Rays 2017

RAYS “SHINE TO GLORY” 2017Edit Entry

9th February – Management Day 10th February-Sports Day 11th February – Cultural Day

Rays – Shine To Glory-2017 is a three day management fest organized annually by the student body of SVIMS. Students from over 15 institutions participated in the event.

Deciding to become notable rather than ‘run of the mill’ the Fest had a day completely devoted to fun sports….so there was Gully cricket, Football, Tug of war, Relay Race and Three legged race. It was fun to watch grown ups slip into their childhood days!

Events such as Management Quiz, Sell & Win and also Treasurer Hunt, Photo Hunt and Bollywood Quiz brought out the chutzpah among participants.   Cultural Day events like Dance, Singing, Street Play & Fashion Show turned SVIMS into a veritable Bollywood spot! To top it all there were several stalls selling mouth watering yummies!   The Fest besides being fun and frolic helped students hone multiple management skills like Leadership , Teamwork, Planning, Organising, Controlling, Interpersonal Skills, Event Management et al.