Maintenance and upkeep of Physical Infrastructure [ especially Building] is jointly looked after by an Internal Physical Resources Committee and Building Maintenance Committee of the parent body.
• Building Security assigned to external agency
• Green cover maintained by peon cum gardener
• Sophisticated Firefighting system in place
• Adequate Insurance cover for building and infrastructure
• Qualified Electrician and Plumber appointed on retainership basis
• UPS and generator for power break downs
• Water coolers, EPABX system, lifts, air conditioners and firefighting equipment covered under special Annual Maintenance Contracts
• Complaint registers maintained for recording and analysis of maintenance issues
• Budgetary allocations for AMCs and maintenance issues
• Feedback is collected regarding infrastructure and its maintenance
• Timetables/logbooks indicate utilization of classrooms, seminar hall, library, IT Lab etc.

• Classes to be strictly used for teaching – learning purposes
• Publicising Institute events in classrooms during regular classes will require prior permission of Director
• No publicity material to be placed in classrooms
• Classes to be conducted in classrooms mapped for the purpose

Sports and Gym 
• Break out spaces to be used for indoor sports
• St. Mira’s sports ground and facilities to be used for outdoor games
• Indoor sports facilities available for students and staff
• Use of gym after registration and during specified time bands

• Compulsory registration for using indoor sports facilities
• For outdoor sports facilities a formal written approval to be sought at least 10 days prior to an event

• Library facilities available to students, teaching and non- teaching staff during regular office timings and through remote access
• All students to be given a library card

• Students can borrow three books at a time for 15 days
• Delay in return will attract fines
• Separate computers for students to access books, e-journals, videos and other e- resources

IT Lab and Computers:
• IT laboratory to be used by students, teaching and nonteaching staff for academic purposes [research, assignments, MOOCS] and for alternative uses with prior permission
• Phased Hardware upgradation every five years
• Hardware maintenance by IT Lab – in – charge and through contract with expert agencies for UPS, Generator etc.
• A pre- determined schedule of Preventive Maintenance to be strictly followed
• Only licensed software products to be used
• Antivirus and firewalls to be upgraded regularly

• Teaching and non- teaching staff members assigned individual computers
• Separate login credentials for each user to access Intranet, Internet and wi- fi
• Budgetary allocation is made for computer maintenance and purchase of consumables
• Purchase committee to handle purchases of equipments and consumables
• Regular cleaning of lab spaces, software updates and antivirus updates
• A daily status check on hardware and software is undertaken and noted in maintenance register
• Maintenance Card showing history of preventive and breakdown maintenance is maintained for each computer
• Annual audit of computers and consumables
• Equipments are discarded by a meticulous stock verification process by Registrar

• House-keeping team undertakes cleaning activities throughout the day on a planned hourly basis
• Dedicated housekeeping staff for each floor
• Reporting of breakage/damage/theft to Registrar on day of such a happening