Orientation Programme

Day 1: 1st August 2018:

1st half: Creativity and Innovation

2nd half: Introduction to MBA Curriculum, Assessment and our Infrastructure

It was their creativity and general knowledge that was put to use through this activity wherein, a student/pair of students were assigned an Indian State/UT for them to present the characteristics of that State/UT as if it were a person. Simultaneously, each student was also asked to introduce herself, not in a usual way but, by showcasing their talent/characteristics.

In the second half of the day, MBA curriculum and the structure of assessment were presented to the students and they were also introduced to Library, its rules, were registered for the Wi-Fi facility and were given the gym enrollment form to fill up.

Students of MBA Part I introducing themselves in a fun way

L to R: Prajakta Wanjare, Shital Gautam, Kanchan Jhangiani, Nishita Peshwani, Latasha Garg

Mr. Netaji Jagtap taking a session on rules and regulations pertaining to the usage of IT Lab

Ms. Supriya. Bhagat taking a session on MBA Curriculum

Mr. Santosh Kodgitkar explaining the rules and regulations with regards to the facility of the Library


Students filling the Gym Enrollment form and details for access to Wi-Fi


 Day 2: 2nd August 2018:

1st half: Physical Activity

2nd half: Official welcome by the Director, Dr B H Nanwani

On this day of orientation, it was a series of activities that was conducted to test the physical strength of the students. Under this activity, the batch was divided in to a group of 10, 5 being the planners and 5 being the ones who would execute the activity. The whole series of the physical activities included: twice, descending and ascending 2 floors by stairs, 10 sit-ups, 30 seconds plank, 50 skips and a blind-folded walk.

After this activity, our Director, Dr. B. H. Nanwani addressed the students enumerating our 4 values and vision of our founder, Sadhu T. L. Vaswani.

Students in action competing to win in the Physical activity

This was the fun when they were guiding their group member to win the game of ‘Blind Walk’

Dr. B. H. Nanwani, Director, addressing the students of MBA Part 1


 Day 3: 3rd August 2018:

A session by Mr Kishore Sidhwani

An hour’s session titled ‘Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish’ was taken up by Mr. Kishore Sidhwani, our faculty member, who has held positions of Vice President at CP Construction Equipment International AB and Business Manager and General Manger at Atlas Copco India Limited and his experience in the organization spans for more than 14 years. His domain knowledge lies in International Operations, Business strategy and Brand development

Mr. Kishore Sidhwani and students watching a video of a speech by Mr. Steve Jobs

Mr. Kishore Sidhwani addressing the students


 Day 4: 6th August 2018:

1st half: Fun-filled activities

2nd half: Allotment of mentors

                Cleanliness Oath

                Awareness on Anti-Ragging

                Introduction to Student Development activities and various Committees

We wanted to give an opportunity to our students to re-live their childhood days, for which, we conducted small competitions in the form of games of ‘Lemon and Spoon’ and ‘Needle and Thread.’

Now, that the students had spent a few days in the institute, were introduced to each other, the second half of this day was occupied with making the students aware of the code of conduct, ‘Student Development Initiatives’, Anti-ragging committee, procedures to report sexual harassment and grievances, if any. For spreading awareness about Anti-Ragging, the Anti-Ragging committee arranged a session by Mr. Anup Satphale, Senior Correspondent, Times Group.

On this day of Orientation, the students of MBA Part 1 were also allotted with their respective mentors from MBA Part 2 and were familiarized with infrastructural facilities of the Sports Ground, Language Lab and Administrative office.

Lastly, in our endeavor to keep our surroundings clean, we all took a cleanliness oath of ‘I adopt Kachra.’

Students competing for the game of ‘Needle and Thread’

Ms. Vaishali. D. Patil explaining the various Student Development Committees to be formed and activities to be performed under each one of them

Dr. Prabha Singh while allotting mentors to the students of MBA Part 1

Students competing for the game of ‘Lemon and Spoon’

Mr. Anup Satphale spreading awareness on Anti-Ragging


Day 5: 10th August 2018:

Outdoor Visit

We had arranged an educational trip to a place around 52 kms from Pune, named, ‘Morachi Chincholi.’ This trip was arranged for both, MBA-part 1 and MBA-part 2 students and a total of 46 students attended the trip.  This trip proved to be very knowledgeable for all the students as they were well educated about the medicinal herbs, their importance in our culture, their importance in the field of Science, how they are commercially sold and what are the home remedies for few skin and hair related issues that we face.

MBA part I and MBA Part II students during the outdoor visit