya Sehgal started her session by sharing about the importance of the word commitment. She opined that if an individual cannot honor his/her own word, then no one else will honor their words.  That is how important the word commitment should be to each one of us. The following are a few excerpts from her session:

  • She emphasized upon the role of woman and the familial structures that are an integral part of our society. The upbringing and value models are the secret of having a good future generation in any nation, in any society and in this world. Home and family are the nucleus of any social unit and therefore economic activity.
  •  If women of this world did not keep their family first, then we would have a society which will culturally and spiritually degenerate much faster than it is. It is the individual accountability that drives corporate actions towards sustainability.
  • She explained the concept of Triple Bottom Line. The triple bottom line is a business concept that mandates firms should commit to measuring their social and environmental impact—in addition to their financial performance—rather than solely focusing on generating profit, or the standard “bottom line.” It can be broken down into “three Ps”: profit, people, and the planet.
  • We all are born out of environment. If we start ruining it, we are ending our own existence. Barter system, leading to Silk Route to landlord system that humanity has seen, all this has led to “prosperity” defined by money. However, has also led to disruption in the balance of nature.
  • Through story of Amul, Chhaya Ma’am shared the success of White revolution in Gujarat brought about by Mr. Verghese Kurien that changed the lives of villages and especially women in these villages. Ma’am also shared the example of ITC that has brought about changes in the lives of farmers, giving more employment and education opportunity to the residents of the villages.
  • TedX talk by Mr. Rohit Deshpande was also referred to by Chhaya Ma’am. The video depicted the attack on Taj Hotel, Mumbai. It was a case study that was undertaken by Mr. Rohit Deshpande. It spoke about how the employees at all levels of Taj Hotel risked their lives to be with the guests at the Hotel, to protect them from any harm. These ethics and loyalty by the employees reflect on their contributions to the society. CSR, therefore is not just a brand or a statement, it is a feeling that describes and defines the growth of a society at all levels.
  • Dr. Divya Lakhani, in her vote of thanks, shared her view that if you do good things, karma shall take care of everything else. The Corporates too need to be conscious of their actions and not only think about the balance sheet, the financial implications. Alongwith the profits it is the goodwill that takes the businesses on the path of growth.

A Session on Enhancing HR Function in the digitally driven work-SPACE


  • Pragati began the session by sharing her recent experience at a Taj property wherein she conversed with the HR manager about the standards of service that Taj is known for and the engagement of the employees. The manager shared about the growth cycle of the employee right from the time he is inducted into the organization and the handholding the employee gets for his career development.
  • She emphasized on the need for right recruitment practices followed by well defined training programs.
  • With digitalization, even the levels of leadership have been restructured. Most of the organizations today hire coaches to help them understand their capabilities, enhance them, fill in the gaps to have a better functioning at all levels.
  • She spoke about upskilling. She encouraged the girls to be open to learning, to keep themselves updated and enhance their existing knowledge and skills through various courses, reading and keeping themselves abreast with the changing business scenarios. It is required for them to understand their role as an HR in the digitally driven world and to perform to meet these complex requirements.
  • Goals for self and the plans to achieve them are very important to keep oneself engaged and motivated. A good career planning has positive impact on individual as well as the organization.
  • She shared her journey from being an MBA graduate to her present job profile and her learning through the years.
  • Students interacted with the Guest speaker and asked her questions which she graciously answered. The questions varied from work life balance to digital workspaces and career choices in the HR today.

Gender inclusion and Women Leadership


  • Ms. Sonali Joshi, faculty member, began by welcoming the Guest speaker and the participants for the session and giving a brief on the importance and the need for the session being conducted.
  • Ms. Vaishnavi Shinde, student of MBA II, introduced the guest speaker to the attendees and welcomed the speaker.
  • Dr. Sweta Mohapatra began her session by sharing a well cited research paper of hers titled, “Women Advancing to Leadership Positions: A Qualitative Study of Women Leaders in IT and ITES Sector in India”.
  • Dr. Mohapatra’s session brought forth many elements and examples of real world concerned with diversity, its meaning to the individuals and organizations and the place that women have made for themselves at the corporate table, slowly but steadily.
  • She spoke about the key factors that facilitate the advancement of women to leadership positions.
  • Dr. Mohapatra emphasized upon the need for Inclusive Leadership, the need to create space for different social, economic, and ideological perspectives and experiences within the workplace. Approaching these differences with empathy and understanding while building a sense of personal authenticity would bring about the desired changes to the existing mindsets.
  • She shared with the students that right from the early phase of their career building they must  identify steps to expand and strengthen their personal network, adopt the best practices to develop lasting and positive relationships, and build marketplace reputation and goodwill for themselves and for their organizations.
  • The students interacted with the Speaker enthusiastically and also asked a few questions which she graciously answered. Dr. Mohapatra also shared her journey from her college days to her present, inspiring the girls to not to give up on their dreams and make correct life choices.
  • The Session ended with a Vote of Thanks by Mrs. Vaishali Patil.




  • Ms. Sonali Joshi, faculty member, conducted the program on Water Conservation. She began by welcoming everyone for the event. She covered the following points in her session:

Glass Half Full – as a practice at SVIMS, the water is served in the glasses only till the half level of the glass so as to ensure that even if a guest only sips water, there is not much water wastage.

Size of the glass – two glasses from the office pantry were taken and the water quantity was measured. One glass was short and the other one was taller. However, the water retaining quantity for both was same.  The perception of the size of the glass too makes a difference as to how people consider consumption of water.

Reusable Water Bottles – SVIMS does not support single use plastic. Therefore, all students and employees are advised to use reusable water bottles and refill the bottles as and when needed.

Half Flush Full Flush – the attendees were also made aware of water conservation practices in the wash rooms. The concept of Full flush and half flush was introduced to them.

Dripping Taps – The need to be observant and take actions towards dripping taps anywhere – roads, homes, gardens, offices – was reiterated. Every individual must feel responsible to close any taps that may be found dripping or open without a purpose.

Filling up of Water from the Water Purifier–  Bottles must be kept ready to be filled at the water purifier station in order to reduce wastage of water. The water from the machine should not be left open if there is a time lag between two bottles to be filled.

Reusing the Water –  any water that has been left in glasses or in bottles must be accumulated in a bucket to be used for cleaning of the floors. If no disinfectant has been put in such water, then the same water can be used to water the plants.

  • Dr. Divya Lakhani shared her experience about how water conservation habits were inculcated in every new member in their home.
  • Dr. Abhijeet Kaiwade too shared a few words and thanked everyone for attending the event.
  • The students also were encouraged to take Water Conservation Pledge and upload their videos on the provided link.
  • The event was well captured with photographs and video.

A Session on International Labor Day


  • Ms. Jyotika Makhija student of MBA – II, began by welcoming the Guest Speaker and participants for the session and giving a brief on the importance and the need for the session being conducted.
  • The Guests from DAMITS, Odisha were welcomed for the event. Ms. Maanshri Jaiswal student of MBA – I introduced the Guest Speaker to the attendees and welcomed the speaker.
  • Ms. Gitanjoli Dasgupta began the session giving some information about policies, governance and social security of the Indian labour class.
  • Ms. Gitanjoli Dasgupta also explained the facts about return of over 6 lakh migrant workers during covid-19, no track of migrants, their desperate conditions and the hardships they faced. The efforts of Chhatisgarh UNDP were hence focused about addressing the needs of the labourers and / or their access to social security.
  • Ms. Gitanjoli Dasgupta shared the information about the Government’s efforts of filling the gaps – identification of beneficiaries, reaching out to beneficiaries and strengthening the beneficiaries.
  • The students interacted with the speaker and asked few questions which she answered graciously.

Cyber Securityand Cyber Crime Awareness Session


Mr Yedukrishna, Trainer, Founder of Helping Brainz was the speaker for the event. The audience were introduced to various terminologies like Cyber Bullying, hacking, fishing, cloning, data theft, digital frauds and grooming. The difference between ethical hacking and hacking was clarified to the audience and the consequences of Digital Personification were told.

Several case studies were shared with the audience and they were further sensitized towards privacy and security of data. The students were made aware on all the possible ways of cyber crimes. They were educated on the steps to be taken to avoid/ minimize cyber crimes as also the steps to be followed in case they/ their acquaintances are the victims of cyber crimes.

SEVA programme at Kalote

As a part of community outreach, Dr Abhijeet Kaiwade, PO, NSS, and 21 student volunteers [out of which 16 are NSS volunteers], along with Sadhu Vaswani Mission volunteers, visited Kalote, Thakurwadi, Raigad. This is a tribal village (ref: 16th Rashtriya Jan Ganana February 2021 (Census 2021)).  

Sadhu Vaswani Mission, a non-profit organisation, is a registered charitable institution headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra. The Mission, in pursuance of the values lived by the Great Masters — Gurudev Sadhu Vaswani and Rev. Dada J.P. Vaswani, is engaged in an array of activities which includes (but is not restricted to) — Education, Healthcare, Community Service, Soup Kitchens, Dada Bhandara (Langars), Jeev Daya (Service of Birds and Animals), Publications and Spiritual Upliftment (Daily Satsangs).  

International Women’s Day

5th March 2022
E-Poster making activity was conducted at SVIMS on 5th March 2022. The theme for poster
making was “Explore your inner self”. The students created beautiful posters depicting their
thoughts and importance of the day.
7th March 2022
The students were asked to choose a Woman Politician of Indian Origin / Businesswoman and
present their life journey to the other participants. They were asked to read about them in the
library and to present their work on 7th March 2022. Students prepared the presentations on
eminent women personalities such as Ms. Indra Nooyi, Ms. Sushma Swaraj, Mrs. Indira Gandhi
8th March 2022
• This was the main event day at SVIMS for celebrating the Women’s Day.
• The session began with Ms. Kanizfatema Khan welcoming the Director, the Guest Speaker and

the attendees. Kaniz presented her thoughts about the importance of being awoman and celebrating oneself.
• The Director, Dr. B.H. Nanwani, in her address spoke about the importance and the role of
homemakers who make the household machinery run smoothly day in and day out. She
remembered her mother and shared her experiences growing up around her. The Director
applauded the faculty member Ms. Vaishali Patil for her precision with household
calculations while being a financial wizard and a respected faculty at work too.


SVIMS arranged for a workshop on cloth pad making at two schools in Undri and Pisoli area. The names of the schools are as follows-

  1. Bloomfield House of Knowledge School,

Raj Vihar Society, Sr. No – 50/2/1, Jagadamba Bhawan Road, opposite Sunshine Hills, Undri, Pune, Maharashtra 411060

  • Mahatma Jyotirao Phule High School,

Yewalewadi, Shree Siddhivinayak Meera, Pisoli, Pune, Maharashtra 411048

The workshop was planned with a view to create awareness about adolescent menstrual hygiene. Prof Sonali Joshi spoke to the young girls about periods, menstrual hygiene and the ways to keep themselves healthy and active during 5 days. As the girls were from standard 5th to 10th standard, a few of them were aware about periods and some of them didn’t know. What was more surprising was that this was not even discussed at their homes; their mothers hadn’t yet informed or shared with them about this natural phenomenon.The SVIMS faculty and the students shared their experiences to reiterate-

  • Periods are nothing to be scared of
  • Periods are nothing to be ashamed of.

Ms. Pratiksha Punekar, along with two trained ladies Mrs. Priyanka Nanaware and Mrs Ratna Bala Bhairat (from Kamakhya NGO), started with the workshop of making cloth pads.

The material required for the workshop was shared with the schools two days in advance so that the girls were ready for the workshop. The material required was Paper and pen, Scissor, Old towel, Old Cotton cloth, Needle and thread and Buttons.

SVIMS girls, alongwith Didis, helped the young students to make the cloth pads. The girls were all full of smiles by the end of the workshop.

As both the schools were Co-Ed, Ms. Asawari Nawale conducted Arts session for the boys while the workshop for girls was in progress.

Once the pad making workshop was over, all the students were then brought together for a dance session by Ms. Namrata Nagpal. The SVIMS Faculty and students were felicitated at both the schools and were thanked by the authorities for conducting the workshop. They also extended their invitation to the team for conducting such workshops in future too. The day had been a fruitful one, giving a sense of achievement and satisfaction. It also made us  realize that there are still places and pockets where talking about menstrual hygiene, periods, is still cringed upon. When asked “how many girls have their periods”, there were many who lowered their heads while raising their hands. They were asked to hold their heads high as this is a blessing of Lord Almighty given to women.

International Peace Day – 2021

It is Celebrated in online mode on 21/09/2021. Three guest speakers were invited.

Keynote Speaker

Dr. SHAMA HUSSAIN – Founder Director & CEO of International Institute of Influencers, Oman

  • To bring out transformation you need to bounce back from any situation.
  • If there is no transformation, there is no evolution.
  • In today’s world building resilience is of key importance.
  • Examples of Bajaj and HMT watch to explain how they reached the stage of extinction and what could have been done to sustain business and keep the graph of success accelerated.
  • Formula of E + R = O where, E means the events that occur, R is the response we give, and the result O is the outcome.
  • Events will occur and we can’t control them, but a pessimist response is important.
  • Change needs to be brought from within no one else can do it for you.
  • Spreading wings is important to understand how far you can fly and extend your limits.

CSR Activity Rakhi Celebration in Jail

On 20th August 2021 SVIMS had organized an CSR Activity on Rakhi Celebrations with the poor and disabled people and with the social workers.

In this activity the students of Sadhu Vaswani Institute of Management Studies participated by making 275 Rakhis which were made by the students at home. Some students submitted it in the college and the students who were not in Pune tied the rakhis in their nearby areas.

They went to different places and tied rakhis to the social workers such as policeman, watchman, temple care and with the poor and disabled people. Celebrating the festival of Raksha bandhan with these people was a great feeling of happiness and joy. The places where the activity was conducted were Prayagraj, Sarwha, Southern command, Yerwada Jail and Sankat Mochan temple in Madhya Pradesh.

Rakhi Bandhan

Sadhu Vaswani’s 143rd Birth Anniversary Celebrations

22nd November 2022 – Khel Nurani

Students and Faculty of SVIMS presented a play depicting the incidents from the life of the Mystic Master Sadhu Vaswani to celebrate his 143rd Birth Anniversary.

The play was set in the present day. Rohan, the physically challenged child is excited to share something with his mother – who was praying and reading the ‘Nuri Granth’. As soon as she finishes, he enthusiastically tells her that he has seen ‘Jadoo’, to which she rebukes him and says that he must have been hallucinating after watching the movie – ‘Koi Mil Gaya’.

On turning around she watches ‘Jadoo’ entering the room. In utter disbelief, she faints. Jadoo uses his magical powers to revive her. Jadoo – who is hungry moves towards the Nuri Granth – but Rohan’s mother stops him as she thinks that he eats paper. During this commotion, she accidentally hits her son – who falls down.

She gets angry and then takes Jadoo to the corner of the room and ties him.

Jadoo, who is losing his energy, then points to ‘Nuri Granth’ and asks for a story.

The mother then starts narrating certain incidents from the life of Sadhu Vaswani.

One of the incidents – Sadhu Vaswani was playing with child Krishin. Dada tells her that we must first learn to give – for sharing helps us to become humble and compassionate human beings.

Towards the end of the play, a loud sound startles everyone. They see the aliens – who express gratitude to the mother for saving their child – ‘Jadoo’ by narrating stories of Sadhu Vaswani – for listening to the great souls is energy for them. They bid farewell to Rohan and his mother, but not before blessing him, as a result of which he recovers completely and no longer needs the support of crutches.

The play conceptualized by our Director Dr. B H Nanwani, was appreciated by one and all.

The participants were:

Ms. Sonali Joshi – Sadhu Vaswani

Ms. Arti Shendge – Mother

Ms. Kiran Rajpurohit – Sati

Ms. Namrata Nagpal – Dada Jashan

Ms. Muskan Sadhwani – Dadi Hari

Ms. Aditi Vatare – Sister Shanti The event was ably coordinated by HOD, Dr. Divya Lakhani

23rd November 2022 – Rath Yatra

The Sadhu Vaswani Mission held the annual rath yatra to celebrate Sadhu Vaswani’s 143rd birthday and spread his message of compassion and love. The rath is a spaceship-like custom-made vehicle with a lifelike statue of Sadhu Vaswani and a portrait of Dada J.P. Vaswani. SVIMS faculty, staff and students participated in the Rath Yatra – walking and chanting along the way to pay homage to Sadhu T L Vaswani.

The procession began at 5 PM from the Sadhu Vaswani Mission and concluded at 8 PM at the same place. The rath was followed by vans with vocalists singing kirtans and bhajans and hundreds walking and chanting along.

Didi Krishna Kumari speaking at the yatra highlighted Sadhu Vaswani’s core message – Love God and love all his creation. She elaborated on how Sadhu Vaswani was the messiah of the voiceless and defenceless animals and urged all to give up foods of violence and cultivate a compassionate heart.25th November 2022 – International Meatless Day

Dr. Divya Lakhani, HOD – MBA commenced the program with the thoughts of Sadhu Vaswani:

“All killing is a denial of love. For to kill, or eat what another has killed, is to rejoice in cruelty. And cruelty hardens our hearts and blinds our vision and we see not that they whom we kill are our brothers and sisters in the One Brotherhood of Life. For me not to love bird and animal would be to not love the Lord. For his children are birds and animals, no less than human beings.”

The birthday of Sadhu Vaswani, who was revered as the voice of the meek animals, is globally observed as International Meatless Day and Animal Rights Day. On this day, people from all walks of life, pledge to abstain from all forms of foods derived from animals and violence against them as a tribute to Sadhu Vaswani.

A special Sanctuary was organized to mark the occasion. Dr. B H Nanwani – spoke about the ill effects of consuming non-vegetarian food. She urged the students to take the pledge for observing 25th November as ‘Meatless Day’.

The video – Jagoo Re – was also played on the occasion.

The SVIMS family then visited the Sadhu Vaswani Mission to take part in the Birthday Celebrations – wherein they participated in the Satsang and partook the prasad that was offered during the Langar. Students of SVIMS offered Seva during the same.

29th November 2022 – CSR at Parulekar Dog Shelter Faculty and students voluntarily donated to undertake CSR initiatives on the occasion of Birth Anniversary of Rev. Sadhu Vaswani. Dr. Abhijeet Kaiwade along with Ms. Vaishali Patil visited the shelter to hand over 20 Kg Rice, 2 Kg Dal and 2 Phenol Bottles to Parulekar Dog Shelter on 29th November 2022

30th November 2022 – CSR at Shantai Foundation Dr. Divya Lakhani, Ms. Sonali Joshi and students visited Shantai Foundation to donate biscuits for the children residing in slum area of Yerwada.

Diwali Celebrations at Shantai Foundation with Sadhu Vaswani Mission

Friday, 21st October 2022

Venue Shantai Foundation, Yerwada

No. of Participants Students: 01 Faculty: 05 Children: 200

Shantai Foundation works towards providing better future to the young children of the vasti. These are the children who in their tender age have seen many hardships and need tender loving and care. Statistics show that if young children are not properly guided and nurtured in their formative years, then the probability of them turning into criminals becomes high. Shantai Foundation endeavours to contribute to development of children into responsible citizens of the country.

5 Faculty members alongwith the Sadhu Vaswani Mission coordinators went to Shantai Foundation to celebrate Diwali with the children of the nearby dwellings.

These children were excited and happy to meet all of us. They were in their festive best – clothes and spirits.

All the children were divided into two groups of girls and boys. The faculty members then teamed up as per the groups and started distributing the clothes to the children. The age of the children ranged from 2 to 18 years.

After this, joy packets consisting of juice, sweets and savoury items were distributed to the children. Ration kits were also distributed.

During the fun activity time, a few of the students sang songs and recited poems. Everyone then settled down to have a sumptuous breakfast and tea. It was a morning of gratitude, reverence and thanking the Almighty for His benevolence.

Roshan Diwali to all.

Garba Celebrations at a Community School with an NGO

Day & Date Tuesday, 4th October 2022

Venue Maharshi Annasaheb Shinde Primary School

No. of Participants Students at the school: 225 SVIMS Volunteers: 02

Jetline Foundation works in various spheres of societal upliftment. One of their projects involves working with children from very low economic backgrounds. To bring in the Navratri spirit and celebrations, Jetline Foundation approached SVIMS for student volunteers to celebrate Navratri and Garba with the school children. Ms. Salomi Gore and Ms. Namrata Nagpal represented SVIMS at the event with Jetline Foundation.

Ms. Namrata Nagpal presented a solo folk dance. Ms. Salomi Gore sang a traditional song. Both the students then taught few basic garba steps to all the children and the other attendees. Once the music began, the whole school premises was reverberating with the sound of music and laughter.

All the children enjoyed themselves to the fullest. Jetline Foundation gave the children a goodie bag of drawing material, encouraging their creativity. Ms. Farzeen Viswakarma, COO, Jetline Foundation, appreciated the time and effort taken by the SVIMS students and gave them a token of appreciation for the same.

The event was well captured with photographs.


13TH JULY 2022

Revered Dada JP Vaswani left for his heavenly abode on 12th July 2018. The Sadhu Vaswani Mission and all the education institutes under St. Mira’s education society observe 12th July as Punyatithi and conduct outreach activities, resonating with the teachings of beloved Dada Vaswani. SVIMS too observed the day and paid their homage to the spiritual leader by extending their hands and hearts to the underprivileged. The students, faculty and staff contributed and donated to the best of their capacities and helped to make a difference in the lives of children at MAHER, Shantai School and Animal welfare center. 


Need based donation to Lila Parulekar Animal Shelter.   

20 kgs of rice and 1 litre of phenyl were donated at the Lila Parulekar Animal Shelter home, near Pune Railway Station. This was done as a mark of respect for all forms of life, which also is a value of SVIMS. 

Donations to MAHER Ashram 

MAHER is an interfaith and caste-free Indian non-governmental organization based near Pune with remote homes in Ranchi, Ratnagiri, Miraj and Ernakulam. The objective of the organization is to provide shelter and support to destitute women and children. It was founded by Sister Lucy Kurien in 1997 in the village Vadhu Budruk. Old clothes, grocery and snack items such as farsan, salted biscuits were donated to MAHER.  

Food items for School Children at Shantai Foundation, Yerwada 

Shantai Foundation is devoted to nurturing and upbringing of children from the age of 6 months to 15 years or so. SVIMS donated biscuits and fruits to the Foundation. Dr. Divya Lakhani, HOD, represented SVIMS by going to the Foundation and spending time with the children. She was also felicitated by the NGO.  

Dr. Lakhani took forth preliminary discussions for sessions on Accounting and English to be conducted for Senior classes at the NGO.

SEVA programme at Kalote, Thakurwadi, Tal Khopoli, Dist Raigad with Sadhu Vaswani Mission.

25 June 2022

A need analysis undertaken in this area made volunteers realise that non-availability of resources and continuous heavy rain had created obstacles for school going children; many would miss school simply because they had no footwear or raincoats to protect themselves from the adverse weather conditions. Also, financial constraints made it difficult for parents to buy stationery, notebooks etc. To encourage them in their quest for education, Sadhu Vaswani Mission, our Founding Body, provided them with Footwear, Raincoats, and school stationary.    

As a part of community outreach, Dr Abhijeet Kaiwade, PO, NSS, and 21 student volunteers [out of which 16 are NSS volunteers], along with Sadhu Vaswani Mission volunteers, visited Kalote, Thakurwadi, Raigad. This is a tribal village (ref: 16th Rashtriya Jan Ganana February 2021 (Census 2021)).  

Sadhu Vaswani Mission, a non-profit organisation, is a registered charitable institution headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra. The Mission, in pursuance of the values lived by the Great Masters — Gurudev Sadhu Vaswani and Rev. Dada J.P. Vaswani, is engaged in an array of activities which includes (but is not restricted to) — Education, Healthcare, Community Service, Soup Kitchens, Dada Bhandara (Langars), Jeev Daya (Service of Birds and Animals), Publications and Spiritual Upliftment (Daily Satsangs).  

As a welcome tradition Mr Lal Adwani, Mr Patil, Principal ZP School, Kalote and delegates from SVM lit a lamp. Kalote Zila Parishad School children welcomed us with welcome song and Ganesh Vandana. SVIMS Student volunteers under the community engagement conducted the following activities:  

  1. Ms Kiran Purohit narrated anecdotes from the life of Sadhu Vaswani with the objective of imparting some moral and human values to the young students.
  2. Ms Isha, Ms Salomi, Ms, Gunjan, and Ms Rutuja put up a small skit to encourage students to show compassion towards animals and go meatless, thus saving Planet Earth and bringing about sustainability
  3. Ms MItali, Ms Isha, Ms Salomi, Ms Nandini, Ms Megha put up an enactment on the theme: Save Girl Child.   
  4. Student volunteers interacted with these small kids and distributed Joy kits (Savoury Packet, Toffies, Rajgira Chikki, Chocolate, Cream biscuits) sponsored by Sadhu Vaswani Mission.  
  5. Student volunteers helped SVM members for distributing School kits to school children (
    1. Anganwadi 42 students – Slate, Duster, chock set, Pencil box and notebook,
    2. Pre Primary School 38 students – Set of notebooks, Pencil box, scale, and
    3. Primary 57 Students – Set of Notebooks, Geometry box, and Pencil box)
    4. Joy Kit, Footwear & Raincoat for all them.   

137 tribal kids from nearby area of Kalote village participated in this activity. They were very happy after this activity. Children thanked SVM & SVIMS students volunteers.

25 Nov 2021

Blood Donation Camp 25 Nov 2021International Meatless Day

The world celebrates International Meatless Day and Animal Rights Day on Sadhu Vaswani’s birthday, who was regarded as the voice of the weak animals. As a memorial to Sadhu Vaswani, individuals from all walks of life promise to abstain from all animal-derived meals and acts of violence on this day.

To commemorate the event, an unique Sanctuary was set up. Dr. B H Nanwani discussed the negative impacts of eating non-vegetarian meals. She exhorted the students to make a commitment to observe November 25 as “Meatless Day.”

Drop of life- a Blood Donation Campaign

To pay homage to our revered Founder, Sadhu T L Vaswani on his Birth Anniversary, we organized the Blood Donation campaign. This campaign was in association with the Indian Red Cross Society. One of our other objectives was also to engage the nearby community through this campaign. We all had read it in the news that Pune is in dire need of blood since we as a city have blood reserves of only 5 days. That is where the Students’ Council came up with the idea of paying homage to our revered Founder by helping those in need of blood. A total of 23 people came to donate blood while, 17 were eligible and thus, donated it. The employees of Leadec India Pvt Ltd, a comprehensive services provider participated and donated blood enthusiastically via this campaign.

CSR Activity – Donation drive

Tuesday, 22nd November 2021

On the occasion of revered Founder Sadhu TL Vaswani, SVIMS paid its obeisance by undertaking social responsibility activity of donations to three NGOs/ centres in Pune.

Donation of Food Items at MAHER

SVIMS donated food grains to MAHER Ashram. MAHER is devoted to helping destitute children; women and men from all over India exercise their rights to a higher quality of life, irrespective of gender, caste, creed or religion.

SVIMS, through its socially responsible activities aims to cultivate the values of respect, reliability, resourcefulness and reverence for all life. The students and faculty donated food grains and items such as salt, pulses, biscuits, sugar, rice, oil, wheatflour and tea leaves. A faculty member also donated clothes. The students and faculty also spent time with the children and women at MAHER and involved them in various activities.

 Donation of Wheel Chair

The staff and students contributed for purchase of a wheelchair to be donated to the Society for the Welfare of the Differently abled Persons (Physically Handicapped), Education and Research Centre, Wanowrie, Pune. The HOD and a faculty member had gone to visit the centre and met the Principal. They also discussed the other ways in which SVIMS could extend a helping hand for the people at the center. The Principal was welcoming of the idea and suggested interactions amongst the students in both the institutes.

Donation at Doghouse SVIMS donated rice to the animal welfare centre being run by Lila Parulekar Welfare Trust. Respect for all forms of life is the basis of all education at SVIMS. This was a need based donation, as requested by the centre.

Tree Plantation Drive 2021

Sadhu Vaswani Institute of Management Studies for Girls Pune celebrated ‘Green Army’. Dr. B.H. Nanwani (Director) along with Students, Parent, faculty members and administrative staff participated in this ‘Tree Plantation’ drive, on 8th August 2021, at Holkarwadi forest land, Phursungi, Pune. Samajik Vanikar Nursury Aundh, Pune provided us 2-year-old 60 sampling of medicinal plants-Awala, Kadulimb, Pipal, Wad, Babul, etc Indian fruits – Shitaphal, Mango, Shewga etc and Rain tree plants. We prepared 2X2X2 pits for planting the sapling, for plantation drive administrative staff, Mr Shinde Parent, Staff of Samajik Vanikaran, Watchman & Guard participated.

While students were encouraged to sow seeds and small plants at their own homes and neighbouring places, staff members along with a parent planted 60 saplings of medicinal variety. Samajik Vanikar Nursury Aundh, Pune provided us 60 sampling of medicinal herbs, Indian fruits and rain tree plants. Students of MBA I & II year took Virtual (Microsoft teams) participation in organizing this event due to pandemic..

Beloved Dada J P Vaswani’s Mahayagna and 103rd Birth Anniversary Celebrations

Seva Programs (July-August 2021)

List of Activities

Sr. No.ProgramPlaceNo. of IndividualsDate
1.Organized Lunch for inmates at Maher Vatsalydham, Wagholi (Lunch sponsored by SVM- Masalebath, Aloo Tomato Bhaji, Sooji Shira and Banana)Maher Vatsalydham, Wagholi300 (Male, Female and Children)  9th July,2021
2.Warli Art Training for trainers at Maher Vatsalydham, Wagholi by Ms Harshali Chandgadkar, Expert Teacher at Pidilite Time: 12 pm to 1 pmMaher Vatsalydham, Wagholi10 trainers (Male and Female)9th July,2021
3.Chocolate Ganpati and Choco-Dip Cookie Making Workshop at Maher Vatsalydham, Wagholi by Dr Smita Iyer Time: 2:30 pm to 3:30 pmMaher Vatsalydham, Wagholi10 inmates (Female)9th July,2021
4.Old Clothes Donation for Production Workshop for Making Sustainable products at Maher Vatsalydham, WagholiMaher Vatsalydham, Wagholi9th July,2021
5.Entrepreneurship Workshop on “Entrepreneurship for Enterprising” at Maher, Vadgaonsheri Children’s Home by Mr. Advait Kurlekar, CEO, Upohan Management Consultants Time: 2 pm to 3:30 pm Maher, Vadgaonsheri, Children’s Home25 girls (Age Group- 15 to 20 years)12th July, 2021
6.Exhibition cum Sale of Sustainable products (Best out of Waste) made at Maher, Vatsalydham, Wagholi in tie-up with Women and Child Development Department, Pune District and Pidilite Industries organized by SVIMS on its CSR Website- Heart to Heal the Minds  Maher Vatsalydham, Wagholi (All proceeds collected from the exhibition cum sale to go to Maher)26th July, 2021 to 15th August, 2021
7.Donation of Grains and SnacksMaher, Vadgaonsheri, Children’s Home27th July 2021
8.Donation of Pidilite Soft Fabric Colors for Production Workshop and Books for ChildrenMaher Vatsalydham, Wagholi27th July 2021
9.Donation of Stationary to orphan children at St. Hildas High School, Guruwar Peth, PuneSt. Hildas High School, Guruwar Peth, Pune28th July, 2021
10.Donation of basic medical supply to St Michael’s old age home and hostelSt Michael’s old age home and hostel3028th July, 2021
11.Donation of Lunch (bhaji pav, vada, sooji sheera and banana) sponsored by SVM to Ishaprema NiketanIshaprema Niketan3529th July, 2021
12Donation of cleaning supply to Dog houseLila Parulekar Welfare Trust, Queens Garden29th July, 2021


Mahayagna Lunch for Maher Vatsalydham

The institute organized for a sumptuous spread of lunch with Masalebath, Aloo Tomato Bhaji, Sooji Shira and Banana for the inmates of Maher Vatsalydham, Wagholi. This service was sponsored by Sadhu Vaswani Mission for the group of destitute women, orphaned children, emotionally disturbed men and women and senior citizen. The food was relished and their satisfaction was expressed through the blessings and eyes filled with tears of joys. Tears of joy- as they were not had this kind of a spread of food since the lockdown was announced.

Date- 9th July,2021

No. of members offered lunch- 300 (Male, Female and Children)

No. of Faculty Members Participating – 5

No. of Staff Members Participating – 2

No. of Students Participating – 3

Location – Maher Vatsalydham, Wagholi


Mahayagna Warli Art Training at Maher Vatsalydham

A Warli Art Training for trainers at Maher Vatsalydham, Wagholi engaged by the instate in association with Pidilite. This drive was supported by the Women and Child Development Department Pune. Their Expert Teacher, Ms Harshali Chandgadkar conducted the training for 2 supervisors and 8 young trainers of the production center. The training was a value add as the participants were unaware of wet-on-wet fabric painting technique and were excited about the new Warli art designs shared by the trainer. The participants were excited to the new learnings in their production of sustainable items made by them.

Date- 9th July,2021

Time: 12 pm to 1 pm

No. of members at Maher – 10 trainers (Male and Female)

No. of Faculty Members Participating – 1

No. of Students Participating – 1

Location – Maher Vatsalydham, Wagholi


Mahayagna Sustainable Chocolate Training at Maher Vatsalydham

A Chocolate Ganpati and Choco-Dip Cookie Making Workshop was conducted by Dr Smita Iyer for female inmates at Maher Vatsalydham, Wagholi. The trainer used basic tools and equipment’s available in the kitchen for shapes for parts of Ganpati Bappa. The sweet Bappa making was enjoyed by the women and they assured to make these sustainable Ganpati Bappa for the upcoming festival. This was followed by a Choco-Dip Cookie Making. The trainer shared the commercials to build an understanding of making this an enterprising endeavor for these destitute women to sustain themselves.  

Date- 9th July,2021

Time: 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm

No. of members at Maher – 10 inmates (Female)

No. of Faculty Members Participating – 1

Location – Maher Vatsalydham, Wagholi


Mahayagna Donation at Maher Vatsalydham

The members of the institute engaged in collection of old clothes donation. These were donated to Maher Vatsalydham, Wagholi for using them in the Production Workshop for Making Sustainable products out of the used cloths like, bags, door mats, coaters etc. They use these cloths in designing therapy activities for their mentally disturbed inmates.  5 bags of cloths were donated by the institute for this sustainable endeavor.

Date- 9th July,2021

No. of Faculty Members Participating – 6

No. of Staff Members Participating – 6

No. of Students Participating – 3

Location – Maher Vatsalydham, Wagholi


Mahayagna – Nurturing Entrepreneurship for Children at Maher

To build self-confidence and encourage self-employment in adolescent girls at Maher Children’s Home at Vadgaonsheri, an Entrepreneurship Workshop on “Entrepreneurship for Enterprising” was organized by the institute on the occasion of Mahayagna. Mr. Advait Kurlekar, CEO, Upohan Management Consultants, the resource person took the 25 young participants on a journey of seeding a business idea. He used a blend of languages to communicate with the participants along with relatable examples. He elaborated the entire process with candles as a product, which these kids were making at Maher. The session was highly appreciated by the authorities at Maher and the participants.

Date- 12th July,2021

Time: 2 pm to 3:30 pm

No. of Adolescent Girls from Maher- 25 (Age Group- 15 to 20 years)

No. of Faculty Members Participating – 1

No. of Students Participating – 2

Location – Maher Children’s Home at Vadgaonsheri



Founders 103rd Birth Anniversary Celebrations– Donations at Children at Maher

The institute engaged in a donation drive, where students donated grains and snacks for Maher Children’s Home at Vadgaonsheri. The donations were handed over to the ashram office on 27th July 2021 by Ms. Bindiya R and Ms. Sanyukta B. Officials expressed their gratitude to the founders’ efforts to social inclusion of those who are excluded.

Date- 27th July,2021

No. of Faculty Members Participating – 2

Location – Maher Children’s Home at Vadgaonsheri


Founders 103rd Birth Anniversary Celebrations– Donations for Maher Vatsalydham, Wagholi

The institute engaged in a donation drive, where students donated Pidilite Soft Fabric Colors for Production Workshop and Books for Children for Maher Vatsalydham, Wagholi. The donations were handed over to the ashram office at Maher Children’s Home at Vadgaonsheri on 27th July 2021 by Ms. Bindiya R and Ms. Sanyukta B. The ashram officials were appreciative of the training workshop held on 9th July 2021 and the follow up supply of material needed for the art taught which they can now use in their production workshop.

Date- 27th July,2021

No. of Faculty Members Participating – 2

Location – Maher Children’s Home at Vadgaonsheri


Founders 103rd Birth Anniversary Celebrations– Donations at St. Hildas High School

The students contributed money for donation of stationary to orphan girls at St. Hildas High School, Guruwar Peth, Pune. A total of 37- 200 pages small notebooks, 22- 100 pages long notebooks and 15- 200 pages long books were donated by the institute to the children. The school authorities expressed their gratefulness to the extension of a helping hand in supporting education of their pupils.

Date- 28th July,2021

No. of school girls – 15

No. of Staff Members Participating – 1

No. of Students Participating – 3

Location – St. Hildas High School, Guruwar Peth, Pune


Founders 103rd Birth Anniversary Celebrations– Donations at St Michael’s Old Age Home

The institute engaged in a need assessment for St Michael’s old age home and hostel. It was identified that they need some basic medicines, pain relief creams and sanitary pads for the inmates. Thus, the institute donated pain relief creams, liquid antacid, cough syrups and sanitary pads to the old age home. The supply was procured from Shanti Clinic. The authorities were grateful towards the funder and the institute for the kind the contribution as they were struggling for basic medical supplies for the old aged since the pandemic started.

Date- 28th July,2021

No. of Senior Citizens – 30

No. of Staff Members Participating – 1

No. of Students Participating – 3

Location – St Michael’s Old Age Home and Hostel


Founders 103rd Birth Anniversary Celebrations– Lunch at Ishaprema Niketan

Lunch was arranged for the senior citizens sponsored by the Sadhu Vaswani Mission. The sumptuous spread for lunch included bahji pav, vada, sooji sheera and banana was donated to Ishaprema Niketan as founder beloved Dada J P Vaswani’s 103rd birthday celebrations on 29th July 2019 for a strength of 35 members. The authorities sent blessings and good wishes for the institute as an expression of gratitude.

Date- 29th July, 2021

No. of Senior Citizens – 35

No. of Faculty Members Participating – 1

No. of Staff Members Participating – 4

Location – Ishaprema Niketan, Rasthapeth


Founders 103rd Birth Anniversary Celebrations– Donations to Lila Parulekar Welfare Trust

Beloved Dadas birthday celebration would be incomplete without compassion for the fellow beings. The institute engaged in a need assessment at the local dog house at Queens Garden, Lila Parulekar Welfare Trust. According to the requirement shared by the caretakers, the instated donated cleaning supplies – brooms, floor cleansers and detergents. Turmeric powder for medication was also provided for the ailing animals. The officials thanked the institute for the supplying things they needed for caring for stray animals at the center.    

Date- 29th July, 2021

No. of Staff Members Participating – 2

No. of Students Participating – 3 Location – Lila Parulekar Welfare Trust, Queens Garden

Covid-19 2nd Dose Vaccination report

25th September 2021

Based on an MOU with Jetsynthesis [ Industry- Academia Tie up], SVIMS and Jetsynthesis partnered with Sahyadhri Hospital to offer free vaccination for its students, staff and their family members. On 25 September 2021, a special vaccination drive was sponsored by Jetsynthesis at Yerawada branch of Sayadhari Hospital.

21 students and staff members registered for this drive and 07 students, 03 staff members and 03 staff family members took the CoviSheild Vaccine. Dr Aakash briefed all participants about the dos and don’ts after the vaccine and benefits of CoviSheild vaccine.

We are grateful to Jetsynthesis and Sahyadri Hospital staff!

Covid-19 Vaccination

Based on an MOU with Jetsynthesis [ Industry- Academia Tie up], SVIMS and Jetsynthesis partnered with Sahyadhri Hospital to offer free vaccination for its students, staff and their family members. On 3 July 2021, a special vaccination drive sponsored by Jetsynthesis  at Yerawada branch of Sayadhari Hospital.  33 students and staff members registered for this drive and 12 students, 6 staff members and 4 staff family members took the CoviSheild Vaccine. Dr Aakash briefed all participants about the dos and don’ts after the vaccine and benefits of CoviSheild vaccine.
We are grateful to Jetsynthesis and Sahyadri Hospital staff!

26 Feb 2021

Spreading Love during Thanksgiving

On 26.02.2021 to spread love, joy and thank Revered Dada and the Almighty, we made a humble contribution as an institution to Uday Foundation. This Foundation conducted a Food Donation Drive on behalf of us and fed 100+ needy relatives of poor patients admitted at AIIMS. These people often spend their time on roads without food and shelter. We spread gratitude and gratitude in turn brought smiles on our faces. Thank You so much Dada to make us capable of helping those in need.

Blood Donation Camp

On 21st December 2020, we organised a blood donation campaign in association with Inlaks and Budhrani hospital. Due to the spread of global pandemic, there has been a huge shortage of blood since not many donors are available in current times while, Inlaks and Budhrani hospital was in need for blood in order to take good care of patients of Thalassemia. Hence, to serve this noble cause we urged to our faculty members, the students staying nearby and few members of nearby societies to donate blood. 28 people registered for the cause while, 6 of them donated blood. Few females were not eligible due to low hemoglobin. With the kind support from Dr. Jaya Kulkarni, Technician Varsha Dahale, Sister Mira Dhumre and Peon Santosh Salve, all the Covid guidelines were diligently followed and the campaign was smoothly completed.

On this very auspicious day of the 141 birthday of our Revered Founder, Sadhu Vaswani – 25th November 2020

Visit to Blue Cross Society of Pune (23.11.2020) 

Revered Sadhu T L Vaswani said, “No Nation is truly free until the Animal, man’s younger brother is free and happy.” We try to tread the path that our Founder laid for us. To continue our efforts in the same direction, on occasion of our Founder’s 141st birthday, we visited Blue Cross Society (Shelter for Sick and Abandoned Animals) of Pune and donated 10 kgs of Rice, 20 soaps and old clothes.

Visit to Maher NGO of Pune (24.11.2020) 

we visited Maher NGO (Destitute women and children) of Pune and donated 6 sets of Badminton racket and old clothes.

Staff and students collected material for donation in Maher NGO

Collected Material and 6 set of Badminton rackets donated to Maher NGO

Other donation activities on 24th Nov 2020

Shri Shyam Gau Sewa Samiti is a registered society in Majra Village Haryana, who started there Animal welfare journey in 2015 and Gives treatment to more than 8000 Cows, Calves and Nandi’s. They provide FREE AMBULANCE and TREATMENT FACILITIES to all stray Cows, Calves and Nandi. SVIMS Donated 400 kg of Green Grass Bundle.

Seva Kitchen feed less privileged people during the Corona crisis. SEVA Kitchen has been working for years to tackle hunger. SVIMS Donated Food kit (This food kit contains Rice 5 kgs, Tur Dal 1 kg, Mirch powder 200 GMs, Sugar 500 GMs, Soya bean 500 ml, 1 bottle pickle, 250 GMs tea Powder, 100 GMs turmeric powder, 100 GMs Dhania powder, 1 pkt Salt, 50 GMs masala , 5 kgs atta.)

Holistic Education Mission – Mission started by the first graduate from Valsad in Gujarat is now home to 315 Orphan and Poor Children in the village. A Couple started this with a vision of providing education to the orphan and underprivileged children. They have been organizing everything through the salaries obtained and now as the number of children wanting to get educated keep on increasing, they need more support to continue this process successfully. SVIMS Donated 10 kg of wheat flour to help provide nutritious food to poor and orphaned children

Earth Citizenship and CSR

SVIMS is committed to environment protection by creating awareness and empathy through workshops and talks on sustainable living and through  ‘green intiatives and action’ to show ‘we care’. 

Some of our Initiatives:

07th December 2019

Mental Health Orientation

Ms. Liyaan Satarvala & Ms. Anita Sharma, volunteers from Connect NGO were invited to deliver an orientation session on Mental Health on 7th Dec. ’19 from 11.30 to 1 pm. The NGO provides a non-judgmental, non-advisory, confidential space for those feeling low, distressed or suicidal.

The session helped students understand the various risk factors, warning signs related to suicide and interventions they can take in emotionally demanding situations.

16th October 2019

Initiative for Chartering of the Toastmasters International Club at our Institute          

A team of 13 Toastmasters were invited over to let our students know as to what the Toastmasters Club is. They followed a practical approach to serve this purpose by conducting a demo Toastmasters meeting and explaining the nuances of how a meeting is held, what are the rules that they follow. The audience witnessed as to how each member has a role to play in the meeting, what are the responsibilities of a role player, how is it that they keep on tab time, language and grammar of the designated/chosen speakers. After the demo meeting was over, they took a quick question and answer session to address the queries of the students and explained the break-up of the Charter fees, membership fees and bi-annual fees to the entire audience.

12th October 2019

Thalassemia Awareness and Detection

Thalassemia Awareness and Detection Camp was organized in collaboration with Rotary Club Downtown Pune and Ruby Hall. Dr. Nita Munshi (MD Pathology), Director Laboratory at Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune has made Thalassemia prevention a mission of her life.

Dr. Nita explained Thalassemia to be a blood disorder passed down through families (inherited), and how early detection can prevent the conception of children with this disorder. She sensitised the young ladies about the painful monetary, social and emotional problems and complications attached with Thalassemia. Dr. Munshi however ended on a positive note that the advancement in medicine and Science has helped increase the life span of carriers and also lead a quality life.

The awareness session was followed by a Thalassemia detection camp. 46 students and staff were tested for thalassemia.

3rd October 2019

Session on Disaster Management by Youth Red Cross

Prof. R. V. Kulkarni- Secretary, Indian Red Cross Society, Pune District Branch started his session with these two questions that were food for introspection and self – reflection- Are we aware of Disaster Management? Are we prepared for it?

He shared various recent incidents of disaster which could have been handled in a better way and where loss could have been minimised if people were aware about disaster management and prepared to handle it. His examples of floods, earthquake, fire etc made the session thought provoking.

13th August 2019

Awareness Session on Organ Donation

Resource Person: Ms. Ujwala

An awareness session on Organ Donation was organized at Sadhu Vaswani Institute of Management Studies for Girls on 13th Aug. 2019 from 9 to 10 am. Ms. Ujwala, Associate Professor with Sadhu Vaswani College of Nursing and a specialist in Critical Care, presented factual data about the current status of organ donation and stated how life of the sufferers can be improved or saved by donating organs.  She covered various aspects of Organ Donation including the process of organ donation, challenges and also the laws associated with it.

The session was helpful as it cleared most of the doubts and misconceptions about organ donation and left the students with positive inclinations towards the noble cause of organ donation.

01st August 2019

Visit to Blue Cross

The CSR team of Sadhu Vaswani Institute of Management Studies for Girls visited Blue Cross Shelter for Animals on 1st August 2019. This was on the occasion of our Beloved Revered Dada J. P. Vaswani’s 101st Birthday. The team donated 10 kgs Rice, Old Clothes, Phenyl bottles and Soaps for the animals in the shelter.

09th July 2019

Visit to Poona Blind School

As a tribute to our Beloved Dada J P Vaswani on his Sacred Mahayagya Team SVIMS visited Poona Blind School. Poona Blind School, Koregaon Park caters to 130 boys who are blind or are suffering from partial blindness. It’s a residential school which serves the boys free of cost.

Beloved Dada believed that Service of the poor, the underprivileged is a way to God. Keeping this in mind, SVIMS made a humble contribution to funding a meal for the visually challenged boys. Serving them was indeed therapeutic for the mind and soul.

14th March 2019

Breast Cancer Awareness Camp on

Resource Person:  Ms. Laleh Busheri

A Breast Cancer Awareness Camp was organised in association with Prashanti Cancer Care Mission which is a well-known NGO in Pune. The CEO of Prashanti Cancer Care Mission Ms. Laleh Busheri delivered a session on Prevention & Management of Breast Cancer. She discussed about the rate at which Breast Cancer is increasing in India, factors responsible for it and how it can be prevented. Her Presentation helped the students to carry self-detection for Breast Cancer.


Dr. B. H. Nanwani welcoming Ms. Laleh                  Ms. Laleh Busheri  presenting her talk

The session was followed by a free clinical check- up in which students and members of the community [Seventy in all] participated. Ms. Busheri in her kindness announced that anyone sent by the Institute would be eligible for free sonography, mammography and genetic counselling at Prashanti Cancer Care Foundation over the next three months.

07th March 2019

Topic:   Abhivyakti: Women and Law

Time: 2:45 -4:00 pm

Resource Person:  Ms. Alka Joshi

A renowned social activist Ms. Alka Joshi, who is associated with a group named LOKAYAT based out of Pune was invited to talk and create awareness on wide range of issues related to youth. She shared her views on fascism, the growing communal divide, sexual harassment at workplace, domestic violence, caste inequality and gender inequality.

Ms. Joshi mentioned in her talk how their team is working hard to create a new non-violent, peaceful society, where women are able to live with dignity as human beings, which guarantees everyone’s basic conditions for the fullest development of their inherent abilities. She educated the students about the Vishakha Guidelines, and shared many historic cases indicating violence on women’s. Ms. Joshi told the ways one can appeal to the ICC committee, its procedure, fines and penalty. Towards the end of the session two small documentaries related to sexual harassment were shown to the audience.


07th March 2019

Topic: Women Empowerment and Mental Health

Time: 10:00 -11:00 am

Resource Person: Dr.Sadhana Natu

Dr. Sadhana Natu, Associate Professor and Head, Department of Psychology, Modern College of Arts, Ganeshkhind, Pune, held the audience in awe when she spoke on ‘Women Empowerment and Mental Health’.

She discussed how mental health and empowerment are two essential needs in context of women. She mentioned the importance of emotional intelligence and shared many examples to show how one can manage one’s emotions. Dr. Natu also urged not to suppress negative emotions as it could lead to mental and physical ailments in the long run.

During her interaction with the students, Dr.Sadhana explained how certain gender specific risk factors like violence, socioeconomic disadvantage, income inequality, social status, roles, and negative life experiences and events can adversely affect women’s mental health.

The programme was organised with the objective of promoting gender equity.

12th February  2019

Blood Donation Camp

On 12th February, 2019 the CSR committee of Sadhu Vaswani Institute of Management Studies for Girls, Pune (SVIMS) in collaboration with Inlaks and Budhrani hospital organized a blood donation camp from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.

The objective of this drive was to help those who are in dire need of blood and those who cannot get help by any other means.

The camp saw enthusiastic participation by students and faculty members. All donors after donating blood could lie down and recuperate for a while before they left the venue. Also, before and after the donation they were provided with refreshments such as tea and coffee, glucose juice, poha and wafer packets which were a generous donation made by Budhani wafers in Pune.

.The blood samples of each donor was carefully collected, sealed and transported away as the day came to an end. Out of a total of 100, 48 people were deemed fit to donate blood for Inlaks hospital.

A certificate of recognition was also provided to all donors as they left the institution. Those who were deemed physically unfit to donate blood were guided on how to live a healthy lifestyle and be fit before the next donation drive. Throughout the day, there were smiles and laughter all around and we saw our community come together to give back to society!

26th January 2019

Visit To Blue Cross

On 26th Jan. ’19, some students and faculties of SVIMS visited Blue Cross, Mundhwa which is a home to dogs, cattle and birds and many more creatures who are orphaned, abandoned, old, injured, abused and physically disabled by speeding vehicles. Blue cross provide shelters, re-homing, adoption, hospitals & mobile dispensary, ambulance services for injured animals.

The team from SVIMS donated a collection of 14 kg Rice,8 kg Newspaper and old cloths at the Blue Cross Shelter, Mundhwa.

The students came back with a smile of content on their faces that they could do a little bit for the injured speechless animals. They also made a commitment to visit at least once to the place quarterly.

18th January 2019

Donation to Gaushala

 As a part of Sewa, Sadhu Vaswani Institute of Management Studies for Girls donated to the Acharya Vinoba Bhave Goabhyatirth (Gaushala) located at Koyali Tarfe near Chakan.

The Gaushala has 150 cows which are either weak, injured or saved just before they were being taken to the slaughter house. This activity was undertaken in connection with Sadhu Vaswani’s Mahayagna and to help our students imbibe the value of ‘Reverence for all Life’.

1st and 2nd December 2018

Blanket Donation Drive with Robin hood Army

A blanket donation drive was organised in association with the well – known NGO – Robinhood Army. Money was collected to buy 46 blankets which were used to cover shivering human beings on the streets of Pune.

The drive took place on 1st and 2nd Dec between 11 pm to 4 am in the areas of Wakad, PS, Nashik Phata, Pimpri, Chinchwad, Kasarwadi, Khadki, Shivaji Nagar, JM Road, Yerwada, Pune Station, Aundh, Baner & Chaturshringi Temple. In association with Robin hood we were able to deliver warmth to many yet few needy people.

26th October 2018

Dental check-up free of charge! 


“The best cure is always prevention”, says Dr. Neha Milani who along with Dr. Sarah Omer was invited to conduct a dental check-up camp at no cost. The camp was conducted for 2 hours and a total of 90 people availed the professional service for their dental health and were delighted with an endearing demeanor of these 2 Dentists. The camp started with these 90 participants first registering themselves, then proceeding with getting their teeth checked and being provided with expert advice by the 2 Dentists. This camp ended with our Director expressing her gratitude towards the Dentists and their assistants.

10th October, 2018

Resource Persons: Dr. Neha Milani, Dr. Chetan Burujwale, Dr. Pallavi Panse, Dr. Ashiyana Nariani

A wellness Wednesday Program

Dr. Neha Milani

Dr. Chetan Burujwale

Dr. Pallavi Panse

Dr. Ashiyana Nariani

Sadhu Vaswani Institute for Management Studies for Girls, wishes students to grow into ethical and effective women managers and leaders. This requires having a sharp brain, a sensitive heart and above all a fit body. Therefore A wellness Wednesday program was organized on 10th October, 2018.

The first session was about dental health conducted by Dr. Neha Milani. Being an icon of youth and success, she successfully guided us how we should take care of our teeth. Dental problems can lead to pancreatic cancer and therefore it is very important to take care of our teeth and not neglect it. She stated that Dentistry is not expensive but neglecting it is!

The next session was conducted by Dr. Chetan Burujwale, Senior Medical Officer from Madhavbaug Multidisciplinary Cardiac Clinics and Hospitals. He elaborated on the need and essence of protecting and caring for the most important muscle in our bodies – the heart and how various conditions such as Blood Pressure, Diabetes, stress et al are related to heart disorders and diseases. He appealed that each one must walk for a minimum of 30 minutes every day to have a healthy heart.

The third session was conducted by Dr. Pallavi Panse, Obstetrician and Gynecologist. She elaborated on ways and means of maintaining menstrual hygiene and the necessity of HPP vaccination for young girls who have attained puberty.

The last session was about eye care. Dr. Ashiyana Nariani a corneal transplant expert discussed about various Cornea and External Eye Diseases and infections. She spoke of simple techniques to avoid dry eyes and pink eyes. She advocated about Eye Donation in her parting message.

Workshop on Newspaper Bag Making [28th August 2018]

With a view to prevent use of plastic and save the environment, we conducted a workshop [28th August 2018] on making bags from the News Papers. Mrs. Nisha Gujarathi, the trainer taught a group of 12 students how to make F-bags which can carry up to 1.5kgs of weight and can be used to purchase daily grocery items; D-Bags which are multipurpose bags which can carry up to 3kgs of weight; Box bags to  carry and store shoes ( up to 5kgs) and Shopping bags which can carry up to 8 kgs of weight. The bags are very affordable and look trendy too.

Breast Cancer Awareness 12th February 2018

Our students participated in a Mega Event set to create a World Record. Breast Cancer Awareness organised by OYE Foundation


MOUs with : 

  1. Inlaks and Budhrani Hospital for conversion of organic material waste into biogas and for use of STP.
  2. SWACH for collection and recycling of E waste
  3. Brown leaf  for disposal of brown leaves

Rain Water Harvesting                                             Installing Solar Panels

Sewage Treatment Plant                                                 Solid Waste Treatment 

Brown Leaf

Around November to March is the time when deciduous trees shed leaves. A large quantity of leaf litter is generated.

Ground remains covered with these fallen leaves. They form a layer over the soil, protecting it from harsh sun during summer. Due to this, soil retains moisture. Various insects find shelter under these leaves.

Around 50 to 70% of the nutrients that a tree absorbs are present in the fallen leaves. In the monsoon, leaves decompose, and nutrients are returned to the soil, thus completing the cycle.

In urban setup, this natural, essential process has turned into a nightmare.

In cities, majority of the soils are capped with buildings, roads, pavements etc. Even when open soil is available, heaps of leaf litter do not fit into our idea of aesthetics. There is just no scope for natural decomposition of leaf litter.

Burning seems a convenient way to get rid of the leaf litter. Burning of dry leaves is banned in many countries.

Burning of dry leaves generates a large quantity of particulates that can reach deep in lung tissue and cause

  • Coughing
  • Wheezing
  • Chest pain
  • Shortness of breath
  • Long-term respiratory problems

SVIMS invited Aditi Deodhar, founder of Brown Leaf,at the institute to take steps in decomposing brown leafs of the trees in the campus.

 Waste Management Initiatives [1st November 2017]

We collect E waste and Plastic waste and offer it for reuse and recycling to agencies such as SWACH.

 Plastic Free Week Challenge was arranged from 1st to 7th November 2017

Appeals were made to Avoid or reduce or refuse plastic products.



SVIMS made donations to Samagra Empowerment Foundation to help provide access to clean community toilets to girls.

Water Conservation Initiatives of Green Thumb [25th January 2017]

Col. Suresh Patil & Col. Sathe were invited to talk about ‘Water Conservation initiatives of Green Thumb’, an NGO, engaged in ecological restoration in and around Pune.  They shared the excellent work being done to conserve water around Khadakwasala Dam and enthused students to contribute their mite towards sustainable living and conservation of resources.

Workshop on Eco Friendly Ganpati Making [8th September 2015]


Mr. Mandar Marathe, a renowned Pune based artist taught SVCON faculty members, St. Mira College students and our students and faculty to make Shadu Maati (Eco friendly) Ganpatis. The workshop was organised to prevent river pollution ahead of the Ganpati Festival.

Workshop on Newspaper Bag Making [27th August 2015]

Mrs. Vishakha Vichare taught students how to make bags out of old newspapers and other easily available materials to replace plastic bags.

River Clean-up Programme

Our students participate in the River Clean-up drive, organized by the Indian Maritime Foundation [IMF], as part of the International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) programme. The programme is an effort to create awareness about the environmental hazards of river pollution and is supported by the Pune Municipal Corporation and a few social organisations.


Clean Rivers – A Lifeline for Punekars

Mrs. Shailaja Deshpande, Director of Jeevitnadi, an organisation committed to clean rivers in Pune [Mula MUtha] spoke on the project ‘ Clean Rivers – A Lifeline for Punekars’ followed by a workshop on making biodegradable toiletries. The session was an eye opener for students as the harmful effects of chemicals used in cosmetics and toiletries on health and environment were revealed.

Biodegradable Toiletries by Jeevitnadi

The workshop was attended by students and faculty of SVIMS as well as residents from nearby housing societies. Formulations of biodegradable floor cleaner, body wash, tooth cleaner and dish washing powders were demonstrated by Dr. Sheetal Chopade and Mrs. Veena Bagade. All participants were given samples to ensure trial of these environment friendly products.

National Festival of Tree Planting (Van Mahotsav)

Sadhu Vaswani Institute of Management Studies for Girls Pune celebrated ‘National Festival of Tree Planting (Van Mahotsav). Dr. B.H. Nanwani (Director) along with faculty members and administrative staff and students participated in this ‘Tree Plantation’ programme.

Mr. Ishaq Shaikh (Health Inspector – Pune Municipal Corporation & President Pune Youth Foundation) was invited for this programme. Participants planted various saplings in the campus. Mr. Ishaq Shaikh emphasised on the benefits of ‘Tree Plantation’ and its contribution in reduction of global warming.

Tree Plantation Drive

Rotaract Club, organized a tree plantation drive, sponsored by Rotary Club Pune, RCPL on 28th June, 2013 at SVIMS Campus. The event marked a stepping stone towards making a meaningful difference tin conserving the environment of our Mother Earth.

11 saplings were planted, which included 6 Casuarinas, 3 bougainvilleas and 2 creepers.

Environment Week

An environment week was organized by the CSR Committee at SVIMS to spread awareness about the grave issues that we are facing today. Everyday an important matter was covered wherein not only information was provided by the speakers but also small but essential changes that we can make in our day-to-day life to contribute to help save our planet were discussed. Topics like waste management was covered by Reema.J, reduction of plastic use by Krishnakumari C, wildlife conservation by Khushbu.B, water conservation was by Amita.B, pollution control by Priya M, green marketing by Jyothi. Students were also given information about major corporations that are taking eco friendly measures so as to be conscientious and responsible consumers. SVIMS also encouraged its students to celebrate and spread the word around to play a dry Holi in the wake of the worst drought situation faced by Maharashtra through the following poem written by Ms. Smita Mehendale

Apne Jeevan mein laane rangoh ki bahaar,

Mat karo paryavaran ka sanghar,

Paani ki har boondh jo kal chalkehgi,

Usme kisi pyaasi ki rooh behekehgi,

Badalteh samay ke saath kheloh,

Nayi rang ki holi, Chalo aaj na rangoh se,na paani se, Par aache vicharoh ki adla badli se manaye yeh holi!

SIx Degrees !!

The Rotary Club RCPC, The Indian MaritimeFoundation and Ocean Savers of India organized the screening of a thought- provoking documentary named Six Degrees for the students at the SVIMS Campus. It was truly enlightening and it has definitely given us all a wake-up call towards the alarming situation faced by our Mother Earth. With the support and guidance, we are really looking forward to making a meaningful difference in conserving our environment and reducing the disastrous effects of global warming.

TREE PLANTATION DRIVE AT SVIMS CAMPUS Rotaract Club of SVIMS, organized a tree plantation drive, sponsored by Rotary Club Pune, RCPL on 28th June, 2013 at SVIMS Campus. This was the Second Project undertaken by the club, a stepping stone towards making a meaningful difference towards conserving the environment of our Mother Earth.

Green Thumb Drive

SVIMS students visited Green Thumb, Khadakwasal, an NGO committed to the cause of ecological restoration in and around Pune. Students planted saplings and also assisted the Green Thumb staff in the upkeep of the premise.

Supporting Sarva Jal Abhiyan [Sakal Media Group] 28th August 2014

Sarva Jal Abhiyan reinforces a very basic virtue about one of nature’s most pristine offering i.e. Water is Wealth. Everyone needs to accumulate, safeguard and maximise this resource, as one would do with personal monetary resources.

Students and staff extended support to Jal Abhiyan by taking a pledge to save water and work towards its conservation.

Newspaper Bag Making [18th August 2014]

Resource Person: Rtn. Surendra Shroff

Surendra Shroff, A Green Hero, visited SVIMS for a special awareness-creation and demonstration session. Mr. Shroff  has dedicated considerable time, effort and resources to the social cause of creating livelihood for the blind & underprivileged sections of the society, and protecting Planet Earth in the process. He spoke on his environment-conservation project of making carry bags from newspapers. He has trained thousands of blind people, as well as the orphans, the underprivileged and inmates of prisons to make different kinds of carry-bags out of newspapers and waste products.

Shroff mentioned that he has modified the 3-R concept of conservation of natural resources to 4 R’s- Refuse (to use plastic carry bags), Reduce, Reuse & Recycle. His project is well-researched so as to compete with plastic bags in the market-place. He has been able to bring down the cost of making a newspaper bag by using donated newspapers and waste materials from the garment industry.

He demonstrated the technique of making strong paper bags of different shapes and sizes that can carry up to 15 kgs. His project is based on the concept of entrepreneurship of the self-help model.

He pointed out that the problem of non-biodegradable waste will aggravate in the coming years and will cause severe damage to the planet.  He requested the MBA students to take up this issue by personally visiting small shops in their neighbourhood to promote awareness of paper bags among shopkeepers.  They could use their marketing/persuasive skills to bring about a change in the attitude of the society

Green Diwali 

Promotion of Green Generation Diwali [online awareness drive] on social media. A Facebook page titled Green Generation Diwali was launched. The focus of the drive was to encourage people to celebrate ‘Green Diwali’, by saying ‘NO’ to firecrackers. The campaign was a huge success as the page was able to reach over 3500+ people. 216 people liked the page and joined the mission to promote the concept of Green Diwali.


We live our Founder’s philosophy…. Reverence is the root and service is the fruit of Education. Our young turf are taught that they must serve society and contribute to alleviate suffering. Our students of create a niche by virtue of the sense of  commitment they feel towards society. These leaders of tomorrow are setting forth an example that leadership is all about understanding the needs of the society, reaching out and making a difference. The students have whole heartedly initiated and participated in various society centric activities.

Our CSR initiatives revolve around

Blood Donation Drives 20 January 2018

Visits to Animal Shelters to serve the dumb and defenceless creatures

Visits to orphanages/home for the aged/blind school inmates to serve them goodies, entertain them and leave them with a sense of joy

Designing and executing entertainment programmes and physically taking care of special children during Baal Melas

Entrepreurial activity to raise funds for charities [ Cataract surgeries for tribal folks, programme for autistic children etc]

Blood Donation Drives



The CSR committee members of SVIMS along with other students of SVIMS visited the MAHER, Wagholi on 9th September 2017. It turned out to be the most valued experience of our lives.

Maher has come a long way since its humble beginnings in 1997. Today Maher is an officially from UN registered NGO – Non Governmental Organization. Over 4000 women and children have passed through the Maher experience and come out brimming with self-confidence and dignity. This place has made commendable strives in rehabilitating boys & girls. They have day care center, kindergarten and two homes exist Dayasagar for girls and Gyansagar for boys.

We contacted Sister Lucy, the administrative officer, of the institute who helped us get the necessary permission to enter the premises. We were very impressed with the precaution taken by the staff members to ensure that only those genuinely interested in making a difference to the inmates be permitted. We wanted our first

interaction to be fun and memorable for the kids. So we decided to treat them during with vegetable puffs & cream rolls, Parle biscuits and some pulses. We reached the premises at 10:30 am and started organizing the snacks. The members helped the students to settle down and served them the snacks. We were also served with tea.

The members had a great time interacting with them. We were so impressed with their friendliness, positive attitude and resilience, and their eagerness to move forward that any contribution seemed worth making. The students were very fun loving and joined us in singing popular Bollywood numbers and danced on popular tracks. They kept us entertained with their humor and curious questions.

We were very grateful to the Administrative staff of the Maher for giving us such life transforming experience.

Report on Swachhata Pakhwada

from 1st Sept. ’17 to 15th Sept. ‘17

Day 8: 11th September 2017 (Debriefing session by the local Muncipal body)

Time: 11.30 am to 1 pm

A debriefing session was arranged at SVIMS for the students to understand the different ways in which the entire Garbage cleaning system works. The health Inspector Mr. Kamble of the Dhole Patil Ward, PMC with the help of DSI Mr. Sunil Kaldhone briefed students about the garbage cleaning system in the ward and insisted students to be responsible when it comes to cleanliness. He emphasized on Females being the center of all activities at home if insist on good habits of cleanliness & hygiene things will be very simple for everyone and the surrounding will be more better.

At the Blue Cross Society Shelter[BCS]

Serving Inmates at the Observation Center

Service of Patients at Inlaks & Budhrani Hospital

Baal Melas 



One day seminar on “Half the Sky: The Right to Equality and Dignity [7th January 2013]

In the wake of Nirbhaya case [16th December 2012] SVIMS, in a special CSR initiative,  organized a one day seminar on “Half the Sky: The Right to Equality and Dignity”. Over 300 people from different city institutes attended the free seminar. The Seminar began with an inspiring message from Dada J.P. Vaswani, who aptly pointed out that woman was a symbol of shakti, and it was this shakti that would ultimately overthrow the monster of violence and evil that was destroying the moral fabric of our society.

Among the speakers were Dr. E. B. Khedkar, Dean, Faculty of Management, University of Pune, Advocate Ujjwala Pawar, District Government Pleader and Public Prosecutor, Raj Khilnani IPS, Director General (Anti Corruption), Maharashtra, Radhika Rawat of Muskaan – Aalochana and Anuradha Sahasrabuddhe of Dnyanadevi Foundation

Rohit Srivatsawa gave a practical demonstration of how security breaches and violation of privacy occurred on social networking sites, while Deepankar and his team of self defence experts from Mahindra Special Services were on hand to demonstrate basic self-defence techniques to all participants.

Cancer Awareness Programme: Healing Harmonies [6th September, 2013]

This programme was organised in association with Rotary Club of Pune Central for its students, their parents and the community at large. This unique event, “Healing Harmonies” was not just a lecture-demonstration; it was a live musical show conceptualized and presented by Dr. Shekhar Kulkarni, highly reputed cancer surgeon   and Founder Trustee of Aaastha, a well-known Cancer Support Group from Pune. Interspersed with unforgettable songs rendered melodiously by Dr. Kulkarni and his own former patients, all of them cancer survivors, the programme covered virtually all aspects of cancer prevention – including diet, lifestyle and avoidable bad habits.

Dr. Kulkarni and Aaastha also offered a highly subsidized and pain-free cancer screening on Friday and Saturday to women who registered for the same. These included many women over the age of 35, especially those with a family history of breast cancer, who attended the programme and availed of the subsidized cancer screening provided by an expert.